A bit about trauma based mind control programming in relation to that last post

This is interesting to write about this as I now see that the gang stalking system, after years of being in its grip, with the brain damage and conditioning through terror and fear, reduces the Target into a human animal that is akin to one taking a mood stabilizer or other psych drug as the being has now been conditioned against feeling or thinking deeply due to the system basically punishing them for such actions.
The system of psychological warfare and harassment over time creates a trained animal incapable for thinking for itself much less feeling any deep emotion. Something about the brain damage, the biochemical processes that occur as well as the effect of intense terrorizing combined with systematic ignoring produces a non entity. A non existent person who is trained against expressing themselves, interacting with other human beings or feeling anything at all.

This is the purpose of all the smirking and fake smiles given to the TI along with intensely terrorizing them. It minds wipes them of all memories associated with the psychological warfare campaign put on them and the terror used to destroy their personalities and abilities. It is the handling of the person along with the terrorizing of them and the result is the target feeling that

-this behavior from people is normal and expected (and in order to not be hurt by it anymore one must shut down perhaps permanently)

-that all of what was done to the Target is good due to so many people seeming to ignore what is being done to the person via smiling at them as if they know their situation but don’t seem concerned or caring about the damage being done. The constant lack of concern for the terrorized victim begins to seem normal to the Target and they are brainwashed into accepting this new role as a non entity.

Add to that that no one believes them or that gang stalking is supposed to not exist. Its worse than feeling deep feelings of anguish or sorrow or pain. The TI begins to accept their role as a non entity as it seems that everyone is society wants it that way as well as if no one else is validating the Targets feelings of outrage or pain then the TI begins to also ignore those feelings…the brain damage induced by different methods helps the Targets memory loss. This is why the TI has to be ripped from everything they know in the beginning of the campaign.

Its also why sex and humiliation is used. It conditions the target to associate their abusers with love or good feelings thus accepting their situation and giving in their Will more easily. The more the TI suffers and this energy just falls away unvalidated, the TI begins to accept societies version of events. One person cannot preserve themselves if the peer pressure from the outside (as well as the system getting into their heads so the TI cant hide the self even privately within their own minds or hearts) is so total and great.

Sex helps put them in their place. It is like being married off to a new husband that is abusive and uses sex to control the person…eventually if there is no escape the person will get used to their new position and status within this household. This is exactly the system used in gang stalking. Everyone seems to hold them to their new status and they have been abandoned by their old support system that validated who they were before. This is exactly like being hijacked and taken away to be enslaved somewhere far away from everything one has known.

And it occurs within the targets own country and involved are everyone they used to know even intimately. If they make claims to such actions they are hit by the masters hand via being denied that it is truly happening.

Eventually, as the system seems to want this for the Target, the person gives up on suicide as way to preserve the Self at any cost and one’s pride and individuality. Also acting out seems to only gain more resistance. The person become conditioned to their new life as a slave. Also the system seems to allow validation of this new self by having people connected to them acting as their newly created Self be nice to them or treat them well which is validating to the new self whereas acting out on being the old Self only gains more terrorizing and punishment. This is how brainwashing and behavior modification works and it is being done to people across the country if not the world via chemical and psychological warfare and the use of what has to be technology as it reacts as such to varying circumstances. In order to keep such actions covert, the country at large seems to not only systematically ignore the target as they are being terrorized, any claims no matter how sensible or feasible seem to invoke a perception that the Targeted person is mentally ill. A great way to keep the target quiet about what is being done to them so that behavior modification as well as the development of the new Self desired by the system is continued to be formed by a fore mentioned methods.

Your average person does not know what is transpiring nor do they care to believe if informed of such activities. That only leaves the Target and the perpetrators and that leaves the Target at a major disadvantage in fighting this system.

This system, like overt behavior modification programs, seeks to gain confession and ’empty’ the TI of all private or secret knowledge or experience due to the TI not only being cornered into disclosure and public life for self defense but by the very nature of this system induces constant disclosure as it seems to please the masters who are in control of the TIs life.
In many cases this system is validated by making the TI seem in need of punishment or modification. It is also portrayed in many cases that the Target needed reforming and now benefits from it by producing art work or other such results of induced confession and disclosure.

