How perps review literature

I havent read this book and wont so I dont pick up anyone elses story or get influenced. But the review is so..typical.

The only motive that a person would have for claiming to be a survivor of tbmc is that they are a disinfo agent or op.
Attention seeking is not usually the kind of thing to create such an unusual story of circumstance.

This review is the best selling point this book gets from this site…cuz a perp musta left it. No name huh?

I am sure that anyone who writes a book or most everyone who goes it alone gets a standard dissing like this.

Of course I am being hasty. In order to see how genuine any survivor is there would need to be investigation-a thourough one.

Her interviews, her writings. There is just alot to them that is alot of different survivors.

Notice how Mr. Anon didnt try to say she was a delusional schizo and mc doesnt exist.

The perp method is always a game of Reality-cut-and-paste.


~ by onmc on January 25, 2009.

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