The Church of Set/Michael Aquino

Due to shoddy conspiracy theory bs and carelessness most people think Michael Aquino is the leader of the Church of Set. SINCE 2004 THE HIGH PRIESTESS OF THE CHURCH OF SET IS AN AFRICAN AMERICAN FEMALE named Patricia Hardy.

This is a hard subject. Very difficult. There are so many factors involved and so many factions that to be completely fair one would have to do years of detective work and I am realistic that I do not have the resources.

You have to consider that in covert war its different than things done through the regular justice system. Its like an artform, a way of creating another reality and getting people to believe it. This is the value of NOT having anything done covertly be exposed and put under clear light for examination in the rules of the real world. In a way I am familiar with this process. The darkness and the seclusion of being hidden allows the artists to work undisturbed, for thier imaginations to run amock.
This is why its so ridiculous to see people trying to push this kind of thing into courts or demanding that this sort of thing be prosecuted like any other crime. In order to do this right one would have to have an idea of how the laws work pertaining to things military or other factions of covert activity, then get the right kind of people for that sort of investigation and court proceedings. I am sure that if it is connected to the military any regular investigator or reporter would be stopped by the military or other factions related with authority and told that this is where thier investigation ends. You would have to be a legal wizard with years of experience in order to know how to get through all this bs. And I notice that by that stage of life most adults have become comfortable with the ills of the world. Something I hope never happens to me…one perp tried to intimate that I am still fighting due to me being young. Well it helps when the system is constantly destroying you to make you old and weak.

It could be that Aquino is guilty of some things but not all he is accused of- he could be a partial fall guy to take attention away from other factions. His appearence and religious preference would draw attention and make him a target anyway. That is not to say he has not done any of what he is suspected of either. Its just totally unfair to go according to accusations.

I have heard about Presidio but have to do more research as I have yet to find documentation. I know this system to damn well and after being lied about and set up I cant help but distrust ANY claims without proof.

And if he is all about what is claimed you have to take care as this would indicate: this guy is good. I mean I have looked at it from the perspective of him being involved in certain capacities he is accused or suspectec of and if that is true he seems to hold all the cards. What hope is there then?

The only fair thing to do is to show all the claims, evidence and denials from all parties and to let people decide for themselves. With someone like me working only from the internet and personal experience..and the occasional informant I have to assume there is alot of disinfo where I get my material from as well as much info missing…to keep puzzle pieces from ever being found, to keep the picture incomplete.

The worst thing a person can do is what this person did:

To be fair man of the things she is experiencing could be soley from being targeted with technology or in unison with chemical warfare.  The problem is that if this is the case she is letting it drive her mentally insane. And why did she take it upon herself to become a vigilante? This is so complex that any number of things could be at work. She could even be programmed and be working on commands still and not realize it ALONG WITH the system coming after her to shut her down by gaslighting her to death or at least into permanent insanity.

Also the definition of SRA is something I am not comfortable with. Its always percieved as overtly theatrical with props like black mass or such trappings. It may not even contain any such theatrics, rituals can consist of things that do not need symbols. The ritual itself may be the symbol. Ritual abuse may occur as say just an action of a group or person.
The term needs fixing anyway as ‘ritual abuse’ is as annoying as “proactive” or “isolated extremeist”.

I will work on this post further….


~ by onmc on January 10, 2010.

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