Music as useful against effects of gang stalking

I know this seems insane but as the behavior mod becomes unbearable wherever you are that that may happen use music.

Have you noticed that when HD radio came out that one could no longer get energy out of music anymore? Its like they ghosted it and its not..solid any more.
You cant feel the music now. It registers as just..sounds. Or worse numbers. Sounds put together in a certain order but its terribly unatural.

Lets take the magick out of music 101. Digital or HD.

If your sensitive to it then its going to be obvious that you are being denied your medicine. Everyone who likes Led Zeppelin should get the meaning of music that shows great healing and protective qualities. I always wanted to know what would happen if music like that were taken to the next level of healing as the purpose in itself. If musicians could make music with the intent to heal and even target specific areas of body or disease.

The energy of sound is what is being used against you supposedly according to all the research on the internet.
So I guess it stand to reason that it could rival it. But music from your past life before the targeting usually doesnt work as you are not allowed to be that person anymore anyway. Its got nothign more to give you as you cant get from it what you did before the nightmare began. Also there are going to be memories attached to old music for you. Memories of more pleasant times when intimates who sold you out were on friendly terms. When you life was a whole.

you are on the battle field now my friend and you cant afford to lose. You need music that is weapondry. I highly suggest you get very serious about digging into your body, mind and your DNA…to find primal and primitive sounds to rival the culture around you as now that culture has changed for you.

I cant afford anything weak. I also notice that this corporate sameness culture, all part of what I experience as the web or the structure that is imposed over our phsycial world…which involves the creation of false environments to control mankind nowadays…its just psychological imprisonement using false environments.
I was shown some disrubing things in St Louis..very disturbing. There will come a time when your thoughts and your mind interact with this external reality, there is a chance that it may rule over you and you are just a part of it. It was horrible and i cant get into it. It was not only a total getting away from nature and mans roots in the primitive but it was a living hell, a cutting up of the human counsousness in order to make it fit or make it part of something else larger..kind of like the internet but..but. How do I explain it? With perception changes caused by playing with what we now call telapathy or thought reading. Lets say that lack of priivacy- its going to be attempted to take it farther than just reading all your mail and tapping your calls and internet usage.

Its not pleasant either. It reeked of timing and re meditated math type layouts like according to a formula as alot of what happens to TIs does. Without math none of this could be done. But the strength and power of tech and math have NO PLACE IN THIER PURE FORM IN THE HUMAN BRAIN. Not like I went through.
And also I once experienced the sensation of my very councousnesss as a human being and having it attempted to be put into what seemed like a pair of goggles in a lab. Its obvious that someone somewhere likes the idea of trying to see if mans very counsouness as a being can be put into machines..well yeah to survive any environment that would be impossible to survive with hte human body as it is now. Perhaps its an attempt to see if humans can live forever.

All these things I will say again were NOT pleasant. They were abusive and along with the changes I was brought thru unlike my orginal memories of being programmed there was NO healing energy at all. And these bastards are not artists…there is no Mona Lisa like constructions or balance or color or art involved. There are no symbols to cling to or comfort you. Its was man with his tech bumbling and poking around.

I have alwasy said that whoever is doing alot of this is like someone doing brain surgery with a hack saw. They are horribly inept and it reminds me of the difference between nature based drugs and the anti depressants created by man. There is no natural intelligence in these drugs. You can sense that especially if you ever had any experience as a drug taker in your youth. There is an absence of natures art and elegance in anti depressants. They are an introduced interference into the body.

This is what alot of the human experimentation feels like. I am fortunate enough to have original programming memories that have been in my files since infancy to use for point of reference.

Thus I noted that music in HD now I think of it resembles this to a much more mild extent. There is a marked trend now to take the soul or sensuality or spirit out of things and jsut use tech or math. It may look the same or sound the same but to anyone who feels their clothes or smells the fabric before you buy them, you can tell that there is no life in this music. Its like when someone asks you if a business is open. Ever since being so drained of my lifeforce I now have the ability to just look at the building in question and tell if humans are in there or not. I say to the person “they arent open..there is no life in that building”.

