One reason I keep fighting, why Truth is all that matters.

The perps can do what ever they want with this. I will not be trained to live my life privately becuz this is what the system seems to desire. It is not my nature in so many ways..besides they invade your privacy constantly then YOU have to be afraid of being open or vulnerable? Such arrogance. Such abuse of power.

One of the reasons I keep fighting is that mind control slavery destroyed my family as it often does to families.  My parent(s) never had a be truly intimate with me as a human being or to bond with me properly.

Often generations of slaves are always ‘working’ off programming constantly and like a working parent they are absent completely.  Then there are the horrible things that parents do to thier children based upon what is programmed into them carry out. The system of harassment as well as trauma forces people to turn on each other and we all know they have professional saboteurs for every purpose on every level of a survivors life. From the gang stalking forums to people that whisper in the ears of those closest to us before they betray us.

I have blogged on my other site  about my suicide programming that I went through and fought.  I did it out of necessity at the time.

I have yet to explain it here but there was a song used on the top layer, and it was the most powerful layer -the hardest to fight.

It was a Helen Ready song that was connected with a visual ‘movie memory’.I will not get into it here but those of you familiar with programming know what I am talking about.

I was looking to use a Youtube vid of the song and came across another Helen Ready song. You have to understand I know she seems corny now but she was quite a standard to women in the 1970’s that were coming into ‘ liberation and you young women have no idea how oppressive some of these lives were. Please enjoy your freedom becuz in alot of ways it was slavery..not so much men that were good to their mates but if the situation was bad…all across the board there needed to be a change.

Helen Reddy is from Australia I believe so she had this great independence about her and it was perfect.  Single mothers were telling society to go screw and they would NOT be coming home to live with their families.  Despite all the other mistakes that were made the women of this generation loved their children and on this new road of independence we were a burden but I think a comfort too. How else were they to test their meddle but to have kids THEIR way and see if it worked out?

My situation did not work not becuz of the times but becuz of inter-generational abuse and probably mind control programming. I had to often see my mother going thru severe  while just sitting there folding a meatloaf at the table-just staring with the 1000 yard stare..probably deep within her memories.

Over the years I had to watch the disintegration of this buxom, beautiful smart talented woman with more of a soul of an artist than I have really.

Whatever alter was left of my mother as a gentle person and the artist that never got to be was crowbarred out of her by the org stalk system and probably the technologies. Her family helped handle her right into it. Everyone always kept us separated in every way.

Mind control slaves are not supposed to have anybody other than the system.

At times, when we were alone way back in the 70’s when times were easier occasionally her system seemed to be at rest. She seemed a normal person. I got to know her occasionally. A few times she played this song and it was ours and no one else could get in. If only for just the length of a song. It was enough to let me know she was alive in there somewhere. Years later it is as valid as the post hypnotic suggestions they place in you to destroy you through programming. In fact those aren’t even valid any more. Life is only miserable becuz the perps dont want survivors to heal properly so you get stalked and harassed targeted and isolated….

As far as I am concerned it is still her and me against the world its just we have to fight on different battlefields. The perps seem to want to keep people separated. Especially someone that would make the survivor strong or more powerful as they would grow as a person. Thier job is to keep people down and that’s all. They did their job by programming a woman to destroy her own child.  I had to abandon her to fight this system.

Whats with Kermit? I dunno.  I recall one thing that the perps did in NA and around that time in early 2ooo’s was to make inferences like I like to be the baby all the time…

As far as I am concerned they need to admit that they are slime that will use whatever  they can to get rid of an inconvenient person and in reality that is their only function.

Truly it is none of their business how I go about my healing process.  Harsh behavior modification is a norm in this horrible life given trauma based mind control survivors especially connected to intergen human experimentation and I believe alot of the people who are involved either really believe torturing someone like a coward makes them a bad ass criminal (it doesn’t, especially a vulnerable female) or they are programmed and they don’t understand their actions are wrong or illogical outside their programming.

You have a right to your memories and feelings. You have a right to your privacy. You have a right to your innocence. You have a right to love.

These slights will not be forgotten.

The organized  stalking /harassment system thinks its clever. They think that if a deprogramming person is broken down enough and beaten into submission then their healing and remembering process will be contained. That thier system will be removed from harm if th slave wakes up. That the process will be more peaceful and that the person will not be a threat to the network in the long run. The last thing they want is someone who is the ultimate workhorse turning against THEM.


~ by onmc on September 10, 2008.

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