why the system wants to drive a survivor into self destructive behavior/ using religion as a wipe of the true self and the mind

Hit so hard couldnt get out of Pheonix.  When I am with a friend its very hard to realize that when I am left alone I am gong to  be harassed heavily and with the damage from  the mold and the harassment  I forget how bad a particular place is for getting targeted. 

I wish I had remembered that the tech in this city is very subtle  but effective.   Its almost impossible to beat. They got me with a blaket bomb of perps in cars outside the place I stayed last night. It was so bad I got stick there and didnt move for like 3 hours.  The network there I realize now was desperately trying to keep me there.  Phoenix is good at getting me to spend my money as this is what they did last time as well after I got my settlement.  

I forgot how strong the sexual arousal is here as well as the feeling of sadness or of not being able to tough it out,  whatever is used is very good at breaking the spirit…as usual it was all about forgett\ing what happened, settling down there as well as getting some healing for all the hurt from what happened.  Seems like a good life right?   But what wud it be if I took what is basicically a comprimise from the system?   I wud be giving up the debt that is owed me.  It wud let them know thay can get away with abusing survivors. it wud validate thier system and tell them it works to handle victim witnesses and survivors who want help who want to get healing and can only do so if they get hypnotized and go through memories.

They want me to give in to the idea that this is the way life is and this is teh way the system is so grow up and live in reality.

Either that or I am being pushed through remote influence and torture to give in to sex slavery as a submissive or back to the adult entertainment industry, which of course wud lead to a breakdown probably knowing I am not longer compartmentalized, knowing I have no alter ego to block out memories of what goes on and safeley compartmentalize them…there fore ENSURING EVENTUALLY I WILL BECOME A CHRISTIAN OR AND CONFORM TO A TRADITIONAL FEMALE ROLE UNDER THE THUMB OF A MALE OR MALES WHO WILL TAKE ME IN AFTER I BREAK DOWN.

This is why its so important to get me to go into self destructive behavior. Its just another round about way to get me safely shelved into Christianity or some other controlled belief system (cult) due to seeking relief and refuge not due to my own conviction or Willpower.

The system has been trying to get me to become a Christian for years and I notice there is a high incidence of born agains among the mind control slave population.  I dont care what other people do with thier lives for whatever works for them is ok for them but I hope I kill myself or go postal upon being dragged into a religion just becuz I was finally wiped completely of any SELF or WILL of my own,.

If I had money I wud put a contract out of myself to ever prevent that false self from existing. 

The kind of people who claim to want to help a survivor of trauma based mind control programming who are also into the idea that intergen demons or demonic energies are ‘evil’ and there is a devil involved are either
-totally brainwashed by religion or a belief system and have no backround in studying the metaphysical  therefore are totally ignorant so as not qualified to deal with or handle survivors of mind control slavery
-programmed to do what they do and not really understand what they are doing therefore are puppets and must be avoided as thier actions are not of thier Will
-hiding the true motive under a cover of Christianity becuz the true motive is to not only mind wipe the survivor so memories may not be recovered but to wipe the survivor of their WIll and thier true Self so they may never use their knowledge or power(s) to go up against the system.

THese are the true reasons for harassing a mind control survivor into either religion, conformity or self destructive behaviors.THey all lead to the same end and THAT is a SILENCED VICTIM WITNESS.


~ by onmc on January 4, 2010.

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