book: Space Travelers and the Genisis of the Human Form: Evidence for Intell

And what the hell do we think of this?

Page 82: “The MILAB theory  suggests three hypotheses:1) covert military and intelligence agencies are carrying out mind control  under cover of “alien abductions”, 2) covert agencies are carrying out clandestine biological and genetic engeneering research inunderground facilities under “alien” cover, 3) a covert task force is monitoring real alien abductees in order to debrief the victim, as well as to install full amnesia regarding  both abduction incidents.In either case, covert units seem to be up to …(something).”

I usually ignore anything to do with aliens becuz this has never been my experience. Abduction by what is obviously human intervention as well as reeks of military is of interest to me.

You might also find this useful:

Like I always say use at your own discretion.


~ by onmc on January 17, 2010.

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