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I couldnt deal with the “Hello World”post…it had to go.  After I erased it the blog looked so neat, so quiet with just this on its black surface:

“Not Found

Sorry, but you are looking for something that isn’t here.

I wanted to leave it there. Becuz that is what is most true and basic about mind control research. You can gather all the info to show cause that you like..its denied.  Gracefully pushed under the rug. Forever the largest elephant in the middle of the room that will ever be.
Being more a visual artist than anything I felt this made the best picture of mind control.
But I didnt wrestle with the more complicated than Blogger WordPress to create just a perfect picture…though before the nightmare of my ordeal became evident that is exactly what my indulgent nature would have had me do.  It really is the best expression of the issue.  I no longer have the luxury of the carrying out of my own will.
There are things going on in this world right now that make it pressing for all survivors to speak up. Even if you would rather mind your own business and move on.
If there were ONLY the issue of trauma based mind control and the survivors were basically left alone after gaining some control over thier situation then that would be perhaps an acceptable scenerio and a balance would remain.  There are technologies being used along with the old school methods to contain certain persons, behavior modify them or destroy them.  Human experimentation is happening and no one can ‘see’ readily. If there is evidence it is denied.
I never wanted involvement in something so messy and paranoid sounding as The New World Order..I still think that term gives its creator to much credit.  Its the same old dream of world domination and there is nothing new about it.  I am simply concerned with the covert mind controlling of citizens via technolgies  without there knowledge or consent. 
This blog will cover as many forms of mind control as I can exhibit and explain. 
There is mind control/infuencing of the individual, groups or the masses in general.
There is trauma based mind control that works on the masses as per raised in a certain culture and there is tbmc of the individual of various levels.
Old school would refer to hidden methods thru the senses like subliminals in ads/art.  Spy networks and cults using tbmc, good old poisonings, gasings, druggings. These are ancient methods.
Newer is the technology that can influence the human mind thru implants and/or remotely.
Every form of mind control has in common that it is ALL traumatic and it is rarely an expression of the victims own will.  
What is wrong with persuasion? Nothing if it is used fairly or only in a battle. My philosophy is that man has a right ot evolve and learn from mistakes. If a lawyer takes advantage of you due to his superior persuasive tactics then next time you will know better and if you do not then you will never know.
That is one example of persuasion. Intimidation is another. Brainwashing goes further. The remote influencing that is present through technologies is not ‘mind control’. It is outright slavery.
It can influence not only your way of thinking and perceiving but it can inluence the physical body as well.
These technologies are being tested or used on only certain people now and the public really beleives that if they go along with whatever the plan is the authority figure will smile on them in the long term.
America as well as Europe has always had slavery in existence. I realize now that they cannot live without it.
I beleive humans in general cannot live without a slave class.  Human experimentation as well seems to continue without end. 
Still with the old odds, the balance there was always the chance to fight or rise up at some point.  The technologies will make this impossible.  The world wide survaillence system that is in place makes it impossible as it is. 
The NWO technologies demand that you recieve them as if they were God.  Strange dreams, coincidences…but I have seen what they have planned. It is like a mathematical contruct of Hell on Earth.  Expressed thru tech this construct is a ‘dimension’ that fits right into our own physical realm.  It goes through physical structures or around them.  This is its ‘structure’.  Whoever is responsible for creating the old structures that you see all over the world that define wisdom and authority-Heaven on Earth if you will has either gone space age  and decided on new structures or they have had their asses kicked and been replaced.  I have seen more than once evidence of the NWO people hating and wanting to destroy  classical art, buildings..the things that carry the very codes of the divine.  Perhaps these coded power keys are now being modified to ‘fit ‘ better  for space travel if they are made purley mathematical. Perhaps the human race is merely packing for a future trip that will be very long and very deep into space. 
What I have been shown however is a world where people are constantly always terrorized as a means of control.  This trauma is shared in gladness with  all other humans..sort of the way the org stalk system smiles at you as they destroy you. The way they want you to know that they are intimate with you all thru the sick activities that they involve you in.  Trauma will become fashionable, as a selling product. The grotesqueness will become high art and high art will only exist as marketing for consumerism.  Everybody is terrorized, everybody shares the burden, everybody buys, everybody is made happy with their new world.
I have the idea that it is going to be based on team bonding or trauma bonding. Like football teams or more extremely incestuous families.   If everyone suffers  trauma at the hands of the group and everyone knows everyones business their is no privacy then there will be nothing to hide and nothing to be angry about becuz now you are part of the group. The Group will spread like a cancer or virus and become everyone in the whole world and there will be no one solitary left.  Violence will be subliminated thus rendered harmless. It will as I mentioned be made a normal part of daily life. Thus it softens the blow of losing ones privacy and dignity. The new dignity will be being part of the group.  The group will eventually be all of humanity.  Thus there will be a constant sexual tension that controls people ever so slightly due to repeated abuse and no privacy. I have experienced that they can achieve this via tech. Its just ever so slight enough to make you unable to concentrate and gain autonomy but it also serves to bond you to the abusers of the group (perps) and eventually make the whole ordeal less unpleasant. 
In a world where violence/abuse is managed and given with doses of low level pleasure stimulation lastly a dose of minimization of the activities by the group…this is there formula for world peace I beleive. This is there new math contruct of the meaning of balance.
Yet there is no free will, so humans will ultimatley be free of all responsibility. The group consounce will decide all.  Everyone is happy becuz no one knows they are unhappy.
This is someones ultimate term for the realizeation of reality.  To them this is what has always been but now we get to experience it all at once. 