I have experienced this system to be very much based on the original MK Ultra documented experimentation and I have experienced that covert druggings with psychotropic or psychedelics causes a human being to be much more malleable or open to suggestion or being altered by this brainwashing system. Mycotoxins may even be introduced in their simple form as mold inhaled or taken into the body in some form that seems mere happenstance such as the condition of a moldy domicile. Since there is controversy that swings wildy from claims that mold and mycotoxins have no effect on humans to the study and practice of mycotoxins indeed being used for just that purpose as in bio warfare (yellow rain being an example) administering mycotoxins via such methods is indeed then done covertly. The TI will have to go over the circumstances of their situations to see if indeed such things appearing as ‘happenstance’ and random are not actually being done quite purposefully according to the formula that is MK Ultra related.

Behavior modification with a major part of this being induced confession and all the standard rules of simple cult brainwashing being used on the TI along with chemicals being utilized to make the Target more vulnerable to alteration or broken down for this purpose, is what this systems main goal is. Erasing the True Self and abilities, talents, pride, strength, intelligence and drive is the main purpose of this system. After many years of harassment the TI over time with research discovers that the harassment is merely part of the equation.

The danger in being VICTIM and OBSERVER as well as DEFENDER of the internal programming structure is that the now targeted Survivor may get lost in the new ‘alter’ that has been formed- THIS IS THE MAIN ‘TRICK’ OF THE BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION SYSTEM. In order to maintain secrecy in society and play the game that has been initiated by the ‘gang stalking’ system, in order to not get labeled or institutionalized, the TI learns to act as if nothing is wrong or live in denial- leading a double life really. IF the Target was programmed with disassociative ability to form alter ego(s) and god forbid, even had MPD where the survivor would not recall going into other personalities (induced by handlers with triggers) the survivor would have been blacked out during such times, thus the target was leaing a double life either without thier knowledge (MPD black outs induced by triggers) or knew what was going on and experienced it all but had their mind and emotions protected such as in alter ego(s) (dissociation) usually seen by the main Alter Self as ‘out of body’ memories.
The difference and the damage being done now is that the Targetd survivor is living a double life awake and fully consoius of what is happening. Not being compartmentalized is what now makes it easy for the ‘gang stalking’ behavior modification system to alter the person with thier methods and tactics as the perosn can see and feel all the abuse and horrors that are being done to them.
It is also now allowed to be known that the slave is indeed a slave due to the fact that the person is awake and knows the circumstances of their situation. Before, in thier former state, this was not necessary as compartmentalization kept them from the truth and the person was easily controlled via triggers, encouraging drug use especially opiates or outright druggings and handling with minimal harassment used to keep them unappy, stressed out and rageful, and especially keep up the appearence to them that people excluding them from life or a good life was normal.
This is also to keep up the levels of compartmentalized pain and sorrow as these boxed in emotions from a lifetime IS THE ENERGY THAT IS USED AS FUEL TO ACTIVATE THE ACTIONS OF SUICIDE PROGRAMMING SEQUENCES when the time comes for these codes (memory sequences) to be played out in the slave’s mind. They appear as what most modern computer literate people recognize as ‘thumbnails’ on a computer and are ‘clicked on’ to play themselves out when the time comes for the programmed person to suicide. This is why people who can recall these thumbnails or memories since infancy or childhood or can recall programmers or handlers putting them into the person are so dangerous to denial of RA as these memories ARE NOT ‘RECOVERED MEMORIES’ AND A THERAPIST IS NOT PRESENT TO ASSIST IN RECOVERING THEM. This makes the recovered memory syndrome theory and its foundation have no case due to the lack of involvemnet of a therapist. Also if the person can map out methods that are proven via psychology and make a case that appears sensible they are especially dangerous to society’s denial of the existence of ‘mind control’ or trauma based programming of human beings for the purpose of slavery.

