why this blog doesnt publish so often

the subject matter is hard end of story.

I shouldnt be going through memories while on the road as a fugitive basically.

Thats why they system comes after you when compartments start leaking.

To make sure there there are the least memories possible to recall.

But I want to stay true to my first post.

There does seem to be a system of mind control that is world wide now, and it does seem to use tech in a way that creates a whole other structure over the physical one.

I am not doing well. My body is somewhat giving out from carrying a 60 lb back pack all over the country even though I put it down when I settle somewhere temporarily, my day bag is heavy.

This is also why its great for them to come after someone who is 35 and not 25.  There is an almost certainty that despite my unusual strength and stamina I will eventually fall.

That is why the system is set up the  way it is.

I forget where I started this blog but where ever it was it was much more conducive to its subjectmatter.

Be patient I guess.


~ by onmc on April 20, 2009.

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