Deprogramming..more behavior modification techniques socially accepted in the mainstream

When are people going to get it?

Behavior modification is dangerous and its the same thing that is done to POW in camps. The reason people dont see it as a danger is this:

The perception that the perpetrators of deprogramming or whatever ‘therapy’ its being marketed under ARE NOT ENEMIES and this is NOT WAR.

That is called perception management. Its trickery. Notice how in all these cases if you look closely enough the jury or the public or the parents have to be sold on the idea that its out of love or for the good of the child or victim.

Note how its always a ‘caring’ faction that takes the place of the captive enemy forces in war or the state in re education camp scenarios for political dissidents or prisoners
and also its always a child in place of the prisoner.

The roles are the same you have authority and a person who is victimized or handled.
Even in corrections situations its prison authorities and prisoners..but at least then there is question into corruption and prisoners rights.

The idea that anyone would need behavior modification is outrageous to begin with. If so then the circumstances would need to be looked at very carefully to begin with and the person would have to be told they are going to be in such a program.
It should be a law by the way that is you engage in deprogramming and abduct anyone or rape anyone ever you get the death penalty. Either that or there needs to be a vigilante group of deprogrammer killers to even things up a bit..if the law doenst think it can handle the problem. Maybe just maim them a bit so they cant perform their deprogramming functions anymore.

What is sold to the public to make sure no one sees this as a crime is the MOTIVE for the actions and so the actions themselves become acceptable means to an end. Its ok that they raped that girl becuz the motive was love for her daughter. People shy away from the real issue which is the legality and ethical questions of behavior modification itself.

You would have to have raped little children repeatedly or murdered repeatedly or other such behavior to need behavior modification. And I notice its always the same people that receive behavior modification. Its never the hardcore male crimes that get this treatment. Its always women or girls or gay issues. Its things that provide cultural fantasies for men that they can now control these things. I wonder about most of the judges seeing these cases at all.

It seems in our society there is a brotherhood of men who are extremely sexist and I believe they secretly approve of rape and child molestation if not outright. They may be overt sexists or they may hide behind the moral majority or a church or a bench but from what I have seen and I have seen alot in the past few years concerning exactly who supports this type of mind set…. these are people who will do anything to support the boys club. The women who support them are either mindless or under their authority to the point where they jsut support them without question.
They need to be fought by any means necessary as no one is listening to concerns over behavior modification that is unethical.
Also you have the psychiatry and therapy fields that market these tactics as helpful to parents that just want to control their child without making it clear that these are the same tactics used on POWs.

Unfortunately, when you take shit and repackage it as pudding, if yoiu change the smell and color it differently people will buy it and eat it. The results will be the same.
In a consumer culture its easy to fool people out of hard reality and to ignore facts by marketing things to them. Really this is the only culture that they trust totally deep down anyway. Consumer culture. Its the only true constant in the USA.
If you take out of the situation that there is an enemy trying to do harm to a POW and replace that with parents and children or do gooders and a poor programmed person or cult member or controlled lesbo then everyone gets all teary eyed and goes ‘aaahhhh, they did it out of loooove’.

No they did it out of greed and selfishness and sometimes they do it to cover their asses so people dont blame them for stuff like child abuse or they do it to keep the person down becuz they are jealous or they do it out of a power trip.

THATS where the mob can get involved if it becomes public or a public affair.

In my case the behavior modification has become so public that I still get stupid looks of amusement at places like Emerson college. What is so amusing? Is it that the agency has already recruited from this place this early all the media shills it will need to run a nation ? Or is it something local where the idiots think that they know the story and its amusing? I hope some of these looks are in amusement that I went up against the system but sometimes it seems like its public knowledge what happened to me and that isnt fair considering that the public probably only knows the cover story as they refuse to be intelligent enough to reason through the WHOLE story.
The girl in the above story should have been given compensation and the perps max jail time if not worse once they got to jail for messing with 19 year olds. All you have to do it seems is make the captors of the POW camp into moms and the prisoners into children and the entire ethics question is null and void.

There is no behavior mod program that is acceptable unless the person is informed or if they are truly a threat to society and I mean its not what some people are saying they might do its what they have been shown to be capable of..repeatedly. Like hardcore criminals who are dangerous repeat offenders. Not little girls that society seeks to control and dominate.

Its so obvious that these tactics are used by sexist males and jealous women alike to control people. And parents that just want things the way they want them.
This shows total disregard for the victims Will as it is assumed the victim has no Will that is another issue that makes it ‘OK’ to do this to someone.

The enemy factions are now someone who cares and the prisoners who are willful and proud soldiers captive against their Will are now helpless victims with no Will of their own who need to be freed from oppression.

How you market this system does not matter it is the same system no matter what you do.

This is interesting:

I have actually linked to Rick Ross materials in my activism but I didn’t really know who he was..the info must have been useful for me to link.
No matter what deprogramming in this manner is not acceptable.

