You’ll discover that higher level programming is parellel with much of the makeup of computers:dual boot

Over the years of deprogramming which includes being conshusly aware of the images and other things I experience internally I have noticed how much of what is there is like computers and the way they are set up or operate. I have drawn some similarities myself and since hanging out with someone who has been dealing with computers for years I now see more.

Since I started to analyse my own internal programming so closely, to really pay attention and take note of what is inside I had noted a particular oddity that really was the thing that made the least sense.

It seems that there are two seperate large programs with programming within. The larger is the one with knights, castles, and all that sort of imagery or symbolism and seems to concern Templars and more specifically Rosicrucian content. The smaller is what appears Satanic and is very vague as to the imagery I can get out of it. This is where a memory is contained that was triggered by a picture I viewed once of the spiritual marriage to a representation of this entity. I have read this is indeed common in cults and is referred to as a spiritual marriage.
There is little else I can get from this side or block of programming. Its contents is probably hidden from me.

I never could deal directly with this issue because I found it confusing as to how there could be two sides that do not seem to be in contact with each other…like two different entire worlds set beside each other that do not meet ever. I was also disturbed as to thier opposite nature or at least on being very different from the other in nature and content.

Then as I talked to my computer friend he was saying one could have many operating systems on one hardrive. It only really peaked my interest when he later told me that the two or more operating systems exist independently of each other and one has no knowledge of the other.

Due to other parellels between mind control programming in humans and computer programming or the workings of computers themselves it fit perfectly. If when a child is programmed somehow there are two systems that would make the most sense. I have read other survivors trying to explain thier internal worlds and some of them seem to be saying the same thing and surprisingly thier programming sounds similar though thier descriptions are rather vague or inarticulate, unless like myself one was also experiencing the same from within.
You can read these survivors talking about thier different sides which seem two and distinct as far as programs go. They seem to describe ‘Masonic’ programming and then ‘Satanic military’ programming. Actually if one is dealing with the Templars then one is dealing with a military faction also.
In my experience the other block of programming that seems Satanic is more modern in nature.

This is a logical or at least sensible explaination as to why survivors feel like we are dealing with two seperate system..because we are and that is how it could be done.

Within those operating systems is all the complex programming such as commands and sequences images and symbols.

Why there are two ‘operating systems’ put into one programmed person I do not know.

The more I discover that programmed people are like computers or machines the more I realize how the stalking and harassment or handling system treats us like we are not human. If survivors of high level mind control programming are viewed as nothing more than mindless machines perhaps they feel they can treat us as we like.

This may also explain why some people find they are implanted especially older people. I dont deal with implants because I cant just yet, its too far out. However it would be a way for a person to be physically fused with technology.

I dont know which came first-computers due to the research of ancient programming from the old mystery schools and spycraft or humans due to the invention of computer tech that could accomplish such a thing. I wonder if computer programmers who come up with things that are familiar looking as internal programming like dual boot or thumbnails were programmed themselves thus this is how they got these ideas for the construction of computer programs.

Or is this a standard system that is put into human beings from computer themes and then it seemed like a keen idea to give the public access to PCs as the tech grew.


~ by onmc on December 21, 2009.

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