Stealing of Energy is part of what is happening

I have known for a while but didnt think there was anything on the web to articulate it.

It seems that someone could utilize the remote influencing technologies to get thier way with this kind of thing..

I suppose that they think leaving a person alive after draining is so much more humane nowadays.

This is why one is reduced on all levels.

To ensure you are returned to a nothing with no power. Not a threat to anyone. THis is why its important to keep convincing a person to ” do good for humanity”..becuz then you look like life is so good and nothing happened to you.
That you havent been robbed blind of natural energy. THis is also why its important to villify the victim. Becuz then the result of beating down and brain washing which results in a reformed saint like person seems appropriate for you.

Its to hide a victim who is vocal or smart enough to know what is going on.


~ by onmc on December 8, 2008.

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