Use your own judgements/the big picture

I am going to include anything I think will be of value to myself and to others on this blog.
You have to understand that sometimes info is hidden and you have to look for it or bits of truth are under alot of other info or mixed in.
ALL information is valuable.

Believe no one all the time, trust no one fully and realize people may tell the truth on one issue and lie on another.  Youtube, websites, blogs…its such a mess of info and its all done on the web by different people.  After years of sifting through info you can gain insight. 

There is alot of sloppy mis rep of subject matter and taking peoples stories the wrong way or out of context.
Sometimes this is done by the dis info people and sometimes this is done by careless well meaning people people who are truly interested in being helpful. The problem is that the dis info people usually know more about the truth ( I assume) thus they understand how to cover it or skew it.

The criticisms of Mark Phillips have valuable info if you ignore what the person who made it has added in. As well as viewing it as intended-like the reacting to noises to interesting. On the other hand if you’ve been harassed and conditioned enough, you’ll react to noises from classical conditioning. If you have been programmed you will react to what someone may be doing that would be like handling you…but maybe you might be fighting this as you try to speak the truth.
The person who made those seems to intimate that he knows alot about M. Phillips. Like that he does drugs and alot of generalizations.
Yes, it looks like a hatchet job, and that is what it is.

One has to question why a video that could be a good study in mind control tactics is used to cruelly put someone down…and what is it the reason for that?
From my own experience and from research there certainly do seem to be horrible behavior modification programs going on.

Lives have been destroyed. There are other survivors. It does seem that this place is crawling with ‘perps’ because the number I had to deal with was staggering. In EVERY city.  Big Brother : he does not define who that is- is it all CIA or is it some private forces or some cops or …..Its just not clear. But in general there are harassers in sheer numbers. 

That video could have been very valuable as a study in classical conditioning of a person from harassment and also triggering original programming behaviors.   Its so much of a cruel bitchy cut up that its been rendered useless to see what is really going on.  However, there are one or two instances that are interesting.
One cannot say that either the subject in the video are lying or that the maker of the vid is lying…completely. One would have to know each party personally–at least I dont know enough.

The truths may be between the deceptions and truth that is being said.  It seems there are a large amount of people that just mindlessly beleive everthing everyone says who comes forward that is beleived or ditches anyone who comes forward who its said is a disinfo agent.

It simply isnt that simple. In order to be a disinfo agent you have to have some true knowledge to begin with.

There is a video of Arizona Wilder on Youtube and everyone just trashes her.  How do you know that alot of it isnt true but someone has added some ridiculous disinfo to make what might be true sound ridiculous?  Its so complicated and in order to do a study one would have to really be a bit more careful with peoples words and presentations.

Also,  its as if the people doing the trashing are so into just offing someone as ‘disinfo’ when they have some info that seems to me to sound plausible.

Its like one is never allowed to get to the truth.

What disturbs me is that all this is ignored…in the other videos he claims someone told him the prisons and institutions will be emptied due to remote influence tech and other tech mc.  Well, that certainly seems to be happening.   And if that is the case as I beleive it is, the problem is that victim witnesses and others who are inconvenient are being ‘modified’ as well.   The system is too easy to use for corruption’s ends.

I too am a bit disturbed by what seems to be validating not helping survivors or that it would be too hard for anyone to do that.

I was deprogramming and I then started self re-programming. All I needed was a guide through some of the parts that I couldnt do myself. You dont know how fast the mind works especially to heal itself.

However, if the perps are going to be putting out all those ridiculous subliminals in the media and harassment/ stalking in person then yes, it will impede progress if not eventually destroy the survivor’s mind altogether. 

That is, also where I get stuck on this subject matter.  He is, always in these lectures going between his lifestory that ties in, hers, info about programming and then the subject of  mind control from outside like remote influence. All of it is helpful to me at least becuz I already possess all the points of reference needed to pull what he has that I do not have and add it to what I do have..OR to validate what I know already if I had doubts. 

The part about the law is interesting. That basically yer screwed and no one will really do anything. 

I still say that this is a group effort and every survivor brings some valuable info to the table, its just you have to watch out for mis info as well as dis info.

One thing I HATE is the mixing and matching of words-labels. If this was done in detective work or medicine we’d all be dead be now and no one would be able to solve any of it…what I am saying is that its careless to make everything under the sun labeled ” MK ULTRA” , ” MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE”, ” PROJECT MONARCH”, ” MIND CONTROL”, and “COINTELPRO”.   Confusion only serves the perps purposes.

