OJ Simpson and possible mind control connections

This subject matter is a bit far fetched..but something about it caught my eye today.

I do recall even back then, before I understood my own situation, I..saw things I understood about OJ’s behavior.

He seemed to go into a phase I used to call ‘glassed over’ eyes or eyes that look like stuffed animal eyes. Its an indication of what I now know is switching or being able to go into a rage and be disassociated while in that state. One can even see oneself doing the violent action but one is not all there lets say.

Also if you watch his playing on the field in the old days..who the HELL has power like that? I dont know much about football but I know when I see someone who has–the Reserve Power. Its like this super human amount of energy that is hidden in reserve and only comes out when needed for a task.
During his abuse of his ex wife she claimed he could rip doors off of hinges.

The primitive energy that is harnessed in mind control slaves is frightening to most modern humans..however, without it humans would never have survived past conditions on this planet. I highly doubt that modern man would survive primitive conditions if put back under the exact same conditions.

Most people in the modern world have no idea of the possible power of the human mind, emotions or physical being. All these things have been reduced in our modern society over the centuries.

There are people who seem, for whatever reason, to still carry the ability to call this energy or perhaps produce this much energy and then when compartmentalized can appear normal outwardly(thus the alter system).

There is a theory I have from observing my own case as well as other survivors or suspected survivors…that perhaps there is a common family line or DNA component. Or perhaps searching for the surperman indeed involves not race but certain family lines in certain races.

Also, the system likes to put clues right under the public’s nose and laugh at them. Its a joke to them that no one sees this.
OJ Simpson was regularly abused and treated like crap in Naked Gun and Police Squad..which although a great comedy has its moments that are not so funny.

I dont know if just anyone can do something like this or if a watch device could be used…its interesting to think about tech being used exclusively opposed to trigger codes or songs being used.

As we can see once again OJ is abused (4:10-4:29) You have to wonder why a pro football player would put up with that kind of treatment.
In many of these he is really put through the ringer. (OK OK the rest of it is hysterical for those of us who love Police Squad and Neilson in general.)

There was always something about the OJ case that seemed like he was targeted. And him being a domestic abuser didnt help his case against violence either.


~ by onmc on November 2, 2009.

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