A warning about a Youtube vid

I was doing research. It is a Jones town video. It is titled I Remember Jonestown. It is more an art piece than informative. It is manipulative and has broken manipulated audio and video. It is done by an artist who knows what they are doing it seems.

If u r a survivor trying to stay clean of influence abstain from this video.  If you insist on trying it please watch other Jonestown material first that illustrates the horrors and leads you to  feel compassion and outrage for the victims. This mentioned video only leaves you feeling that whoever is behind Jonestown and every other operation like this is grotesque yet attractive, deadly but respectable; It’s a seduction of the power of death.

If you are a survivor of TBMC especially a certain kind of backround and are surviving into your 30’s you can certainly agree-been there done that.  Don’t get sucked into this video.
This sort of living in Art and playing around with this energy was ok back when there was a balance. Now the world is so….

..its not something to play around with anymore. It’s for real now. These aren’t just instances that are going on outside your world.
Target’s worlds get corrupted. You are being broken down by the system and asked to operate like a dim light bulb and only partially exist at all times or commit suicide.
Some of us are being denied sensuality, sexuality, passion and love or any powerful emotion. Rage is turned inward daily leading to suicides.

If you are also targeted in this manner,  where it seems the system wants zombies operating at half power, not vibrant human beings and you are fighting..this video is too much. There is a danger there. Becuz you have been denied power for so long I believe that the system would bait  you with something totally dark and you would just exist there, without any other access to any other kind of energy.
This is another trap. The will frustrate you for so long that you will enter into a world that is total darkness without the ability to use light as well.

You should be the ruler of your own internal empire. The system has no right to keep you from balance and light as well as darkness. It seems to me that of late they want mindless Christians or Satanists. The other option is what is being wiped out…both of the afore mentioned groups are much easier to control becuz they choose only one side.

You should have the right to rule over your own world, not be brainwashed into being good all the time. This is to make you neutralized. You are stuck behind the pearly gates, like bars on a cell- or forced to deal with those tacky bastards the neo-satanists that are everywhere nowadays.

I don’t know who is worse…the 1960’s Satanists who were created by a self hating Jew and has the distaste to utilize Hollywood so readily or the WASPY sort of ‘we dont really beleive in Satan, we are the neo satanist-the man on the street.’

All these people are childish and annoying. They both choose to be reactionary instead of in charge of thier own lives. What drives them who knows and who cares …probably just mindlessly programmed. Who can tell?

All I know is that wanting to be in charge of your own Inner world nowadays seems almost like it is illegal.  Like its reserved for only certain people.


Though the power you lost by being targeted may never be returned to you, you can still perish refusing to give in to total mind control and manipulation.
No one has a right to demand that you give in to being totally bad or totally good. Niether one are natural state at all times and that is ultimatley what this era we live in is about. A total dropping away from the Natural world.

I also beleive that the system of control and emasculation known as ‘organized stalking or gangstalking’ is often used to destroy artists or even psychics that were going to become too powerful. I have noticed that certain artists have circumstances that appear like they were targeted into suicide and some artists survive the ordeal and after about 10 years return to producing work that I suspect is tame and non threatning compared to what they were evolving into being capable of.
The ones who survive to work again seem to make compromises with the very system that targeted them.


~ by onmc on September 10, 2008.

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