Ritual abuse cases in the US

This is a very touchy subject and its not one that I want to deal with nor have adequite time nor resources to be totally fair. But its something that really bothers me as many of us feel ‘ritual abuse’ best describes what we have gone through and there do seem to be similarities but there are also large differences. The disinfo faction absolutely love the mess made with this. It serves thier purposes perfectly and serves to discredit ANYONE using the term ‘ritual abuse’. People need to graduate from a connection of this term to unfortunate witchhunts and false accusations.

With all of the testimony of survivors of cults and programming being so similar its worth looking at that there is something else to this. I personally do not have any stories for anyone including day car centers or anything overtly ‘satanic’. For a true survivor I believe the term is used due to the coldness, the hatred towards us as well as the destuctive tendencies of our families …and the emptiness we feel within. Years of abuse, trauma, gaslighting as well as systematic ignoring leave us with little to hang onto. Some people recall being married to such a deity but this is interchangable with any cult leader or symbol. Spiritual marriages are often used to bond the female to the group. This is common in cults where leaders are used instead of deities.

Surprisingly I have seen on the internet only two major ways of looking at this: it doesnt exist or everyone ever accusd is guilty and its all a massive cover up. Neither one seems logical. Chances are some of the cases are witch hunts and those are used to discredit everything else on the subject.
Here in San Diego there was a case that looks good to read about but others also should be held up for comparison. Its something worth writing about here for a while if I feel I can get the facts straight to be fair.


~ by onmc on February 21, 2010.

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