Subliminals- Disney

If you want to read more on the subject read the works of Dr Wilson Bryan Key.
 A professor that got targeted in academia due to his work  in this area.  A few books like Subliminal Seducation, The Clam Plate Orgy and another book on subliminals in classical  artwork The Age of Manipulation: the Con in Confidence and the Sin in Sincere.

I tried to get a hold of his info to contact him even through his publisher and they said they had no info. I wasnt good at that sort of thing then and I am sad to see he died in 2008.

He seems to have gotten the typical ‘treatment’: Its like other than being listed as an author he was a ghost. Vanished into thin air. He is someone you would assume would have a biography written about him but no..just a listing for his books. This seems to be what happens to this sort of ‘whistleblower’, they are marginalized and systematically ignored by the system for a lifetime. Thier work seems to be either always in question or written off as invalid. If you read his work, start to understand what he was doing, you will see how incredible it is.

THe only problem is that the work itself breaks down the very fabric or building blocks of controlled society so it CANNOT exist. It would be like someone deciding to illustrate how fake living in a man made structure is compared to being out in nature…something really overdone that man has built. It destroys the whole illusion and one is left loathing the structure as a prison or as a falsehood. Society on some level seems convinced that humans need such a system to keep order..or to create varying levels of mind control slavery.


~ by onmc on February 25, 2010.

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