Avoiding the tech that seems to Be.

Some things I have learned:

Certain buildings are safe areas- government buildings, hospitals.  Older structures using original materials.  Anything like a metal shed or a room with a metal roof. A warehouse or storage building is a good example.

Stay away from buildings that have repeaters on the roof ( part of the cell phone tower system). Alot of the old buildings that would be safe areas have towers on them so its useless.  If you have to stay in one stay as far down as possible from the roof.

Try to avoid anywhere that has satellite dishes.  Even cable boxes are disturbing to some people.

Appliances like newer televisions and dvd players as well.   The best advice is to unplug these if you can especially when sleeping. Not just off but unplugged.

The computer: avoid wi-fi.  If in house pc then unplug all together when you sleep.

Take the battery out of your cell phone when not in use.

I believe this also cuts the GPS tracking system, but I am not positive about that.

Be aware of cameras anywere you go. This might create a psychic or mental reaction on top of the electromag toxicity to sensitive people or people who are targeted individuals.

If you are a TI then cameras will add to the stressors. They are disturbing becuz they are seemingly inanimate objects with a presence to them. On top of how obviously creepy that is in general, a target of harassment will find this an added threat…the intimation for a TI is that here is yet another possible corrupt authority figure or two way mirror that will be used to watch or map location perhaps used for further theatres.  just achknowledge its there and realize the perps could possibly know you are there. Alot of TI’s seem to have a theory about a sick secret reality tv type system where people with accesss are hacking into security cams to observe or even record the TI being harassed.

This is not too far fetched as one TI was told that a video from a security cam in a facility where she was set up and then abused by staff and security very overtly, was sold off to someone.  So why woulndt people obtain a feed if not the videos themselves for such purposes.

JUST BE AWARE YOU ARE BEING POTENTIALLY RECORDED AND THAT THAT MAKES A POTENTIAL FOR ABUSE OF POWER and the creation of a ‘scene’…a contrived one at that. (aka street theatre. I often use term theatre becuz this is part of covert war  and a war is a theatre.)

Remember above all that these technologies leave open huge potential for abuse and no one is going to help you or police the situation. There is no knowing for sure what is transpiring and there is not really any proof except the results which are health issues or perps approaching you and telling you what transpired and they would only know via camera or hidden camera.   The behavior modification or intrusion is possible, attested to by victims but hard to prove and is especially illusive becuz the criminal perps are never held accountable becuz it would be hard to ID them unless you were tipped off or had a way to track interference backwards, like from its entry into your home or person back to its source..the way you could with a computer hacker.

Word in the targeted community is that big urban cities are being heavily targeted now.  I thought I sensed this but was relieved to see other people say so online.

I tested this theory only by my own actions and experiences. If you are targeted get out of the city unless you have a safe place.  If you have a train or bus system take time out to go to the end of the line once a day, especially early. This clears the influence somehow.

Spend an hour or so in another location far outside the city. Note the changes as you move about.  I dont know about by car but I assume a drive would do just as well.

In Boston, MA USA the parameters are as follows: Red Line train up til JFK then it subsides. Go out on the Braintree train all the way to get relief.   Be prepped to get saturated again on the way back in. It gets better on the Green line out to the suburbs. Just a ride up and back will clear your head of air pollution and electro pollution.  But I have noted that if you go to a suburb that is occupied by industry then the targeting may be of a different nature, perhaps worse. Like staying in Burlington was OK but recently I have stopped due to some horrible results at a hotel I liked out there. I do not know if it is the doing of something remote in the area or someone bringing in tech when I am there.

If you stay in hotels and all the activity bothers you then simply turn it off using the circuit breaker box which every hotel has. If you play with the switches and see what runs what then you can choose what to keep on, etc.

When heavily targeted in St. Louis, MO, USA I noticed that there are two components to being ‘targeted’ or hit by technologies.  There seems to be a part of it that induces bad reactions and the other quells or soothes them.

Let me explain. There were no towers in this neighborhood and I felt good. Then or course came the cutting down of a tree that had been there for 25 years and the city worker getting off on telling the target its going to come down becuz the city says so…even though you didnt ask. (TI’s know the pattern of behavior exhibited by perps, its all intimidation and its always sadistic and gloating.)  Then there was a cell tower put up just for Marti Gras across from my window in the yard of another building.  Then there was a little panel to the left of the window on the street. I asked and was told it was a microwave panel..for some purpose I guess maybe cell.  What transpired was interesting:

I found that one of these made me feel horrible and the other seemed to provide comfort or solution as long as I gave in to its influence.  When the cell tower was taken down after the celebration all I felt was horrible and it became impossible to stay there anymore.

Trees help alot.

Magnets are the secret. Do your own research its all on the net.

I have heard about jammers and mylar and such but I havent the money for these things if you do then experiment I guess.

I know that depending on the university I go to to use the computers the results are different. At one I find it only difficult to concentrate and I forget alot of what I was going to do. The other university not only am I mentally jammed but I am influenced as well.  Its either something in the computer system or its something in the universities themselves. These places and the city in general has been turned into places that are very controlled and one can feel it.

There is alot of suicide ideation being pumped out into the city so if you suffer greatly get out for a while. I have only stayed so long becuz the results were curious compared to what I sensed and what others were claiming on the TI blogs and sites.  Boston is very controlled mentally it seems. It seems everyone is subdued. But St. Louis seems plagued with violence and I barely escaped alive due to getting hit as well as heavy suicide ideations.. I WILL NEVER KILL MYSELF. I AM A SEASONED ENOUGH ELECTROMAGNETIC ‘TRIPPER’ TO KNOW THAT THE TRIP IS NOT REAL, IT’S false INFLUENCE..LIKE DRUGS. MY CONSCIOUSNESS IS BEING ALTERED AND I HAVE AN OBLIGATION TO CONTROL IT. Unlike drug use if this goes bad then the counter measures can only come from the outside. Like physically moving out of the area for some amount of time or using shielding.  Like the old timers used to say when we were coming up ” you control the trip dont let the trip control you”.

I assume this is why they loathe people who have seriously experimented with drugs and have high intel enough to turn it into something productive. Acid is just ergot poisoning so it was not and is not advised.  But it isn’t the drug use experience that has assisted me through this. It is the whole culture of that time as well as me being somewhat scientific by nature.

I also assume this is why the whole country if not the world has to say no to drugs. Becuz anyone with experience would know their consciousness was being altered..well so would someone who meditates too I guess.

I was told by a TI who turned out to be a perp who is not happy altogether with her part in this that they are going after the pituitary gland. This is the place where your godlike experiences come from. In a certain state a natural drug is produced by the human body. It seems that the powers want to make sure some people cant get to that point anymore. Look it up.

Herbs seem to help.

Another thing I notice is that getting in the tub or the ocean halts the targeting significantly.

This is all I can tell you from my experience.


~ by onmc on September 20, 2008.

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