I have seen this in small doses, the beginnings of it in everyday things.  On the net you are isolated as an individual but it is experienced with other humans collectively.  The old albums had been remastered using  a method I found annoying becuz all the sounds from the intruments are expressed as isolated but yet they are collective in the final result.  But not ‘collective’ like they would be in a jam session or live with all the musicians playing together.
I noticed one thing was gone from all the old songs from this process.  The transendence was gone. The creation of other dimension, the colors the visions…all gone. Strawberry Fields no longer created an interface with say the outside enviroment upon listening. Hendrix’s ‘May This Be Love’ no longer appeared to me all in orange.  The Power was gone.
With the introduction of HD radio I immediately noticed that I could no longer gain emotional or mental healing from music which was increasingly difficult anyway due to the remastering process just mentioned.
Humanity is going to be managed.
In a radio shack the other day all the power went out as I entered to get batteries.  The whole block. I felt a burden lift off of me…I could feel the my physical body again and I found my own will in my mind intact, barely.  It was as if an electronic monster had been pulled of me temporarily. The monster has been eating at me for a time now enough to make me feel eaten or rotted away even physically.  I felt like I did back in the early 90’s or late 80’s when I was just a kid.
True I have been abandoned and tramatized as well as targeted with tech. You will lose yourself to this system no matter who you are. 
It is not in this blog to tell you what to do, how to decide. I personally am an artist. I will not live out the way of the WASP and be made non threatening and non sensual. My passionate, volitile nature should not have gotten me a life sentence.  America has always been puritanical in nature, and slavery is the ultimate expression of cheating on the wife in secret..or morals in this instance. But there were always places for people to go that had other interests. You could hide underground and mind your own.  Literally book stores and music clubs under the street- you see this alot in the East more so still, the old store fronts anyway. But those places breed revolutions in the minds of the rulers.
THere is a reason that it has become hard to have places for bands to play that are sh*t holes and dont matter to anyone not interested. Why it has become so hard to live on the road in a rugged way either on foot or in an RV.  These changes came far before 9-11.
In the very big picture, in the long term this is what I have been shown. And it wasnt a vision in my own mind I can tell you that right now. Lets say that I am definetly a human experimentee and my mind has been ripped apart more than once with some unpleasant..ahem ‘theatres’.   You have no idea how far they mind control and manipulation has come. How fine tuned it can be.  And you are not crazy, becuz you are awake. Experiencing it all in real time.  I will not horrify you with it but the combination of a false enviroment along with mc tech and human imagination can redefine reality for a human who has been uprooted.
In a way all people who are gangstalked are abductees.  You just never get returned home thats all. Eventually, you will either see it thier way and become behavior modified or you will fight with whats left of the real human you until it kills you physically. 
Do I think its aliens? I have seen no evidence…but then how would one know? Who cares? Humans are quite capable of atrocities by themselves and if they have some other creatures in the mix thats on them.
The problem is that we have been told of little green and grey men with body proportions that make angels wings look viable as tools of flight..well there is the bumble bee. Any way, as an artist who could always tell The Shroud was a fake becuz nobody is build like a work of art with perfect proportions, who the hell could lift thier necks ?  I would like to know how that design is intelligent?  No these are not little green men.
But there is something different about ‘perp’ energy.  Psychically they ‘stink up’a place. To my sensitivies they are rotten and vile. Which are old fashioned earth words describing how disgusting it is to me that when scanned they seem to have a collective group mind, they eminate energy that feels like the burn of…you know if you smoked for years and you stop smoking? You start running…u know the burn in your lungs?  The perps feel that way. They cloud up the area and your psyche with this crackling burning energy that is all powerful and very destructive.  Its like human hatred but it is constant and electrical. 
Whatever the perps are doing whatever they are made of its pure hate of other humans.  You can feel when you finally get left alone for the evening outside…the area goes ‘clear’ when they are all done with thier activities.  The air, the flow of chi down the streets returns. Nature returns.
Organized stalking perpetrators ARE psychic and metaphysical pollution. 
Perhaps this is nothing more than the technological amplification of the energy of human hatred tied into a collective.
So there it is. 
A long entry about mind control, the various kinds and why it is important to our world today. 
Some of us are just not built for a world as I decribed. Thus I write what I know so you may know.
I am not doing well out here in the fight that all tbmc survivors seem to go thru.  I am vulnerable and I seem to be boxed in without help.  No one seems to be able to be trusted and my demise is more valuable to the system now than is my being saved.
 For all I know they want to selfishly sqeeze a book out of me before I die of being run too hard so that they can have the work for themselves later.  Those of you who know this system know that we are treated like work horse slaves our whole lives and then disgarded.
Welcome to mind control slavery.
What did 1984 serve to do? Only  to legitamize thier agenda. It is used as a sort of ‘oh well its going to happen anyway’ type of book. It illustrates that finally someone figured out the perfect system of totalitarianism after so many tries.  If you brainwash people so thoroughly that there is no space left unaccounted for wherever they may go to collect and rebel is also part of the system. This has always been but people were allowed the illusions of privacy and true happiness via human perceptions..and ignorance of the everpresent All Seeing Eye that always has been I suspect via the spying networks.
The book demonstrates a commmunistic like tech society that covers the whole world..the terror of the modern version is that everyone will be pacified just as they are now in a capitalist society.  You will be allowed to have things, you wont be starved out of ‘stuff’ why wouldt you want to go along? You want for nothing. You have material comfort, everyone is part of the system, u r never alone.  There will be no reason to want to rebel.  If you do not fit the mold that is comfortable with this societal model then you can be behavior modified via tech and the other tactics of the network.
The horror of mind control is soley the cruelty of other human beings. You are denied freedom and true love, bliss or happiness.  

~ by onmc on August 25, 2008.

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Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.


Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.

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Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.