Misuse of mc programming info off the internet


OK how messed up is this that some guy would use the stuff on the Internet to help legit victims and get the word out to the public?

Well as a survivor its typical of me to say I had thought of it already and was jsut waiting to hear someone actually attest to this occurring. Survivors know from an early age the nature of man.
I tried go get in the forum but you have to register.

If these techniques are not used on you from birth especially if you are not intergen then they will not produce the results that high level programming produces. Also, most amateur wanna be programmers, who I have encountered nowadays I assumed becuz the word is out and there are going to be people who want in on it. These posers are annoying to we survivors becuz they get in the way on our journey to healing and they only serve to add extra stress which is of course why the bad guys want them around. I believe alot of the opportunists in the activism forums are these sort of people.
I have heard them on the street as well, talking about what they think they know. ” I’ve heard that they live to serve”..and all kinds of ignorance as they have typical male fantasies about mind controlled sex slaves.
The real programmers and truly knowledgeable people must be having the laugh of thier lives watching us react to these idiots that they sick on us nowadays. Once the poser realizes that we are hyper intel, quick to react and viscous when cornered they usually give up with a good scarring to show for it.
These people have no idea what programming really is and never will becuz you have to be from the same system to see it truly.
I met one person I know to be a genuine programmer. He knew what he was doing to a point and the one thing that made me feel he was truly dangerous was that he was respectful of how dangerous my programming could be as a female if he toyed with me the wrong way. HE is the one of the only examples of someone who was experienced at all.

Any lay person who tries to use this on an infant, an adult or anything outside the world of programming that is ancient is going to fail.
One of the things I have noticed being stalked, harassed and handled is that there are alot of amateurs; control freak types involved in this right now and they are destroying survivors with sheer numbers of these people opposed to them having any real power or knowing what they are doing. They think they are in on mind control. It’s as if the original system has been broken down and we are being sold out to this less expert system. These people are not artful, not sexual and there is no healing energy.  No music, no art. They are just these two bit criminal types and militant types. Almost like the street gangs and wannabes have gotten interested in mind control victims or something.

In a shelter this black woman did a set up and it was subtle but when I caught it and didnt react she acted very unprofessional and showed a reaction to my reaction. It was like this acknowledgment of how intelligent I was. She nodded her head a bit and tried to look sinister like they all do. I hope the people at the upper levels are laughing at how stupid these low level people are. If you were truly sinsister you would have waaayy better skills..by the way a shelter is not a proper clinical setting. Who is it I wonder doing these ridiculous excersises?…all these people are finding out about survivors is what the real handlers would know already. Why are these idiots in my face is something I often ask myself.
Perhaps the same lame-os like Cindis boyfriend have been reading the internet and think they can get in on thier own little mind control army if only they keep trying to test our intel and such. Perhaps its just part of the gangstalking system to wear us down over time.

I am sorry that becuz of what was done to survivors others are suffering needlessly.  This is the bad side to info being on the internet.

IF you discover that you are in the same situation as Cindi dont go to a regular meeting of domestic abuse though the premise is similar. Try to find a therapist and tell them that the abuser became familiar with some very abusive psychological tactics used in cults to control people. That makes it more familiar to the average therapist.  The stuff Cindi’s boyfriend was reading, though used FOR higher level programming would not RESULT in programming on Cindi.  It would result in a form of CULT MIND CONTROL used on adults in cults.

Cindi would have to have to be a certain kind of person from a certain family line with specifications and it would have to be done from birth. The real bad guys are not about to let any poser near one of the humans they chose or are choosing for higher level programming.  Cindi’s ambitious boyfriend would find himself getting followed and someone smashing into his car out of nowhere pretty fast if he tried to mess with someone who can truly be programmed this way..which is the beauty of it, if one could call it that-Outsiders can read about it all they like. Unless they were born into it they will never truly be part.
(It is our private fight and wannabes are just in the way. I don’t even know if noble outsiders could help us at all even if they wanted to. It’s all too horrifying for someone outside to take as reality…what goes on as ‘normal’. Its normal that I am expendable and will be harassed to death, insanity or a quiet nun like existence-becuz I didnt accept my suicide programming. So becuz they are obsessed with order I must be living dead as if everything went according to plan with the internal programming. That is normal for this system. It’s cold and calculating and purposeful. Another little girl will replace me..to them a female like me is a dime a dozen. In the outsiders world I am considered still attractive, very smart, talented, witty and unusual. To the programming and mind control systems I was washed up at the old age of 29. After I started to exhibit a lack of perfection due to aging past 29 (I looked 24 or so) it was ‘time to go’. You understand that to these people you are not human- you are a toy or a robot of some kind. The marked lack of human compassion is the most familiar thing about these people. I am now destitute and will be kept that way even though I could have a good life. I am not allowed to have any of my gifts for myself. If they are done utilizing you, you will be liquidated. Eerily these attitudes about age, usefulness and thier selfishness are the same as pedophiles, which is connected to the system of programming anyway whether subtle or overt.)

So I hope that woman reads this as well as anyone else who has been victimized by someone trying to misuse programming tactics on innocent women.

The other reason that people like him will fail is becuz the reasons for programming are really of a practical nature. You are supposed to serve a purpose it’s not just to keep people down. Unless her boyfriend is planning his own little army then it’s not going to work and if he did that he would be knocked down immediately.
It would be like when that group years ago tried to open thier own bank..sure it can be done and that is even supposed to be legal but if you think the people in power are going to let you-you are mistaken.  They were all sent to jail illegally I beleive.


Please just tell them that the abuser got a hold of ‘some crazy cult mind control stuff’  and act stupid about understanding what it is. If you think the person is open to the idea of mind control as it is on the net being utilized on you by all means be honest..I am not some perp that wants to keep a lid on all this its just I myself have suffered so badly safety wise that I would not want a civilian to get caught up in the nonsense.

See what I like about this new occurrence is that now if regular people are being victimized and there IS results then it gives the whole field cred, but the perps never let anything like that get very far and thier tactic is usually to let it go so far and then deny all truth, like with the recovered memory syndrome. If you want to help victims of abuse, like Cindi or help yourself as well as help survivors of programming (who can never really get any help anyway) then just say its cult mind control and dont bring up Illuminati or anything questionable.

As a survivor I cannot get help and lately have been doing very badly becuz therapists and conspiracy enthusiasts dug to deep into EVERYTHING and said to much publicly. Now no one will touch these issues. I have had to fight to simply not get labeled and they are so prepared for us to deprogram now with the 1990’s survivors gone public and the internet..it was like they had me already set up before I fully understood what it was that was happening.

I am now ignored constantly and it’s as if people are just waiting for me to drop dead. Everybody is scared or nobody cares.  My family, therapists and people around me had me all set up and denied me help from the very moment I started asking questions that were too sensible.  They now know what they are up against and if you notice the system has either broken up alliances in the survivor movement or people are dropping out.

People like me are immediately stonewalled as the way to go about things nowadays.

SO please be careful when getting help for this copycat crime. For yourself and for us.

Look at it this way, even as I write this the people involved are so sure of themselves, so blase about using up expendable people that they are simply waiting for me to run out of energy and snap or suicide. It’s a waiting game for them. A large portion of the people involved most likely only beleive the cover stories and would use me claiming to be programmed as a way to further slander me crazy or trying to make up stuff to cover up the real reason I am targeted (cover story).   This system is extremely nasty and deception rarely comes to light.


~ by onmc on September 4, 2008.

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Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.


Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.

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Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.