And there is no life energy in HD music or fake psych drugs. I dont want to say that this is everyones future or the future of the whole world I hope not. Its just something that I think someone with alot of resources is playing with and its nasty. I dont know if it would be applied to humanity in general or just to enslave a certain population.

I know one thing, as I was shown this horrid created reality that fuses the mind with outer reality it seemed that there was a perception of fun to whoever was doing it. Like this is such a great reality we have created…insanity featured promintly. It was akin to an evil circus act.

You have to understand I was sitting in a chair and looking at a brpochure and there was music being played from speakers in this coffe shop. There were perps there that was obvious from my sitting down and they were very overt and nasty ones too. My behavior mod program was intimated to, and it was intimated to with sentiments referencing tough love. It was really sick. a kick in the ass was used as a phrase as connected to an act of love to help someone change. Nice…does that include the mold exposure I experienced ? Or the aging of my body or my faling health? Or the destruction of my mind and talents and looks? Yes, I so needed a kick in the ass to reform me- just you keep telling yourself that becuz I know what silencing a victim witness looks like when I see it.

This is pure Tavistock Institute bullshit in order to re traumatize someone who is suffering from trauma in order to cause induced amnesia. Its to cover thier asses or someones and that is all.

All the human experimentation they do to a TI is to traumatize you so badly and make you feel no one will beleive you so you give up and shut up.
Fuck off how does that sound? There is enough evidence and documentation piled up to the ceiling concerning past human unethical human experimentation horrors and also my families being victims of that (documented) and also the funding of military factions to do research for everything from false telepathy (documented Navy) to mind control systems to read terrorists minds (WIRED blog articles) to anything used in psy ops to influence the human mind (documented).

The time has come to dispense with the conspiracy theory bullshit and cover of disinfo agents. Dispense with the aliens and realize that humans, in all thier assholery and glory are capable of horrors and violence which aliens would run off this planet if exposed to how sick and fucked humans are.
You dont need aliens to blame. You have mountains of documentation that can be used at least for deduction to show that humans very greedy intelligent and talented ones, very educated ones. Very wealthy ones, very hidden secretive and well trained…are pulling off this bs as they please.

However no one tends to listen to any of this. There are many people who have been harassed and even experimented on if you want to call it that…really its torture to make you silenced for life and give them power trips it seems. This is like the inquisition doing its thing to get rid of people and getting off on it all the while.maybe even turning it into profit. Maybe even the perps are thier descendants..the Inquisition. Who knows but they provide the same social control thats for sure. ‘
Just imagine them as the Inquisition all over again. It will give you symbols and references mentally which gives you control of your situation..something they dont want you to have. Picture the red hoods if have to…anything to ground this idea in your mind.
One of the things they really torture us with is just who is behind this etc. There is no point really becuz its so covert. Who cares? They are really loaded and whoever funds them has no problem with resources. They are arrogant and spoiled and are warped beyond belief in a rather organized scientific kind of way. They arent artists I can tell you that for shit sure. They dont seem big on sensuality either. I dont even think they are capable. They register as fast waves of hate but nothing deep and nourishing..nothing truly black. There is nothing primitive and human about their hatred nothing grounding. THere is no beauty except thier math. And its very uh…just as is. There is no soft energy there is no heavy energy there is no slow energy. They flutter practically. They are very nervous people underneath. VERY. Nervous and insecure. The women tend to give off a more emotional energy of hatred but it makes no sense when ‘scanned’ by me. It doesnt register as anything that makes any kind of sense. There is no hatred that exists in this world without intimacy. How then are you directing cruelty towards a stranger. Its like they do it out of obligation or work or as a task. And the smirking makes no sense either. You would have to be really agravated by someone you disliked to make that face especially on a female.
Alot of what the perps do are not natural human facial expressions…I mean they are not appropriate to the situation. Thus the have mastered the craft of deception as to create a false environment USING HUMAN CUES SIGNALS AND PRIMITIVE BEHAVIORS.