COINTELPRO is officially gone so stop using it to label stuff…how about ‘cointelpro-like or -esque’? or ‘similar to’?   And a Manchurian candidate is meaningless in itself as a label becuz its a reference to a meaning. People programmed are NOT Manchurian candidates…Manchuria is in China and for the roots of trauma based mind control programmning one would want to reference the Egyptian mystery schools.  “Manchurian candidate” would be more appropriate for someone conditioned to be a mind controlled assasin ONLY and also out of adult hood age tbmc, not from an intergen family and not from birth.

MK Ultra more refers to their project by that name opposed to all programming. 

This is where it gets confusing. MK seems to be the study of mind control especially for use on the masses. But also this was used on individuals.

Yet, tbmc already existed for centuries. So who is trying to do what with supposedly already known ancient info?  Is it a faction that DOESNT know and would like to possess that information? Is it the faction who has been doing for centuries looking to expand??  This is where I am confused.

Then, after all that, you look back. You look back at the world the way it is, with what level of knowledge average people have and you say ‘This is hopeless’ because no one is paying attention anyway, even though there are human rights abuses happening. And at least there could be some sort of help in a grey area for survivors….its another unpleasant reality that the people just block out, if they know about it at all.

And after what I have seen in the ways of the mis use of info meant really for survivors on tbmc I think it was a baaad idea for anyone to go public at all, but I know they  basically force you to to survive.  Then of course it gets snatched up by every devious idiot out there who is going to misuse it for thier own ends.  

If anyone can get the word out about tech mc being used for inhumane and uneccesary behavior modification that is a good thing in general.

 I am wondering about this whole thing in the big picture- why is this info even being allowed out there at all? I notice a trend where no one who is involved in this even cares anymore if there is word out.  In a way the public is as isolated as they were in the old days  without access to proper books to study on the occult or crime of this kind.  Because really it enters an area that not only doesnt concern them personally, it is too much for them to take at all. To accept what all survivors are saying would make people change the way they percieve their world and what use would any of that be to them?

The perps did this whole thing, as usual, with perfect timing with other events: Get survivors to come forward, intimidate them and also gain all the info they have for your side. Then go thru a panic about RA and connect it to mind control and make outrageous Satanic RA the focus of tbmc survivorship.  Then get all the therapists in trouble, call it a panic, create the False Memory Foundation. Intimidate anyone you can into not showing up to the Human Radiation Experiementation testimonies…then make sure the two never get connected except by vague intimations and a few times on the video made of the Presidents Advisory Commitee testimonies on the radiation experiments which look unbeleiveable to anyone who doesnt already know what is going on.

Then make sure you stalk and harass new survivors and make everyone afraid to go near them. Keep all the original survivors with whatever cred they have left on the side of ‘conspiracy theory’.  Slam survivors in 2003 and keep on them thru the war under false pretenses….then when the economy is f*cked everyone is so beaten down that anyone who is left standing by now, will be incredibly weakened and the public too jaded and beaten and scared for thier futures to care about anything or anyone so remote from the reality of what is happening to THIER ‘real’ world affiars.

Anyone left who survives will have to let go of live either physically or just exist as a walking dead sort of person, forgetting everything that happened. Thus you may also be able to prove that your reforming unethical behavior modification system works as well.  Arent they effecient?

And no one needs to know becuz you are using the tech on survivors of tbmc which no one knows about to begin with. ( make sure your subject is completely discredited in alot of other ways).

This is not  a f*cking game. These videos are useful but alot of survivors are using this info in a race against time for thier very lives. I cannot beleive that people have time for flame wars or that people are careless with information.

The most damaging thing is that people are nice to you. They are either outright rude or they are…..handling you which is worse than them being rude. Once you are marginalized like this its like a little room outside society that you are shoved into and you are never let back into the big room. Its like your already dead.  No gun shots fired, no blood spilled. Your systematically ignored to death.

To me this is worse than murder itself. This is what it must be like to be very old and have your family just no want you anymore and ignore you in some rest home or senior living space. 

I guess no one is ready to be at the end of thier lives when its time to no longer be of use to society. 

Yes, that is the best analogy I have come up with yet.  The elderly that are really shoved aside and ignored to death..and people know what they are doing while they are doin it.

Like I have said before any info is useful to peice this all together and anyone who is exposing the remote influence tech and nanotech is needed. But there may be other things going on at the same time.

Use discretion that is all. Even with my do you know who the hell I am? Dont trust anyone and use yer gut not yer head all the time.


~ by onmc on January 14, 2009.

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