Beware if you are a targeted mind control survivor

If you use youtube be aware that if you are targeted and there are attempts to suppress you in other ways..I noticed that if there is music on youtube that you enjoy or you find freeing or energizing, if you use your personal account and make playlists when you view your vids and listen to your music there is something in them. There is a difference between listening to the same vid/song on your account in a playlist than there is if you sign out and listen to the same vid/song. 
Its like something has been attached or embedded. The way you feel listening to it is different and you dont get the same out of fact there is some effect that is quite hindering and negative.
It would be easy enough for someone to embed something into what is already there that you are going to listen to..its the mental equivalent of poisoning your food or dosing you with something physically.

I know it sounds paranoid but if you are a targeted mind control survivor then you know its possible.


~ by onmc on November 20, 2008.

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