Connecting programming of agents or spies to unethical human experimentation sush as MK Ultra, if mapped out correctly, makes an even more believable case for the reality of such occurances.
People have never fully understood the necessity of the methods involved in MK Ultra, such as why must such methods be used instead of just torture to gain confession? Why must mycotoxins (LSD- which comes from Ergot -a mold) be used, especially, to induce confession? None of these things would make sense being used on a typical human being that would talk under torture or by other methods such as pressure, good cop bad cop etc.
But if people envision (and understand) a person/agent that is PROGRAMMED it all makes sense why such experimentation took place.
It is brilliant that the system made MK Ultra out to be the work of a few whacked out mad scientists. Then paying off a few victims then Clinton saying its over and it will never happen again…then creating the Recovered Memory Syndrome foundation to stop any further unfolding of the case was effective indeed. The reality is that mind control programming does indeed exist, is an ancient art form probably used to create spies for millenia. We can see the similarity to creating assisins with the middle eastern “Hashashins” who likewise were brainwashed through druggings and a mental scenario of dying and going to someplace better after death. This is proof in itself of the feasibility of the existence of programming of human beings to perform tasks and then self destruct. The programming of couriers, sex slaves or psychic killers would be a varied as to get different outcomes but the programming is basically the same.

It is also interesting what is happening to those of us who make claim to being programmed and fighting suicide programming, then it seems being put into a behavior modification program to not only destroy internal programming but alter us as in re brainwashing- is happening just as it is popular in the news that Jihad suicide bombers are also overtly of course, being put into “re education” programs. There are also similarities. The ones that they allow the public to see differ in that they
-make sure the Jihadist is understood to be violent and dangeorous therefore deserving to be tortured or broken down out of necessity
– that after necessary torture and detainment they are “given cars, money and lives” or taken out of perceived slavery to Jihad and find a new way of life outside enslavement to fanatical belief systems that made them DANGEROUS TO THEMSELVES AND OTHERS.
The difference is that the way a programmed mind contoolled slave , especially if they were just a courier or had theta programming that would change with growing spiritually or has sex slave programming, this person is NOT A DANGER TO THEMSELVES OR OTHERS. Their programing only consisted of KILLING THEMSELVES not suicide bombing or harming others.
Similar to trained K9 dogs, alot of programmed mind control slaves have not only strong stops or internal protection from acting out or lashing out, they have been either chosen for a hereditary nature top help and assist human beings or this was programmed into them. The programming system has stops and protection against a slave acting out such as severe punishement from the inside system if they act out in rage on human beings no matter what is being done to them personally. Lets put it this way..some programmed people are helpers to serve/assist and others are to kill like the suicide bombers.
It is totally unecessary to torture and behavior modify through destroying a programmed ‘servant’ model of mind controlled slave. Also if there is high intelligence, artistic talent as well as sensitivity as there would be in a sex slave, the person is well neigh capable of being responsible for themselves and after deprogramming , reprogramming themselves most likely to act on the main urge which is to serve mankind in some way.

Firstly just ask why this kind of programmed person is treated so cruelly and also why is this done so covertly- with society preferring to get the person labeled if they disclose what is being done to them? There seems to to be no problem in disclosing what is done to Jihad suicide bombers.
Because they do not want society to know that the dirty tricks people will do anything illegal, cruel and destructive behind the scenes to ensure America and other such nations have a high standard of living and are protected form their enemies. They don’t want the public to know how sex factors into all of this as well as ritual ‘abuse’ or ritual activities which are necessary to build a mind controlled slave to begin with(and do not have to consist of Satanic content or theatrical props such as alters or candles etc.)

Just like behavior modification of all kinds follows the same basic structure as all cult brainwashing, all programming and the steps it takes to get the structure built inside the person is basically the same with variations depending on the slave’s purpose and what they will be utilized for.
The main reason that the person is destroyed so cruelly and reduced to being a common, average nobody is that
-mind control slavery is basically illegal and is not supposed to exist in Democratic societies
-if everyone knew about how it worked then the covert system would lose all it’s power due to it losing it’s effectiveness..if you know it exists and how it works you won’t be beat by it anymore. They would lose their edge at producing the pretty, sexy, handsom, alluring, talented and intelligent.. DISPOSABLE slave labor. They demand only the best and this is why its considered Luciferian in nature.. When an expendable sex slave/courier shows signs of not looking 20 something anymore at age 33 then, just as the script of their suicide programing may go, it’s “time to go”. The intense need for perfection and having the ULTIMATE in a force of totally controllable slave labor is what gives the covert system its edge. If they became humane to thier slaves they would lose that status and most likely lose respect from other factions in other countries. Its an extremely high standard that has to be upheld in order for the standard of living that you see covertly to exist. ONLY if the covert spy/assassin/whore core is the ultimate best and any imperfection is cut out, can they hope to compete.
The other reason other than need for secrecy and effectiveness is the fact that most peolpe involved in programming and any part of this system are either programmed themselves making it impossible to reason with them or they have been formed into the typical pedo/murderer/pimp mindset of control freak and experiencing the ultimate in validation and luxury by having control over another huma being as well as the life and death of that human being. Many people are programmed and may not know it or care to change it as they anyone benefits who complies. You cant reason or argue with them as their minds are set to work only in very limited ways do to their emotional state- MOST OF THESE PEOPLE IF THEY ARE PROGRAMMED WOULD HAVE TO DEPROGRAM OR GO THROUGH THIER OWN TRAUMATIC MEMORIES and that is something they would rather die than face for the most part. Looking into the pit at a past trauma history feels to the person who is not spiritually ready as if they will literally DIE physically from pain and torture if they face their own programming. There are stops and controls in the programing system that ensure that people do not face their programming and stay enslaved.

