Norman Rockwell and subliminals

I cant stand Rockwell’s work. I know all my destractors make fun of me claiming to be artistically talented but it is the one thing I can claim and actually PROVE is true. Well other than the simple crime involved in the cover story/frame up from Boston, but that wud take more than “hand me a pen” to show.

I am rusty and have lost a finger but I know I cud still draw a bit. Many survivors of programming are very creative and artistic people as this is neceassary for programming the slave for certain tasks as thinking in abstract is desirable for well as an artist is more likely to be trained at excellent photographic memory. Artists, psychics and healers get enslaved alot as mind control slaves and people from those genetic pools are favored.

I could always see Rockwell’s perversions in his artwork as people who are painters can see what other painters are doing..even if the work is thousands of years old. The long dead artist is our true family and speaks to us as if he or she were right in front of us in that moment. Artwork contains codes that only other artists can decode so easily, maybe math people can too I dont know.

Its always been plain to me that he uses alot of subliminals to sell his vision of wholesome Americana to the public. Sadly much of art that sells itself contains sexual or death symbolism, most people dont even see this. I speaks or appeals to people’s subconshus mind or thier primitive or dark sides.
What is so annoying about Rockwell is that his visions are SO damn wholesome its a bit of a let down when you note what they are really about, its dishonest and it feels like a con. All artists pull this but Rockwell seems to especially take advantage of American’s good heartedness and desire for family, love, community and innocence. Innocence and purity are easily represented in thier pure forms, there is no need to layer such images with other more sinister and dark images. Its unfair and if anything it traps people’s minds so they may NOT know freedom or purity.

These sexual and death symbols is what sells you alot of the things you buy and in the old days the ads were easy to decipher. Now there are new tactics and due negative things being hip now(first if was edginess and now its darkness- vampires, Slipknot etc) the ad people have turned things to a very different direction. Its still deceptive becuz if you look at other cultures you will see that American edgy or ‘dark’ is only allowed to go so far or in certain directions as Americans must be kept enslaved mentally, emotionally, spiritually and culturally.

Wilson Bryan Key a professor wrote several books that are quite good and I believe he was targeted as he had tenure and still had to eventually give up his employment at the university he taught at. In his books he writes about the reactions of his collegues that led up to this as well as throughout his research and publishing. He even did one later about subliminals in classical artwork, sort of taking us through historical use of art now more popular in advertising. Ad people hate these books but all have read them. One girl knew years ago simply said ” I heard that subliminals in ads dont exist”. This reminds me of the same attitude concerning gang stalking etc. It was probably my first experience with smart people who dont want to piss off the system knowing how to politely avoid the dark spots in order to have an undisturbed life. If only all of us had that luxury.

Here are just a few examples of what I mean:

Uhhhhhmmmm. It IS a relfection of American life but not what everyone wanted to know about. Uhhh yah. Next slde please.

Ah the little devil, (the working class?)

The not so working class. It seems they are being idolized but its a very dark image. A bit of male domination and if looked at from afar, even death.little head big head

this is another one I didnt need to see. Some will say its innocent or it was another era. Subliminals depend on this kind of denial and this isnt even subliminal.

docs like this one for thier offices...


There are others that have less overt images and are truly subliminals in that the intimation hits you on first contact and makes an actual image out of the painting that isnt even acknowledged by your conshus mind.  

The reason I did this post is that I tried to Google somthing and they insisted on making me go to a page with his artwork on it in Google images so if they wnat to play little games lately with “accidnetal” page redirecting they are going to get what they deserve.


~ by onmc on February 3, 2010.

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