A tv show of interest (The Prisoner)


Sadly I understand this show fully now where as the average fan probably still has questions. Mystery is good and so is missing puzzle pieces. It means you have a normal life and dont have to get it. 

This is helpful for TBMC surivors who are being harassed just as it is helpful for those simply gang stalked.  

To wake up in a new situation where you are basically a prisoner and even if it isnt like a regular prison (thus his surroundings being rather ‘pleasant’.)   Also its maddening how everyone one in the place is acting like nothing is wrong going about daily life while this guy tries to survive and escape.
Also, all the people put in his path to entrap him.

If you are to the stage where you have figured out what is happening to you, you will find alot of what is going on in this show not only similar in nature but…some of what he pulls as counter tactics…

I just viewed this. Its eerie.

I havent seen this show in many years. And I think I may have watched the whole thing at one time..but when you watch it from a safety zone like not knowing what is going on then alot of what he says is nonsensical. It was always clear to me that he was resisting them getting info from him.
But the particulars now from this side are striking.

Patrick Mcgoohan passed away recently I believe in the last few years. He was behind most of the funding for this if I have the facts right.

A good tv show anyway.

Dont ever let the perps forget that anvil and hammer positions are interchangable..”you were saying something about a hammer?” Ha.

Amusing excerpt. Hmm ideas for countering here. But then you may have thought of them already.



~ by onmc on March 29, 2009.

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