So you are not only dealing with people who know dam well they have alot to lose if exposed

And THAT is why I suspect this system is so insidious and effedftivfe. Thse ‘cults’ that are mentions or ‘hate groups’ such as in David Lawsons book “terrorist gang stalking in america” are probalby all mind control cults of differnt levels that have no idea who their REAL EMPLOYERS ARE or are programmed and dont question wqhy the ‘cult’ does whta it does to people.

I have seen perps who harass and seem to be assholes of thei own free WIll only to see the look of p[ure dread and fear on thier faces when thier “uncle” or “older friend” comes in a truck to collect him for some outing, most likely a perp meeting where there may or may not be activitiy related to beingh terrorized to keep this person in line. It sems that the older male friend is received with fear…why? IF THIS PERP IS ACTING OF HIS OWN FREE WILL THEN WHY IS HE RESPINDING TO A MEMBER OF HIS GHROUP IWTH SHEER TERROR UPON SIGHT?

You then realize the power of these groups and if they are brainwashed you cant convince them that you are inocent if a cover story fits into thier purpose (like cause stalkers) or if they are made to percieve the deprograming person as a danger to themselves or others. It may even be possible that deceptoin is either protgammed into them ( i know this is true from experince) or that they have been trained to understand nothing else.
This is why society is afraid of this almost mythical covert force of human power or they dont know of thie existnece. Its also understood that you cant argue with programming like thiers just as one cant argue with a Jihadist suicide bomber.

THAT is what the system does not want the public to understand . that war and the constant covert wars are all based upon brainwahsing and COULD BE STOPPED from existing. But its like nuclear bombs…you want to disarm but if one country has one you must also have as well to counter what they are armed with. Undertandable.

The system also does not want the people of democratic societyes to know that BASICLALLY THE SAME METHODS ARE USED COVERTLY THAT ARE USED OVERTLY BY EXTREMIST GROUPS to gain an edge on outside threats or to get what they need for thei country to be powerful and wealthy.
THIS IS THE MAIN REASON FOR FOCUSING ON AN OUTSIDE TERROR THREAT WHILE INITIATING TERROR CAMPAIGNS AGAINST CITIZENS DOMESTCIALLY. I am sure in the spycraft or psy warfare lingo it has a name but I dont knwo waht that is…I can just see its a bullshit con to cover ass. I can seee it like a picture..one layer that is put forward is equally matched iwht another in parellel. thus somehow creating a structire in the human mind that cancels out or conceals such actions. Much of what is done is symbolic or uses the human minds logical processes gainst itself. One can say much of it is Masonic in nature using perfect measurement, matching, parellels, doubles, copies and structures in logic games. Thats the best way to describe these actions.

Mostely it is about power trips. This ssytem cannot let one slave get away or have free Will as perhaps they feaer some chain reaction. The perps fear alot of htings mostly losing control of their assets and nyone who displays a freeWill tha tis strong or is percived will grow into a threat to the system if allowed to deprogram and reprogram of their own FreeWill is dealt wiht more severfl;y than the biggest criminal. It seems tha tif you wanted to help humaithy you are even more hated by this system and beaten down.


~ by onmc on January 16, 2010.

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Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.


Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.

The Dirtiest Secret Behind Child Abuse

Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.