Earth’s magnetic field opposed to man made electromagnetic energy

I was just starting to touch the surface of this when I got heavily targeted.

I learned that Tesla was onto many things including mapping out a grid that turned out to be similar to the energy points of the druids the ancient Celts.
There was also a few people I have read about with theories pertaining to being able to use the earth’s natural energy field as a source of power opposed to earth’s resources in use now.

It seems that the electromagnetic energy points that are strong in earths natural energy is good for human life and the man made kind that is now polluting the earth as well as it seems being used to harm and enslave man, is unhealthy for human life.

There are two points that are very strong on in Lourdes France and one in Sedona AZ. There are patents listed for the use of electromag energy to heal.

What now returns to me is many instances when the worst of the perps said things to me that relate to this, like trying to drop little mentions of Tesla while talking  about my being kept down (I have also had someone mention Tupac as well.) There is a real intimation that an elite knows damn well about alot of things that poor people dont and that they will keep certain people down in order keep it that way.  This one kid was terrified of anyone like Tupac or anyone poor who had power as an artist or activist.  This kid genuinely resented and feared all artists like this from lower class backrounds.  It was my first brush with the true insanity and paranoia of the wealthy classes.  I’ve been dealing in it for years but I never saw this end of it. 

And it seems that there is a whole faction that just knows of the existence of this stuff and lord it over anyone from lower classes.  

The one kid that mentioned Tesla in ‘conversation’ also made a comment when we were discussing 60’s music especially the more experimental side.  He just had to add that “all those guys were from wealthy families and were educated while they did thier side projects in music”.   

I cannot believe that this is actually real.  The paranoia and elitism of the upper classes.   I always wanted to think it was something out of another era or the movies.

And you can bet that the gang stalkng system is designed to get someone like me or you to start internalizing thier value system, that is unofficial and illegal but is supposed to be ‘the way it is’ or the ‘way the world works’ so someone like me who was talented, attractive and intelligent is supposed to buy into this due to a bunch of people keeping me down and destroying all those qualities until I finally realize that this is my proper place.

But what would my life have been like if I was left alone to begin with?  All I wanted to do was be a councillor and do low budget side projects.   This paranoia has to be based on something that I myself did not see or do not see as no human beings are that paranoid or ridiculous in  a group that large.

They believe most likely that only cetain people are entitled to be powerful in energy even if it is mine by birthright.

I just never imagined in my life that I wud be dragged into a class war due to something like this.  It definately has to do moreso with programming and the like.


~ by onmc on February 5, 2010.

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