Parellels between computers and mind control programming: breaking down a system for re-programming

I dont know how its done today but I recall in the 80’s my uncle sold pot to a guy who worked in computers. He claimed that his job was to break down large computer system’s, basically destroy them, in order to build new ones (re program).
This guy had some interesting stories like Nixon flying in pot to keep the students quiet on college campuses.

My uncle also introduced me to a guy once who was hiding in this little house or apartment and my uncle said that he was either running from the CIA or targeted..he didn’t use the word targeted but made it very clear that was his situation. I recall the guy’s expression on his face, he looked permanently freaked out. Like nervous. He was sitting at the end of this table..there was something involving a newspaper in that scenerio…I forget what it was. Another short memory- more than a flash but short still.

My uncle’s description was that this man “broke down” computers.

Its akin to what is done to a programmed person or survivor of ‘mind control’ programming. The behavior modification that is part of gang stalking campaigns is the re-programming of the individual. All the trauma and torture is supposed to break one down for this re-programming. Also destroying internal programming structures is exactly like the action described above used on computer systems.

The problem is that you are doing this to human people. Who already have a Will of thier own also possess spirit and a conshussness all thier own.

And dont let the system fool you if it claims that its for the good or the survivor to have a ‘normal’ life or that its for the good of all. It was allowed to be known to be that lowering intelligence is one of the main goals of the gang stalking system.


~ by onmc on December 22, 2009.

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