This means they are not crazy….unless they are programmed then all bets are off and they might not even recall what went on wiht you if they met you on the street a week from now.

I think moreso they are heavily scientific and they are using humans as experimentess and they have perfected the art of taking apart what makes people human and primitive human communications . It would be like if you could study apes intensely and learn all you could about their culture of bonding and communications even on the most primitive levels and then capture one and fuck its head up really bad and scare it emotionally by screwing with all comminications and ape social cues etc. The only thing is youd have to be an ape. We all know that only humans are smart and CREATIVE enough to actually turn on one of their own by learning to become not human or unlearn human behavior that is natural.

The perps also register as people who supress thier true emotions underneath an act and they are also terribly frightened at not succeeding in what they are doing as well as that they may actually get caught.
The people who beat me up at Rainbow front gate register with these same emotional signatures. The same energy was present. Deception, insanity and violence. Except A campers are poor pathetic drunks and bums hiding from cops in the woods. The perps are tech advanced to danergous levels and seem like quite wealthy people. The way they carry themselves does not speak of money romantically as they always seem stressed and insecure it just registers that they dont worry about money and its not a factor in what they are doing…….however WHAT they are doing seems very important to pull off at the time.

Thier confidence…another thing that blows TIs minds. It could be due to cult mind control which would provide them with that feeling unquestionalby…but it might be training. Its been proven that in order to torture someone the torturer has to view the victim as less than human in comparison to themselves or as very different a creature from themselves. You have to view the way the perps view YOU. See through thier eyes.
To them I am a poor person, a female from a family that is no good anyway to begin with and my lifestyle in thier eyes is no good either. I am also highly intelligent and attracitve and talented..a threat most likely. To them this is akin to being able to torture a human slave in any other culture. Also the more you possess to them the better experiment it will be as there is more to mess with or destroy. I see them doing nothing but destroying anyway so that must be their intent.

They are ultimately way too wealthy to see someone like me as human. As TI you have to realize that. You possess something internally that they want but your outside circumstances allow them to feel they are abusing a mere animal or human garbage. You have to take in the reality of human experimentation. If these people had any respect for you at all they would not act as they do.

Your job I am sure is to realize that this is the ultimate in CLASS WAR and its to once and for all prove that this is THIER world and you just live in it and your Will is meaningless and now you need to ‘know your place’ and go retire to someplace and conveless for the rest of your life as they have drained you of life energy, of faith in humanity and sanity. You are supposed to accept this as defeat.

Its the ultimate knock down.
As with any abuser there are places you can f*ckin hide.
What are you good at that they are not? What can you do they cannot? What weapons do you possess that they do not? Or that you can use hidden as they cannot see? What can you be secretive about that they dont see or cannot access? And what powers of your primitive state or nature can you tap into to survive?

The ultimate weapon with these f*ckers seems to be the very primitive of the human animal. The warrior also scares the shit of out them for some reason.

All this is why I mention things like art and music. Think about it. They seem to use art and symbol for manipulation only. Just like HD or digital everything they do registers as 1000111010101010101010100100101..if like me you are sensitive to tech on a sensual level I guess.
They seem good at math not art.

Music seems to break thier system. And remember its the music YOU choose as your nourishing agent. They are constructing a world where music is decorative only or used to brainwash or enslave or as a simple part of a larger formula that has nothing to do with music at all. Its used to manipulate human perception and create false environemnts.
Havent you noticed how some of us have always had an avesion to corporate culture? Or that certain music just makes you crazy as its so awfully fake or manipulative.
Look at all the people who claim that music or pictures or symbols are used in media to harass them. They use art to hurt and harass. They want you to lose your connection to art and music. They want to disappoint. You have to reconstruct your reality so that you use music as the healing and protective even battle motivation music. Then it is again yours. Dont be manipulated.

