The Wall

The Wall by Pink Floyd I have noticed is very popular if not helpful to many survivors of tbmc and programming. YOU MAY FIND IT MAKES YOU UNHAPPY OR TRIGGERED SO GO BY YOUR OWN PROGRESS LEVEL AT THIS POINT. Chances are you were already drawn to it. This Movie has let many a survivor get at least a glimpse outside the Internal Systems…a concept that there are others who suffer and that its ok to see it outside the system. It creates at least an awareness that there is something similar going on with the survivor.

The vid below is one all survivors should be familiar with..switching. Especially into an alter ego. A ‘good little soldier’ that can perform ones job or tasks undaunted.

No feelings and tough as steel..while the other self exists beneath or within.

Rarely in this activity is the true Core Self from childhood even touched or active. Which is a good thing.

This movie exeplifies the lack of understanding of the survivor as well as the complicated processes that occur within the mind. It also shows creativety as a means of war, exit(a way out or way to get out temporarily) and of stubborness against everyone wishing to still use and abuse the person whether it be handlers or parents or whatever.

As far as I know it is standard practice in ALOT of professions to give people drugs to get them to work..


~ by onmc on February 26, 2009.

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