Videos I have reviewed-The Most Dangerous Game part one(MK Ultra)

Firstly I have not been able to trust Guerrilla News Network who seems to have material on mind control and MK Ultra on their sight yet I distrust that everyone who created it comes from like MTV and the industry.
The one thing that I noticed upon watching the first time is that its hypnotic…not a good sign.
I watched it and really listened.
Since when is psychological warfare from the Nazi’s? Its ancient and its been a multiplier of overt force for centuries. Its down to a science…just look that up on the internet and read about it. And psychological warfare has many different it white, grey or black? The special name the Nazi’s had may have been them referencing an ancient form of it that is German, but the Nazis had a habit of borrowing from alot of cultures they found useful. Look it up people.
And the USA is notorious for borrowing everything from everywhere.

Why do I have to watch a split or double screen of this guy talking? What is this Warhol? I dont need images repeated..unless of course- the programmed mind is best affected this way, with an image for the left and right opposed (how manipulative is this?).

I just paused it at the bit where he is on a double image screen and its in purple and it says below ” to control people’s minds”..the goof is on you the viewer. Your being manipulated right then and there.
However..this would make this video more paid more attention to, due to the fact that the public have seen so much on MK Ultra and related subject matter that people might be glazed over looking at yet another video stating the obvious.
I am not going to get into the in’s and out’s of Mark Phillips and Cathy. I do not know them personally. But for what he is saying here it sounds pretty sensible. The only thing about Mark is that his CIA warrior swagger that paints things in the dramatic when he speaks at times may alienate some people..this might also be a very southern mode of speaking..and of thinking when one speaks. What strikes me about him is his ability to take something complicated and convert it to something simple in phrase so ‘everyone’ can understand it.

Associating these experiments with the big bad NAZI however is going to create a slide in peoples minds..immediate turn off and unbelievability. No one wants to perceive anything Nazi as living on in time and no one wants to believe America did this or would do this. That is one of the main blocks Americans will have and do most likely. The Nazis have been made out to be these bigger than life, over dramatised characters almost of lore that no one is going to see them as being able to be in existence in the unRomantic 21 st century. We are far to sensible for Nazi’s now. You’d have to humanize them in order to make they, as Origins of the science , seem reasonable. Interesting….that their image has been handled this way. I wonder if this was its make them look so outlandish and the product of another time, another place that no one could see them having any influence in modern times. Hmmmm.
It would be sensible for our govt to take them in opposed to other govts…but this puts the blame square on the Americans and I dont buy that. If getting targeted is world wide..

Mind control has been around for centuries. The druggings, gassings, sprayings and hypnotism as well as the pscyh warfare is ancient history.

And remember the Nazis borrowed from ancient cultures…so we see where they got it from already.
Why wouldn’t Israel have massive outcry over an occurrence like this? When it comes to this kind of accomplishment, no one is above selling out anything and everything to get results. I dont trust for one minute that every govt has a place and a stake in this. Why else would TI’s say they get harassed internationally?

The ongoing beat is almost distracting (and far to sexy).
Notice how it stops at a certain moment.

What is described as the brainwashing techniques : putting someone in a position of being disabled. Not feeding, sleep deprivation, overwhelming with sound. Then he describes shock treatments, which I have posted I feel is what is transpiring with mild shock like feelings I have encountered that seem to be administered in very pattern like manners for effect- like every 10 heart beats or every 10 or 20 seconds or some mix of patterns. This does not happen everywhere but it happens in specific locations, places where there is a heavy perp presence, obvious through tactics of a group or a person.
In other words yes, I am claiming that perps set you up with this stuff to be done to you. The more sadistic the person or sick the more you can see how it would be logical they would enjoy something like this. To be part or to watch.

The druggings are probably what is done when targets are sprayed covertly or have substance put in our food. They do seem to have the effect of mind altering substances.

The gassings seem only to do brain damage, not alter consciousness. Most gassings I have received are either gasoline fumes, natural gas, unidentified from a hospital vent in a lobby (but it seemed to have the effect of making me sick and ruining my breathing capacity) or other unidentified substances.
These would help further disable the target however. There seems to be a constant attempt to lessen the capacity to breath well. Reduction of the respiratory health by destroying the lungs.

Targets, like myself, are put into ‘darkness’ by simply being isolated from support, familiar faces. We are kept in ‘darkness’ by gaslighting, which is the psychological abuse that is the abuser(s) keeping information withheld from the victim.

‘Cant predict from one minute to another what is going to happen next.’ Pretty much sounds like the hit and run tactics and terror of the gang stalkers. And it would explain why some of them are so crazy in thier actions. “..there is not consistency to what is going to happen”. That is for sure..or there is consistency-you can be sure to always be unsure and distrust.

“Anybody can be put into a position to being open to brainwashing”. That is the break ’em down phase.
Dread..oh yes, every TI knows the dread of waking up every morning to a new day.

And they only released the files that didnt get shredded.
Breaking into peoples homes, illegal wiretapping? Dont ya think that someone could have put this original footage out sooner or someone could tell more targets that this explains ‘gang stalking?’
Interesting that I have never heard or read that before now. That it was openly acknowledged that there was gang stalking in relation to MK Ultra.

Why do we not have articulate sensible speaking people like this man with the glasses? Its like everyone has gone stupid in relation to this subject.

100,000 dollars??Are you mad? (Oh, right- you are)..some woman here in Boston lost a leg to a bus hitting her and she got 5 million dollars.

He states “This WAS a post Nazi program”, not IS…a post Nazi program and Americanization of said program.

OK this is what I mean about Mark Phillips…yes, they DID lose the war. WWII as a military campaign has nothing to do with this..what we should look at is elements inside thier inner circles that would have made continuation of these experiments possible.

It makes sense..they are more sophisticated and they have alot more money to spend.
However, Americans are not going to believe there is a ‘they’. Or that Nazi’s would be allowed to nest here or that this little intimation that these experiments continue today would be allowed either.

” Can you feel it?” is illogical and needs to go. It only helps the perps with the ‘if you believe this your a paraniod’ tactic of deniability.

Again with the distracting repetitive music.

Yes, minds are won in the minds of the people…and this video needs a few changes before its going to win over any average American mind.
It asks you average American to accuse his country of atrocities and that is not exactly the way right now. People were also so distracted by the war that they cant focus on this. Now the economy..there is a definite beating down of the people here.

Why does Mark Phillips have this purple aura anyway? Like what is the intended effect?

Nothing was mentioned about how gang stalking fits into all this here and now. No mention of how there is a continuation of this experimentation here and now..happening now. Being done now.
To an outsider it looks like some rendition of things that are dead in history.
If a person claimed this was happening to them NOW becuz the video looks so dramatic, they would be considered paranoid. Just what Dr. Bell has pulled in the recent NY Times article.

Yummie as this may be to the conspiracy crowd it is what I would expect. It is the biggest hot fudge sundae we could hope for..but these are empty calories. What victims of these ongoing atrocities need is something much more minimal, straight forward and logical. This was still all about hiding…under the covers where its warm where you can eat your sundae. It is still in the dark.
I want to see something that rips right out and makes claims, makes sense and doesnt feel the need to hide.
This video is the abused child hiding in the closet…and some of us are a bid beyond comfort and bribery.


~ by onmc on December 4, 2008.

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Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.


Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.

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Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.