Blackwater tries to market itself as the Templars/ Marketing romanticism in war
THIS may explain what many targets believe is the military poking around occult matters and mind control survivors.

I knew it, I f*ckin knew it. It was so obvious that someone who is heavy handed and just wants results, that feeling I and many TIs were getting that different from the programmers was this interference consisting of brain mapping, poking and probing- an experience I described as “performing brain surgery with a hack saw”.
Its the typical bs. Someone wants to reinvent something ancient and powerful to glorify themselves.
Your all idiots. How can you bring back to life something that is part of the military history that has brought the world to where it is TODAY in THIS time frame NOW in the PRESENT? You cant. It would be like trying to duplicate by living the history of some dead may have the past coded in your DNA, your ‘history’ but one cannot be that ancestor but only be satisfied with having thier experience coded into thier innate knowledge. YOUR job as a descendant is to live out the new DNA code formed from multiple ancestors to make you the singular and unique being you are born as.
This is a very good article and I thank whoever wrote it.

Lets pretend that a reincarnated or soul transferred Knight could tell you what he thinks of this farce.
I am sure he would explain that the brown robe represents only a part of the knights life, the time in which he uses it to be silent concealed and invisible for whatever purpose is necessary. And he would tell you that the necessity of this is yes, to perform tasks that require stealth but also to maintain secrecy of The Order’s knowledge- from clowns like this using it for purposes it was not intended for and out of step with The Order.
Also he might tell you that there comes a time when military man becomes elder statesman and beyond. He would tell you that there are factions of the Templar’s that grew up, and no longer find the need to battle or steal land or whore o obsess with banking. These are the interests and goals of young souls, younger men obsessed with worldly power. People….humans, grow up. The idea of fighting on the battle field might be laughable to a soul who has already lived the glories and victories attached to such actions. As well as the lesson learned about kings and the church not wanting to pay their debts so instead destroying a few men of the order by burning and inducing false confession through torture.
It may have been learned from this that worldly wealth as well as brute force and high visibility or any visibility at all leads to problems among the human race. He may claim that instead its better to harbor a different kind of power one that is not tangible and unable to be stolen by greedy little human hands.
This is what a soul that has aged would tell you.

Still in all fairness its not like the Order didnt steal or take from ancient belief systems to form what stands as the Order and its belief system.
Its the art of this that makes it so that no other faction ever, can simply steal symbols from the Order and merely imitate. Really it comes off as tacky. You can recreate, you can imitate but you will never have the experiences from those lifetimes especially the middle ages- a very different time that our modern world.
The military lack the artfulness of the Renaissance man. It’s mere imitation.
Akin to little boys playing with thier father’s weapons dressed in his clothes. Cute.

I dont mean to condescend the modern military’s efforts, its typical behavior. I just bet that an ancient Templar would find it merely amusing.

Its thier version of time travel, to attempt to resurrect and restore the past using themselves as vessels, actors really. Perhaps he would take it as a tip of the hat.
What is most degrading about it would probably be that the military cant deal with the idea of an ancient military order evolving into elder status and discontinuing fighting as overtly as when younger in the world.

We live in a time of imitation and ‘retro’. Cover songs not something original is the norm today..this shows a world that refuses to grow up and evolve or is not concentrating on important even pressing issues at hand.
The people who are doing this seek only to gain power through reliving someone else’s past- a past that is dead and gone and those who lived it have grown through the ages into spirits concerned with very different things now.
Its like singing someone else’s songs- the lyrics akin to a magicians spells or incantations. They are not yours and only the writer of them can speak them with any true power.
Black and red…the way its used is ridiculous. Americans have a childish marked lack of subtly in everything they do. It works to build up and move forward a young country but too young to appreciate a system of symbol.
Never a true threat to the real ancient Order, I would suspect the soul would say, as there is no true capacity for a mere thief to play off like the original.
Just the use of an animal paw calls out to a more pagan or primitive warrior system, a most simple one at mans origin and his primitive warrior roots around the globe.
Dont worry, they wont even begin to possess “thier spiritual heritage”. Empty symbols are just that, and if not charged by the Original owners and creators, there is no true power.
Its just marketing and its laughable.
This is as Jane Mansfield was to Marylin Monroe….she is also recorded as having been amused by mere imitation.
Great original artwork is just that and imitators are only performing the acts of marketing in what they do. The true codes and actions are never lived through; how could they be they are someone else’s history, someone else’s mistakes and tears.

