Spiritual marriage

In the following article there is described a spiritual marriage but it seems to be physical in nature.
Notice the isolation of the women and the encouraging ignorance.

Spiritual marriage is also a marriage to someone so that you are always married to the cult throughout your life.  The chosen entity does not matter.   Its the men who are representing the entity who want the power.   Dressing up as dracula and playing satan as you marry a little girl to satan as a baby may seem silly and outrageous but humans are crazy enough to pull things like this. Just read a history book.

Whats worse about something like a spiritual marriage is that it follows the woman throughout life. No man is ever going to be her true love or good enough becuz of that original marriage.  And if anyone gets too to the female and there is a true love there the group or cult will find a way to break it up.

Some men are allowed to get near her and others are warned before they begin.  Cars running right into thiers seems to be  a favorite as well as following the person.

The spiritual marriage is also a part of suicide programming.  A man who seems to be the husband/father/god figure is the one that is reached up to in the suicide programming images.  When you reach up to take a few steps  up some imaginery stairs for instance in the image sequence (commands in programming) this is the actual act of dying.

Its as if you are brain washed to believe that you will finally be together with this person or that he is taking you home.

The spiritual marriage is often used to keep the women part of whatever group for a lifetime.  And there is a feeling that there can be no marriage in life to anyone else due to the fact that there is only ONE marriage–that one.  And getting away from that union is unthinkable as it would cause death.

Becuz the cult or group seems to provide ultimate protection from regular harm that is used to make the person believe that they will be harmed if they ‘divorce’. (Actually the concept of ‘divorce’ in this situation is not even understood.  It simply doesnt exist. )

Offering Chrisianity or God in place of  any deity or husband/father representative used to anchor the person may be insulting and not well recieved by the survivor.  Why?  Becuz to them you are just offering them up to ANOTHER male deity or to another cult.

Most female survivors have been controlled by thier families, foster homes, strangers, abusive authority in general and if sex work was done then they jsut feel shifted around from person to person.

At the point they want to heal or come of age you are dealing with a spiritual being who wants thier OWN power. THIS SEEMS TO BE THE CULT/GROUPS BIGGEST NIGHTMARE and often this is when they’ll come after the survivor, and sadly sometimes they will crush them completely.

Another belief system is NOT going to be well recieved by someone who is now very into critical thinking, and has had to use logic to ward off manipulation all thier lives.   If they are smart and strong enough to make it this far and had to survive by fighting the LAST thing they are going to do is let anyone suggest more control by a monothestic religion.

And trying to excorsise or convert the person to Christian ways will just get you a zombie of a different kind. With programming the way it is set up, if the person is strong thier internal systems will often KILL THEM via suicide before they will let you control them into something like that.

So by trying to help certain types of survivors this way, YOU ARE HELPING THE OTHER SIDE THE PERPETRATORS.

Its some of the stupidest non sense I have ever heard or seen, but that is becuz you have people who are either programmed differently or they dont understand programming or the female animal very well.

Your dealing with most likely a highly sexed, aggressive female who might even come from a warrior line or have such leanings.  To try to break such a person down or make them docile is asking for the system to go into max overdrive to beat the opposition. Thus you assist the side that is trying to burn the survivor out and destroy them.

You cannot change a persons nature nor should you try (fools).   You should be trying to help the survivor re program.

Programming is the problem not the persons DNA.  And the cult/group knows the survivor a hell of alot better than anyone else. Perhaps they even have been dealing with a line intergenerationally.


Not oppressing them further.

Especially in cases where the person was doing independent re programming and had good intent for thier future. This shows intitiative on thier part. They don’t need another god or handler.   They have had enough of that.

I cannot believe how much ancient culture has been lost and thus people dont accept that cult experiences are genuine.

When humans want a system that gains results they will do whatever they have to to get it.

This is why certain belief systems think that by torture and trail they will form the strongest and the best. That it makes the person tough and strong.  Really what is happening is that the survivors do things exceptionally well out of fear that is programmed into them from torture and abuse and abandonment.  Winning is  or being the  best is all they know how to do and they do it to show up abusers from when they are little children or to gain approval on some level.

All in all its ingenuine and the person has no free will.

Spiritual marriage can be broken with the finding of  real sense of love from another human being.  Be forwarned that the group may not allow this to exist for long.

Anyway there are such things as spiritual marriages and they anchor the survivor to a certain belief system, group (even if they do not directly deal with the cult/group knowingly. They are ‘around’, believe me.)  and serve in the programming system as an anchor as well as to be part of certain commands like suicide programming sequences.


~ by onmc on April 13, 2009.

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