Another RA Blog That May Be Useful
This is a rather good source of info yet again its not documentation from a psychologist’s files it’s merely more testimony from another Survivor. The thing that should be convincing to outsiders and is comforting to other Survivors is that the info that seems credible is always telling pretty much the same story each time. Also it seems for the person to write about it as they do or add variances they must have some sort of experience. The fumbling I have experienced when outsiders try to express this subject matter makes their status obvious. Most outsiders start thinking ‘mental illness’ or that the results of this trauma is a disorder or they think Sybil or Manchurian Candidate (can we just get rid of that reference all together, it causes so much confusion).

Also I dont like the blog address as here on the first page it mentions “Christian cultures” as abusive. One really has to be careful to make clear that its the methods of cult brain washing and abuse that determine if the cult is truly abusive to these extreme levels not religious affiliation. Satanism and other belief systems are complicated in thier history as well other factors. For all one knows people might take up Satanism to counter abuse they endured from a Christian cult that was into ritual abuse.
What its ‘satanic’ in nature? We would have to sit here for days on end going over the history of religion to show that every religion screwed up at one time or another and became a tool of human greed or destruction. I have read too many books over the years and it seems every religion gives way to war and greed and oppression of human beings as systems of governance.
So in order to actually get something fixed or changed we have to not fall into lounging around discussing things that will never change anyway.

The system you need to be most concerned about it the system of brainwashing via trauma known as TRAUMA BASED MIND CONTROL. Its used in varied forms from pimping and domestic violence and white slavery to POW camps for soldiers of war. Its marketed as helpful and good in an unsuspecting and naive society in things like behavior modification camps and modification techniques.

Take what you can from this blog some of it is useful and some not. I think the author is Mormon according to some things on his profile.
What is interesting is that some of the conditioning techniques are used in programming and some are not. Many of the goals seem the same as in high level programming and some seem opposite. Maybe this is the difference between the perps we encounter and those of us who have experienced ourselves as survivors of complicated programming.
For instance it says that one of thier goals is to produce a child who does not fantasize or has no imagination. This is actually a goal with MC slaves who have to be creative to survive.
Also the punishing of a child for telling what was seen or heard. For someone who is programmed to be a courier of info or spying it is imperative that the child be able to recall and then regurgitate this kind of information. The only thing is that the child may be trained never to lie under fear of torture as this ensures the quality of information.

Different groups different cults, different ends I suppose. Different purposes.


~ by onmc on December 20, 2009.

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