When one of these guys sits down, puts his gun down and starts recalling another lifetime being in what looks like a castle with only candles for light, being spied on constantly (as knights are not to question the mission or the Order) with the intrigue typical at court or in such high official power, and being a knight of some faction of the Templar’s- sitting down holding a hand to one’s head and going over and over in ones mind the question of “Is what we are doing right?” pertaining to stealing other peoples land, crushing Muslims and lying in order to further the power and status of the order.
Of going out on a horse and holding the flag in front of one in a ridiculous display parading male power, wealth and status, basically just towing the official line at any cost- especially burying ones own conscience while doing so–THEN he might be able to hold claim to such “heritage”. But then he would not be taking part in the actions that he it involved in.
These are the actions of a younger soul. One that did not have the strength or power to stand up against fellow males in the pack like mentality of men, especially with the intimidation that goes on among men I am sure. This spirit perhaps more grown up would chose to go onto other things in now a different body and consciousness- by whatever means a new vessel is taken.

Time cannot be altered by merely reaching back and stealing from others. Such a soul might decide to walk off the battlefield and not partake of such actions now. A lesson about greed and money may have been learned by such a soul. Thier ‘spiritual heritage’ is thiers alone and its still being lived out as the spirit evolves. Perhaps now this old knight would prefer to speak the truth at any cost as before he was not allowed or did not have the strewth to do so. Destroying a country under false pretenses, especially using a value system to do so that is certainly not lived up to by such actions may cause that spirit to behave very differently in other incarnations or continuing to grow occupying different ‘vessels’.
And I hope that these soldiers dont ever learn the true secret origins of the Order. It would be pretty hard to take such a thing for themselves or imitate that at any point.

I think both the brown hoods and the black think this is a joke…actually the black may be more approving of their actions as are engaging in war, chaos, deception and greed. The black hoods are probably very pleased by this as that is their function on this planet. What a great deception- using Templar history to market a war that is based more upon their values of anti life than assisting humanity.
Trust me when I tell you that the two factions are very ancient and will find these boys behavior amusing at best…unless of course it serves some agenda of one of the factions. There is a difference between Masons and Rosicrucian’s, and perhaps the Mason faction of Templar origin have not grown up and still value order at any cost, greed, money and building their structures with no regard for human life in the process.
Its much more complicated that just The Templars. There are Masons, Illuminati, the hospitalers, Rosicrucians…perhaps all stemming from middle eastern/Egyptian ancient mystery schools and for a time in history utilizing Christianity or hiding behind it but all with differing ways means and motives. The Rosicrucians are akin to you big sister who decided to leave the family banking business and go to art school and study metaphysics instead- helping people selflessly and not really caring for worldly affairs. The Masons are still very male in their attitudes and seem to abhor the heady ways of the Rosicrucian. They complain that the methods are not logical or sensible and have nothing to do with mathematics or use measurement that can be classically counted on. This would be the brother who decided to stick to family tradition.

Looking at it that way, with so many factions formed from the ancient order all with common roots but now with different purpose one can see that the modern military’s use of symbol is mere imitation. Marketing. And the nature of war has not changed…but I think the old knight would tell you that he and his order or faction has changed, grown with time and experience. There are different concerns now, new developments to focus on.

Imitators can never steal what is not tangible.
If I got rid of a woman’s husband and replaced him, I can make all the same lovemaking moves he did (I am male in this scenario obviously) but I can never be him or achieve the results he achieved. It just isn’t the same person or experience.
The ‘spiritual heritage’ written about is an entire experience for the souls or spirits involved. No one can take that with cheap chicanery like using a few key colors or recreating symbol. It falls apart in your hands like time never created it because it didn’t.
Let the children fight their wars and dress up in our clothes he would say. They too will have to deal with all the repercussions of their actions in this present lifetime at a ‘later date’ or different point in time where they also grow and evolve. THAT will be theirs to experience.

It is wrong however, what is going on now with technology being used as a technomancer would utilize such a system. It puts the odds way out of line in an old game and it also messes with a lot of things that shouldn’t be toyed with. If these children are so obsessed with Masonry then they should study balance. You cant abuse technology to take over the earth as well as invade men’s minds to such a degree. It isn’t right and it isn’t fair.
Technology should be used responsibly. If it were used as such, man would have utilized it thus far to work with nature in harmony to preserve the planet and create a paradise for man, not destroy and overpopulate. Creating chaos is one thing- chaos, war, hate, violence..these are all expected and part of the balance..but to have a system that makes a man into a robot of sorts, like a constant anti depressant effect where no deep emotions are experienced- that is not part of the game and nor should it be.
Man should be able to feel deep sorrow, joy, love, happiness, hatred, violent drives or the drive to be more than animal.


~ by onmc on January 16, 2010.

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Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.


Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.

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Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.