‘Hidden Mysteries’ article on mind control

Much of this page is questionable and its really one of those conspiracy theory pages as much can be proved and much is speculation.  The disinfo faction uses careless research such as this to either move into ridiculous directions with credible info (to discredit it and discourage research/activism) or to make all info of this type seem discredited due to connecting ‘theories’  not being based on documentation/research.

The one part of this that I found very useful is following:
In concluding this article, it is well to remember the axiom “People get the kind of government that they deserve”. As a result of public indifference, an ill wind of change has been blowing through the Western world during the past five decades. In consequence, a very unique creature is on the verge of extinction. It is the honorable (and often maligned) military or civilian “peace officer”. These persons are still dedicated to a premise of protecting the rights and liberties of the populace from enemies foreign and domestic.

These needed people have largely been supplanted by corrupt psychologically-castrated ENFORCERS, who robotically and treasonously obey any unlawful command issued by….

In accepting Law Enforcement Assistance Agency funding, American police departments have also agreed to submitting to CIA jurisdiction. In other words. the CIA now has controlling authority over major US police departments. (16)”
THAT was useful.

Also the bit about many survivors of programming having OCD or similar.   This was something that the perps in my campaign played with in the beginning as many survivors have experienced the never ending search by the gang stalking system of a diagnosis that the targeted survivor will finally submit to after much harassment and coercion via psychological warfare.  First they try and suggest while traumatizing you that you are schizophrenic (due to any mention of being followed to anyone even if that person agrees its something else they may turn on you), while other factions might at the same time but differing locations try to suggest you are MPD.  It is also mentioned that any belief such as Tarot cards even as entertainment or research into superstition shows a person is OCD.  If none of this works due to some factions helping the targeted survivor as well as the survivor being too smart to go for illogical bulls*t and bullying, then through the years operatives/perps will try to suggest more watered down diagnoses resorting to dual or bipolar.  When the harassment and destruction begins there may be people trying to get the targeted survivor to take meds for depression due to the harassment again covertly.  We are talking about a nurse in  hospital treating the survivor for something totally unrelated and out of nowhere behaving as if they KNOW what is going on and talking to the survivor like they are in the KNOW about the gang stalking even though the survivor has said nothing.  THIS is what I mean by covert methods, not just someone having a very different motive for discussing anti depressants with a survivor as part of the agenda against them.  THAT would be easier to detect as the two people are on the same page via being in the same discussion. The secret of these factions is suprise attack – always always always.  The trauma of that helps in getting the suggestion through to the subconshus mind. ITS  TRAUMA BASED MIND CONTROL. Simple.
The process is I suspect to get survivors of programming onto psych meds for their psychosurgical value.  It may also be that programmed people react very differently to psych meds and I wouldnt doubt that suicide programming and memory recovery is such a process that psych meds may only increase the likely hood of suicide or even suicide/homicide.
Programmed persons are essentially heavy trauma and torture survivors who continue to be tortured via the worst torture of all which is not only THEY not really knowing all about their situation but the rest of society not knowing, understanding and ultimately not believing in thier plights. Also cover stories are designed to get the general public into the positon of useful idiots and cause stalkers, haters and other judgemental people are used to further torture someone who is acting out due to gang stalking, memories or trying to clear old programming.  The system uses smear against them to deny them healing, freedom or human/civil rights.
A concept of tough love may be utilized but this serves only to destroy the person further.  The designers of the campaign know this but the army of concerned and nosy citizzens do not.  If the survivor is at all of an elitist mentality they will most likely desire to punish the public moreso than the perps in the know, as the public’s stupidity seems never ending and useful to sinister factions.

The survivors considered lucky and loved by these criminals are put into behavior modification programs in an attempt to make them appear ‘normal’ or to forget all they have discovered- essentially making them into empty vessels. Souless. 
Conformity is desired as it satisfies the covering of evidence and testimony and also satisfies the cause stalkers/ public who want to believe the smear/cover story more than the survivors testimony.

The one problem with alot of this type of info is that Manchurian Candidate gets used alot which I feel has no place in programming. First of all the guy in that movie was not programmed from infancy and that is a whole other issue different from tmbc programming of people from birth or before as well as it being intergenerational.

Secondly often in programming its very connected to ritual and using that phrase over and over is disconcerting to the survivor or not subject matter appropriate- as it doesnt mean anything. You could get more out of someone if you kept saying “Pop goes the Weasel” or “Row row row you boat”. Those phrases actually mean something as they have double meaning or they are connected to programming sequences. Mindless as they are what they represent is what is meaningful. Reciting a phrase like “Manchurian Candidate” over and over that is in itself very abstract and taken literally has no true meaning is…annoying, jamming and a disrespect to the high art that IS the internal programming system. Shove that phrase please. It sucks, bad. I guess I dislike it becuz what it DOES rep is the ignorance and D I S O R G A N I Z A T I O N of the understanding of progamming and mind control. Its a damn movie for Christs sake. Movies in programming are not supposed to be that powerful- thier meaning can be or triggers in the movie. Sheesh…. Stupid.

And its used to confuse the subject. In fact let me put it this way. Our catch phrase happy Capitalist run fast with the dollar, advertising is our daily dose or art society we live in IS…is the perfect cover for the complicated and artistic designs known as programming and mind control. The Manchurian Candidate may as well be a hot dog or soap found in your grocers freezer or aisle 5 of the supermarket. Marketing programming is not a good idea as it functions on a different level, though similar, to daily doses of American mind control via advertising of products and cultural lifestyle.
Or in short: Ever try to drink a glass of water while underwater? Right.

Its art and they are reducing it to “Tide” or “Ajax” or whatever. Kiss of death really for this subject matter and best left to the disinfo people who depend on this tactical area like for instance hoping that the very mention of Nazi’s in relation to human experimentation like MK Ultra will be recieved with the same consideration as The Sun newspaper making claims that Elvis was seen with Jesus hanging out at a convenience store where Jim Morrison has a job and if very much alive. One has to be careful of catch phrase and marketing. It could turn on you. It creates ‘slides’ in people’s minds- an immediate turn off of all consideration within nanoseconds of its mention.

I wish someone would produce a painting of that scene that is so tacky and famous- the one with all those dead stars from Hollywood’s heyday in the all night cafe, just a slight step above the dogs playing cards in levels of taste, and put a Manchurian Candidate like in the backround or something.. covertly placed of course. This has become another piece of American mythical lore. We cant afford for that to happen.

At least the dogs playing cards is so bad that it crosses over into camp a bit and you can laugh..you just cant do that with dead tragic figures…so whats the point?


~ by onmc on February 9, 2010.

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Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.


Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.

The Dirtiest Secret Behind Child Abuse

Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.