The keep down of man that never ends..

We have become a society that needs so desperately to put in order (and control) things we percieve from the past as outdated from an era of superstition and such, that we make up phrases and words to childishly describe what we nowadays dont dare to admit to.

Ironically, much of what we are dealing with today with terrorism as with ‘ritual abuse’ as in the two phrases I used for example, are subjects that have always been part of human existence. Its like we as a species are being forced into or are trying to form a new era or world where everything is explained neatly in clinical terms. Often times to control the subject matter but also to explain it away, like scared children.

I see a world that is very uncomfortable with the reality of being human. I also see people wanting to understand thier individual power and this being a threat to the establishment. It seems that people are scared of being honest with themselves about what it means to be human and thier own innner thoughts and desires. Its also based on a deep and unspoken fear of losing planet earth- to pollution and waste brought about by humans themselves and THIS is the failing that most people cannot admit to. You shit in your own beds and now you have to lie in it, isnt that right? Humans sense that even if global warming is a natural phenomena that is not what the concern is so stop using that as a diversion- you sense dont you that the air quality is down, that when we were young you could swim and fish in the water of ponds and lakes and that is no longer true. That animals in droves are seeking higher ground and humans see this and take heed.
You are addicted to the throw away lifestyle that caused this mess to begin with, you did it to yourselves and you- WE as a species cant admit it to ourselves so the next best thing is to try to create a society that is akin to living under a dome or in a bubble, and as with all human screw ups dont forget to turn on each other as this is the only logical thing to do ( according to human logic traditionally).

That is what the hell is going on now. ‘ritual abuse’ has been around for centuries and used to be called Magick. The only difference now I assume but I could be wrong is that humans seem to have their hands on technology and in unison with chemical warfare and a good beating with HUMAN driven psychological wafare campaigns, seems to be the laymens way of altering things- a round about way of performing magick.
The problem with ‘Magick’ is that in this era that we all know at heart is bullshit, such subject matter is considered questionable and according to psychiatry is considered delusional…yet a belief in a god of organized religion is not.

We live in the era of really good ass covering and we all know DAMN WELL that any of this bullshit put against true logic or sensablilty results in more questions not answers or determinations that make sense. Then why are further questions not answered or examined? That is where people revert to acting like children who know better than to go up against thier parents whos rules seem very silly but since its the hand that feeds as well as to avoid punishment, they go along with what they know and even will indicate does not make any sense. The people who do go further, beyond the boundaries, are shaken up a bit and warned to hide thier natures underneath the guise of art or book writing and if they do not they will be handed over to the world of psychiatry to be permanently silenced.

In other words once you get to this edge of man made false reality, its as if it is still the middle ages, where if I dare to contend with the theory that the world is flat, I am a heritic and will be handled as such. If you look very carefully, you will see my comparison is correct.

Nothing has changed in keeping down the mind and natural metaphysical power of man. The system of keep down has shifted ever so slightly as to keep modern man satisfied with his prison.


~ by onmc on January 10, 2010.

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