How to deal with accusations of mental illness

This blog was originally supposed to be about illustrating the bigger picture by showing its parts. How we have reached an era where technology and advances in science make the intrusion into all of our lives. The way that is seems re education and behavior modification are not just for targeted INDIVIDUALS but for the management of the masses.

Also to show a concept I was shown once which is that a prison is being created via pscyhological warfare, manipulation of spaces both public and private and the use of technology. That it creates a structure over the one that is there in the physical yet it uses technology.
Some things I have seen are shocking, about the way I experienced the creation of a ‘reality’ for interference of raw and true reality or happenstance. The manipulation of space and time that surrounds us. I dont want to sound vague but it was a very specific event. It involves the experimentation with the psychic that seems to be going on. You have no idea how…how much society romanticises the power of the mind. Then the true power is lost and little understood and either you believe in it naively or childishly or you take the popular modern psychiatric view that belief in such things are delusions.

Either way what I do NOT see is the concept being understood that such things can be used to severely hurt a human being or cause damage.
Nor am I seeing a concept of manipulation of reality being used as a weapon. This is essentially what TIs experience and I have personally seen in one instance so severely executed that it may be the worst experience I can recall. It was in St Louis of course.

It has ended up to be too big of a canvas and I can only put on it what I know solidly..the subject matter of trauma based mind control programming.

Then the question is always going to be concerning a survivor of programming’s sanity like with the subject matter of alleging being targeted with technologies.
The difference is that with technologies there are things to at least prove such things exist, can exist, are or have been in use and then deduction can be taken to the conclusion that abuses are taking place.
Also Targets can keep thier own sanity sure as alot of TIs experience that they dont feel the effects of what one can only conclude are technologies by going underground 2 levels in something secure or being in a hospital building..or any other place where the same bandwidth used for cell phones is blocked. This is also the exact same band as microwave. The towers have to be above ground as the signal does not travel underground.
The hospital creates what is essentially a Faraday cage. I asked about it recently..the nurse said it was all concrete and steal due to modern fire proofing.

These conditions, many a TI has noticed before understanding what it was that created a change in thier experience, always repeatedly give relief to the Targeted Individual.
Nothing else would make sense and the very fact that most TIs have no prior understanding of tech makes it impossible to say they would ‘imagine’ a change in thier experience that comes out to match up with exactly what would happen.

With programming its more difficult to prove or explain to the outside world. Though the TI is probably more sure about it being ‘real’. A survivor is so sure after starting to wake up from programming (especially having to go in and fight suicide programming) as well as having to had dealt with it all one’s life that there is no doubt that its a system and not delusion. But how are you gonna prove that to the outside world? Well, gang stalking will seal the deal on both fronts.

You can plainly see that you did not imagine those activities and events. I use the gang stalking system to remind me that what is happening to me is real..because there are times that brainwashing sets in and the behavior modification system does its work. You start to doubt that any of it ever fact you prefer to start thinking that NOTHING happened…then you logically start to question why are you living on the street and all the rest of your circumstances. That is where the psychological prison they set up works. You begin to wonder if maybe, though you know its bs, just saying you had a melt down and and taking a permanent label might be easier.

Its such a great way for the perps to rid themselves of responsibility for doing anything to you. That your just crazy.
The whole package is soooo complicated. And if your programmed you were never in a fair fight anyway..who but we can deal with sorting out complexities and mysteries of systems inside and outside. It would kill anyone else.

Unfortunately the people who would like to get rid of you have people on thier side who are probably just as programmed as you and just as strong.

There are enough survivors out there that you have company at least and others discovering the same stories about their lives to be the only logical explaination to such strange events.


~ by onmc on October 18, 2009.

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