Propaganda alert- more MC bs: “LIE TO ME” season 3 on Fox

Yes bullsh*t is what propaganda is basically. And survivors of mind control programming have to deal with alot of it. Its especially annoying that no one but us and others in the know realize where and how the lies seem to be set up. Its not like your average professor could spot something and compare it to other info thus see its untrue or in conflict with other accounts.

This is also due to the fact that alot of disinfo is put out there as sci fi or fiction.
So who is to argue with fiction?
First it was ‘the Dollhouse’ which was intolerable enough now its ‘LIE TO ME’ on FOX network (why does that not surprise me).

I never watch TV and havent for a while. Over someone’s house I saw a small portion of this broadcast.
They  had a prostitute hooked up to some electrodes. The lab had her in there because she had made claims of psychic abilities.
There was a psychologist present and they were asking her questions. They then hypnotized her and said something about her alters not knowing each other. Its like they were trying to extract information. They then got a hold of some different alters and went into an alter that was asked about trauma as a child. This alter described the alter containing that infor as a male and then informed them that “nothing can hurt him”. Then the dumb asses woke her up and she was in the wrong alter’s state and freaked out. She described a different name than the one she usually goes by in daily life. The (bitch) psychologist or psychiatrist kept saying “your safe! your safe!” but to no avail.
Everyone in the lab seemed surprised and on and on with this b*llshit fest.

I told my friend even before this got started that it freaked me out and I did not want to watch it but as usual people dont understand your situation as you watch these kinds of things on what seems to be harmless TV shows.
For survivors of programming and TBMC it would be like a survivor of anything traumatic having to watch something similar and no one understands this so they dismiss it as you being difficult. Also survivors compartmentalize alot of what is going on with gang stalking campaigns and how it affects an already traumatized individual..those of us deprogrammed and seeking healing do it somewhat consciously.
It would be very damaging to have to deal with the full reality of all that is not only inside a survivor but what the system has done to us to try to destroy and silence us.

First of all, psychologists who enjoy playing controller when they really dont know what the are doing should be shot.Poking around in someones internal system without having any idea what is in there to begin with. Anyone who is in psychology at all at this level being portrayed who doesnt have some idea of what might be transpiring or what might be inside this kind of person’s mind should be forced to go directly back to school preferably in an older European country because their education is obviously not complete.

By the way the alter system does NOT not consist of names for alters.That is something that the movie Sybil created in popular consciousness. They sometimes have physical descriptions that are varied and one imagines oneself as that ‘persona’ but it is all parts of the same person’s overall makeup. Also there are often alter egos that the person can go in and out without being blacked out.. like a character where they experience things very differently than they do as themselves or as the person you know them as. Its like a regular person being different at work than at home etc.except they may be able to perform acts where the emotions go untouched.
And there may be a system where some alters only come out when the person is hypnotized that they do not know about as in the TV show..those alters may contain information or have behavior VERY different from what the person themselves even thinks they are capable of.
It would be highly unusual for the dumbasses in this TV show to just be able to pick up a highly programmed mind control slave who is obviously in her front or ‘bimbo’ alter and start messing around. This is not realistic. There would be trouble if this happened. There would be cars coming out of nowhere crashing into theirs etc. You would then get the idea that the bimbo you think is some dumb ho claiming psychic powers is not just that.
The problem with all this is that if you have such a person claiming to have psychic abilities and you then find out that they have DID or MPD and you have any experience in the psychology field at all you might take caution and if you dint there would be warnings for you to do so.

These stories about Theta programming and mc slaves have been out for years. Yet they are never made into popularized fictional stories as the are portrayed by alleged survivors. Its always taken apart and used to preserve mystery around the issue and more disinfo. So why bring it up at all?

Anyone who knows anything about programming would know that this is a typical mind controlled slave and she’s probably an expendable considering her status. She will take her own life, have ‘bad luck’ or get into an accident etc etc. Drugs or whatever her programming dictates. She may meet Mr Wrong who is probably programmed himself to destroy her. She will be misled, misrepresented, abused and lied to her whole life until she is dead.

The thing that was so sad was when she freaked out it was because they were messing with her internal systems and it hurt her really..what they did was cruel. For those in the know about programming, watching THAT was thier entertainment. Perps love sadism, its what they do.

This sort of freak out that the girl has will also happen in the years when the system breaks down. The organized stalking and harassment system of intense psychological warfare is used to break down people’s programming so that they actually become self punishing and that helps to destroy them.
For instance if you are gang stalked by a cab driver like he purposefully tries to hit you in the street in someplace where targets get heavy gs (like Boston for instance where the cabs are all under the thumb of corrupt police) and the cabby is just harassing you more by egging you on as you scold him about letting you cross then speeding up as you do..say you reach in after having enough of that city’s bullshit for one day and you just slap him..end of story. After the cops come and let you off (of course, TIs seem to get away with alot) some time later that day the internal systems or some higher alter within will mercilessly punish you for your actions..why? becuase you lost control. Its dangerous when you lose control and considering what most programmed people are capable of its especially important to put stops all over the system. Like an attack dog that works off commands.

This is why TIs can take so much abuse and will hurt themselves instead of or kill themselves after hurting others. They are not supposed to act violently unless instructed to specifically or unless the person is an actual real threat to information or a mission encoded internally. When programming is intact, the offender/intruder may be killed or at least hurt in some way whether physically, emotionally or otherwise without any conscience whatsoever. I mean no emotions at all. There are guardian alters created in the slave’s mind that guard information or whatever is being guarded. Info or instructions for a mission are always seen as an internal structure in the slave’s imagination/internal world.
This is why these people are kept down and never allowed thier own Will or to care about anything or do anything outside what the handlers want them to. They need to only ‘care’ for what they are programmed to ‘care’ for..a mission, instructions or information. If they were to grow as people and become whole then they would ‘care’ about real life things. This is why a slave’s outside life in the ‘real world’ must be made so painful and they stay in their internal worlds and everyone thinks they are stupid or autistic. This is why as children the are deprived of things or things are taken from them brutally that the love or care for.

The girl in the tv show was being dragged though feelings that were supposed to be compartmentalized but also she was probably being punished for messing with the internal systems without clearance…yes YOU need clearance from YOU.
There are alters that have never seen or heard the outside world..often they are mistakenly perceived as machines inside the programmed person. They function like deaf and dumb soothsayers in the movies who can ‘tell’ things about people and the world as they have no other senses. There are many parts to the programming system including higher ups and children etc. Rarely as I have said do they have ‘names’..that would just be bizarre.

This system is impressive and powerful and what you see in movies is them playing with the idea of it..and you see only the tip of the iceberg in a TV show like this one. Its not something you want to toy with.
She may look like just a bimbo but that is just a good front alter. Unfortunately, she will probably be killed off and that is all that society will know of her existnece. Only those who really know will realize what a giant she was or a sophisticated piece of machinery. That is part of the Perp power trip..perps are like serial killers in the way slaves are dealt with and we have all seen the stalking behaviors that are part of this.

Still TV shows like this are damaging to slaves especially recovering ones, and I think that is exactly it’s purpose. Its certainly not supposed to enlighten anyone to the truth..obviously.


~ by onmc on October 1, 2009.

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