Take back the artwork. You can use art to help yourself stay together. Keep a connection to the primitive. Find out what really vibrates your DNA and they cant take that away from you. Your ancestors will protect you and this is a way of connecting with them.
The perps break up families why do you think that is? There is much power in a family or in connection to even the physical body of a family member. The family home if intergenerational has alot of rooted power and provides power to us.
An example of connection to ones DNA being powerful is this. I was 12 and moved to Waltham MA. I was sent to school down from my house and as I used to play in the school yard often I would be drawn to the cemetery across the street. Later in life I learned that my great grandmother from Cork IRE was buried there. I knew that instinctively. We are NOT talking about spirit we are dealing fully with the energy that remains in the physical body only. I experienced this at a funeral once. Henry of Henry and Rachel fame in Brighton finally ODd. I dont like funeral as I find them a waste of time. Its too ritualistic to be comfortable anyway. Just burn the damn body and get some dignity. Bodies hanging around doesnt make me happy. It just isnt right. I am sensitive to death I suppose.

And perhaps as I am sensitive to energy I dislike funerals. Henry, all the bad and earthly energy about him had sunken to what seemed to be the bottom of this body and everything about him that was spirit had gone. Everything creative or interesting or was absent. This is very unpleasant. And to sense the remaining energy within a body is useless to me. Its just…its bad form with death to me I dont know. Its confusing.
I have done two funerals and it wont happen again I can tell you that. Weddings are perhaps worse as no one died. But all you can think of is when are they getting divorced? Its so unsure and fake. At least in death there is a heavy energy tha one can be sure of what the hell has happened.

I dont like delving into death as I was never able to go through memories and sort my inner structures out.

And later a handler perp brought me to Stoneham and messed with that ability to connect to family by parking me facing my DADS families cemetery and I dont need to know for sure to know that someone is buried there. A Cedrone and I dont know who but it was one of the more cruel moments in the perps history.
But after you realize how this works you can see that all they ever did is mess with your talents and abilities and mirror them to manipulate you. THEY WANT YOU TO LOSE YOURSELF SO YOU BECOME THAT MIRROR IMAGE THAT IS DARK AND RULED BY THIER ABUSE NOT WHO YOU ORIGINALLY WERE. This can be the best description of behavior modification of this kind. Its like taking the blue print or schematic of YOU and trying to mirror it and color it or alter or darken as they would like.
Take back the original schematic. Its yours to begin with. That is why you must be isolated also. Being disconnected from the people and places that helped define you it is there hope that being surrounded by only them THEY will define you.

This is not some positive self help talk just use symbols. Picture the schematic as on a real piece of paper. See them trying to transfer a mirror image onto glass perhaps. Dark glass. What made your original on paper glow with light in the design? Keep that that is the energy that is yours and the people who gave it to you are not away from you they just happen to be dead but the DNA as well as the spirit in the drawing is not dead. This has been for me what they cannot take away and I sought out or was directed to music that would activate DNA or vibrate with it somehow. This can replace family that has been taken from you.

The perps deconstruct everything in your world they can in order to essentially disassemble you and reconstruct you THIER way.
That is the most creative way to describe behavior modification.
And with how much goes beyond what we thought was possible one admits to it sooner or later that there is a metaphysical aspect to what goes on.

But still it seems that what the perps do to a person. Its so lacking in sensuality. Alot of it is purely scientific. Its hard to tell where the human ability for ‘magick’ ( i hate using that word) and humans using science cleverly with perfect efficiency begins.

Its like they wish to redefine you with beeps and whistles and tactics and conditioning. Every trace of you will be copied and owned by them. this is why they wish to define you. This is also why its so important to mirror you.


~ by onmc on November 22, 2009.

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