Why deprogramming by thought reform is wrong

What is happening to me is simple. I am being deprogrammed by coercion and thought reform. Behavior modification.

What this blog is moreso and the other blog is to an extent is open confession. An important part of cult indocrination.

But what is happening is that the methods of deprogramming are being used but so is some of the methods of  brainwashing itself.  


A good article on de programming: 

Strangely, Scott once said to me that “The Japanese have a different idea of beauty in women than we do. They think Janet Reno is sexy.”  I often wonder, with our global world, if some of us are not being deprogrammed by some other nation who ‘purchases’ us or pays to see us experiemnted on in this way.  The Japs own alot of the USA nowadays so its possible.

But you cant just ‘deprogram’ someone who has high level programming as if they were a mere cult member.   What strikes me is the nail is hit on the head in this part of the article: (Under “Summary of Findings“)- “The National Police Agency, the Ministry of Health, and the Ministry of Justice are collaborating with figures in the so-called “anti-cult” movement in order to affirm so-called “coercive persuasion projects,” and at least one policeman has publicly and openly incited the above crimes in the guise of “confinement therapy,” without “appropriate measures” nor “remedies” provided by the State.

“coercive persuaion projects”  That is exactly what I have been posting. That it seems that deprogramming is going on using behavior modification or brainwashing/thought reform techniques.   Against the will of the target.  So at least this illustrates that this is going on in other parts of the world….the way it is done is there now you would need to prove that tech is being used along with gang stalking and chemicals.


It seems that sex is a very important part of this.
If sexual stimulation is used it not only provides some pleasurable feelings to help the victim deny all that is happening that is anger producing or painful emotionally it may serve to keep them ‘docile’ thus manageable. Ultimately it is going to eventually bond the victim to the perpetrators of the harassment. And it will guarentee that you forgive the harassers. If a woman is sexually stimulated and sex is covertly simulated via tech somehow (however they do it) then she will eventually go the way you want her to. Day after day after day. It would be pretty hard to resist.

If you were trying to create a submissive this is a key part of it. Eventually the humiliation and sexuality would result in the person thinking there is no other future for them anyway.

However if they resist humiliation and giving in to this, you would get a reformed citizen, who is very uptight and careful about sex becuz they are afraid of falling into the ‘pit’ of submissive hell so to speak.
You are then playing God and creating a hellish existence for the person if they fall short morally. Either way the victim still has no free will or choice or control over thier own sexuality or tastes. The person only lives in fear of sexuality.

Deprogramming is being done covertly to trauma based mind control slaves with high level programming. Programming is being destroyed as is the persons mind. It is being done especially with the use of sexual stimulation and seems to want to ‘normalize’ old slaves to the point of erasing who they are as individuals all together.

Open confession is one of the ways to do this. It seems you are not allowed to have any privacy or secrecy. This would of course also ensure that the person never has any personal power in life.

This is a most vulnerable population due to the fact that not many people know about programming to begin with.

If someone discovered they were programmed, went through deprogramming/ suicide programming, then was hijacked via this new system of gang stalking and remote influence and forcebly deprogrammed using behavior modification that is abusive…..WHO IS GOING TO BELEIVE ANY OF IT??? It would be easy to just say the person is crazy.

And if it ended up in a suicide, then no one has to know what was done to them.

This is the choice that is given. Either fall to temptation and look as bad as we have portrayed you, become a ‘new’ person (MK ULTRA inspired) and move on, be silent about what happened, hide for life, become ‘normal’, follow the crowd, fit in, go quiet, be average. Get a job, accept your circumstances (ALL this is attached to the making of a submissive. In order to accept these terms you would have to ‘submit’ and from being beaten down.

This is very convenient for the denial of all covert projects…however it destroys the person and thier spirit as well as brilliant talents and minds.


~ by onmc on January 30, 2009.

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