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I think I understand and have to keep in mind that the people to fear in all this are the same abusers of human rights that have always been-business. People who want to dominate opposed to those that want true evolution or mankind.

This article by techies (or geeks as I refer to them affectionately) themselves demonstrates how innovations and progress in tech are often blocked by people who wish to seize control over tech for their own power holding.

So tech is not the enemy, misuse of it is, as usual.

It would be a great world if tech was firstly priveledge  or a right- NOT an obligation

Secondly if it were utilized in moderation or minimally or only when necessary.

The greatest problem is how can ethics be looked at fairly if all the information is not available.  There are people still denying MKultra for christs sake….denying that there is and always has been a part of the scientific population that would, does and has engaged in illegal human experiementation.

This behavior sets a precedent: that humans will abuse or attempt to enslave other humans via technologies or advances in sciences.

As you can see techies themselves are being kept down so companies can have the tech serve THEM as it does best…not mankind.

With this danger, not a conspiracy theory but common sense, people need to look at human beings track record of aggression and unethical behavior.

Justy becuz technology or science is supposed to be good or is marketed as being for mankinds benefit does not make it so. Mankind is not good at all times which is why we have law enforcement, security services, ethics and a justice system, council and seats of learning.

The head long jump into a tech world already has implications and it is to ignore human life. It is to become cold and judge tech knowledge and possession as class or status position. It is elitist.

There is not enough consideration that the creators of technolgy and its utilizers could be aggressive or evil.

There has not been enough policing with the tech we already have. The article demonstrates how tech in the ‘wrong hands’ can create more monsters.

People need to stop percieving technology as neutral or even that it somehow is innatley ‘good’ in nature or washes away human faults…which is a dangerous brainwash that has been taken on by a few generations now and a few have been raised knowing nothing else but.  I suspect that this is becuz tech that we use now has become not a tool of humans but it has gone from tool to crutch to the end all be all. People are ignoring the enviroment and other humans, the tech we are involved in (and it is a marriage or engagement/relationship) now is alot of sensory deprivation as well as graphics and other smoke/mirrors that make mere math appear to be magical. Dont forget its only computer language and THAT is what is beautiful, not the designs and pretty colors. Its like we have found the Emerald City-the ultimate safety, escape and promise.

Dont mean to be cliche but the man behind the curtain in that movie is there as a lesson for a reason. Dont forget what you are really engaging in.

I think people are also subcouncously assuming or hoping that tech will be the answer to our enviromental issues, for mankinds future.

Until man admits to having the bad habit of having to keep slaves at all times in history this leap into tech needs to be monitored….and people are already asleep.


~ by onmc on September 20, 2008.

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