The idea of a mule (a psychic that comes out of nowhere unexpectedly)

One of the things I encountered were a group of perps who seemed to think or at least portray themselves believing the idea that I was a mule-I was informed that this was a psychic that comes out of nowhere or is unexpected.One guy intimated he was trying to save this kind of psychic from destruction.(again the perps are helping us).
With my mother being a human radiation experimentee as well as my dad’s father being so psychic that he hardly speaks but still shows up at my car accident becuz ‘something told him I was down this street and was in trouble’ as well as both sides having great grand mothers who were healers I find this a load of bullshit for sure. Either someone hasnt informed this elite force of idiots about programming and RA or they are acting stupid as intel agencies traditionally do to skew thier own true intentions. It only added to the humiliation.

These are the people who seemed to know everything about me from a very deep and thourough intel collection. However, when the info was mirrored back at me ( a tactic I now understand is to see what else the victim knows or in hopes they will reveal info) the content solely consisted of info that could have been gathered from my phone conversations, phone records, online computer use in my home, spying in my home as video and audio would allow, medical records, and people who had contact with me.
They knew nothing about the internal files that consisted of programming or memories.

Very lucky for me I wasnt so damaged and those files were indeed still unaccessable-even to myself.

I kept up the bimbo facade as I was tired it helped me to rest anyway.

And thus I realized that the perps only catch a target with info they have..but its info that they want for sure. As I revealed info on blogs and through computer use as I traveled I noticed this info being mirrored back at me..but ONLY after it was brought out into the open.

So the human mind can be used as a huge filing storage system as well as files that can be hidden, like in a back room or vault area. There also seems to be a system that is in place to get that info and its the gang stalking system with its various parts. But they do not seem to be able to enter the human mind this deeply. They seem to be only able to collect very obvious info that is pretty obvious (relative to these levels of intel collection).

The idea that I am a mule is ridiculous. Also the guy who was playing this little game with me to intimate all this nonsense..I turned the game on him and found out he was in jail for statutory of a 13 year old. No wonder he can manipulate vulnerable women who have been shocked into a child like you see more of what this is about and why they use scum like him. Control and manipulation takes a certain kind of asshole..there you have it.

I highly doubt that with the system that is in place the powers that be do not know who the gifted are.
More trying to degrade the Target.


~ by onmc on May 14, 2009.

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