What is hard for TIs who are survivors of high level programming to deal with is that the deprogramming we receive IS the gang stalking and that is covert as well as the tech that is one can see it happening. They use sexual abuse believe me.  Just read my last post on OnGangstalking. I will be glad to get out of Boston thats for sure.
As far as deprogramming for survivors of TBMC, I don’t quite trust certain other survivors who speak of no therapist having the time to help survivors. It seems there is a program using MKUltra techniques as well as deprogrammer techniques to destroy internal programming structures and the very essence of the person’s Self. Then restructure them to the liking of the system.

Its all about neutralizing survivors like enemies in war and socializing them by force.
The harm that is done to ones health and ones mind is irreversible. So many people saying things like ‘youll be alright’ shows the selfishness of everyone involved or else the ignorance as to what is really going on.
For a person on this level being deprogrammed in this manner its never for a few days and there is no rescue or any kind of court case. The person after telling thier whole story is often just disbelieved. Many people cant deal with the truth of what really goes on in either the original programming process or the stalking and harassment when the person develops a Will of their own. The level of inhumanity and cruelty and abuse are jsut too much for most people in a free society to deal with.
Its hoped that after much intimidation and harassment as well as ‘deprogramming’ that the person will give up on not only retaining the true Self but in recounting thier story. I know that I personally have been threatened with “Telling the truth will mean a life of loneliness” which of course I ignore.
“You can write a book but no one is going to believe you”..(oh that was my own mother’s little threat. Spoken from her throne where she can reign over her child in a world that fully rules over HER. Dont think so.She goes to college for 4 years for accounting and all of a sudden she is more talented than me as a writer. Again I just dont think so, bitch. Sadly the damage from years of gang stalking might just make her version of reality appear as if it were true all along. Everyone who turned thier backs on all Target is hoping for just that outcome believe me.)

And here is a bit of fun. In 2007 (I have to look at my records which are in storage) I was in a hostel in St Louis MO. A girl named Laura, who I recognized as Ti’s ex girlfriend who was a close friend of my ex Jakes in Newton ended up at a hostel in St Louis MO with me where she tortured me when ever she could. The hostel was owned by a man who turned out to be a client of one of my past associates who would love me to drop dead I am sure. Old money family in MA.
Anyway, strangely a whole perp group from MI decided to show up..hmm. MI.
She said she was from MI. She said her family had land and connections in France. She kept saying she had never been to MA however, her birthday turned out to be celebrated while I was there and it was right around or the same as Jakes and I recall this being mentioned during my time with Jake. I recall a memory where he was going to celebrate thier birthdays together.
It didnt click as to who she was until later on.
She was a drunk at 21 already. She said she had never been to MA but strangely as with everyone in on this harassment she magically went into conversation with me..we were in front of the mirror and she was doing her makeup..she said “Jake is a horrible person” (I had mentioned my ex messing up my life) oh I thought she had never been to MA? Then when we were talking about the harassment she said “and you always will have to deal with it”..then arrogantly stated like a little brat “..but you could work with the system a little more you know” and stated that I should take more art modelling gigs. Her tall skinny boyfriend mentioned a few times about how certain artists are dangers to society as they think they are gods..sort of like a Tupac or something. Like this was a major threat to thier social class ruling the world or something and this sort of person just HAD to be suppressed.
He also mentioned at some point his father freaking him out by sitting down with him with lists of what was expected of him in life and in his totally intimidated him. I can see how this would make these kids lash out at someone else as they are put under mind control themselves. Perhaps in ways they cant recall just yet. And she just seemed more concerned about being accepted by the kids in the local Jesuit college in St Louis after she kept screwing up her studies with being drunk.
Perhaps they should teach ethics 101 becuz it seems that their priorities are screwed up and so are thier families. Maybe human rights 101 as well.
Later after doing research for something else MA related I saw a picture of Romney with his wife. I realized then after all Laura told me that she is related to Ann Romney –the women in that family seem to have very distinct eyes. ( being born artistically talented has its advantages..I take in peoples features constantly like a camera. I could back then still anyway.) Also when I was in El Paso I noted a few women that had a quality to thier eyes that resembled Laura’s- Mitt Romney is Mexican in descent. So she must be one of thier grandkids or something becuz everything she told me describes their family’s circumstances. France and MI, the mothers money family and Mitt Romneys. She described it all.

There are all sorts of fun connections that reek of corruption and conflict of interest in my case.

A large part of the deprogramming process is to not only keep the person in the dark its to make the person feel like there is no way out, no one cares, and that they arent trying hard enough surviving the gang stalking process. Denying abuse and minimization of abuse are popular.

You have to fight deprogramming at any cost. Your life is not going to be worth anything if you dont and it may not be if you do.
With deprogramming a programmed person it is important to keep them in a little box mentally and to keep them from growing at all. This is why there is brain damage done. Alot of you ask me what I mean by that..maybe I will do my next post on just that. Dumbing down the person is important and its done in many ways.

These techniques are used cruelly under any circumstances and are unacceptable. Managing the perceptions of people is important in selling them toothpaste as well as behavior modification.
People need to see that its not right to alter the Will of a human being no matter what the desired outcome or the motive especially without any kind of disclosure to the individual themselves.


~ by onmc on November 24, 2009.

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Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.


Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.

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Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.