Psychiatry: Industry of Death

Its a bit conflicted, me telling you about something supported by The Church of Scientology when I believe that they are a cult and thier members who stray have been basically targeted it seems in much the same way as gang stalking targets. Hell even members who are doing as they are supposed to might even be stalked and harassed as part of keeping them in line. But I am one who takes from different sources to form my own resources. One cannot argue that Scientology is one of the best sources for anti-psychiatry just as Christians are one of the best source for exposing subliminals in media. Even if I dont agree with their long term motives for these actions I find the information useful. Psychiatry may have been useful in the past or knew its place so to speak but it has now become a huge industry connected to Big Pharma. It also seems to have become an authority on ‘mental health’ and its frightening to see the US justice system using it to judge citizens sanity or mental fitness.
But I can see them doing this cuz its not only a great way to cover for covert activity that supports the system it is a way for abusive authority or a system that ldoesnt work for all its citizens to appear just and fair.
Its not inconsistencies in the system its good old mental illness. I cannot tell you how many times I have heard out of people’s mouths that they are bi-polar, as if such a “dignoses” is label akin to “monster” or “criminal” or some dire medical condition. Any alternative theory such as allergies, parasitic disease, enviornmental changes such as pollution or a trauma model diagnoses opposed to a disorder model one.
These are things that people have to find out for themselves and often do not becuz they believe what the doctor tells them as word of law.
Final word.

They have stooped to new lows like trying to claim 4 month old kids need meds for a disorder. If humans survived this long without meds one can only assume that some other factor has been introduced into modern society…like psycho civilization for instance or enviromental pollution has become so bad that humans are now being affected in this manner. Other things they dont want to admit to are global disease due to overpopulation and humans being much more mobile than in any past era.

Its obviously social control as well as a replacement for the past subculture of recreational drug use/alchoholism as an answer to humans natural urge to self medicate.

After what I have seen personally as well as read about in connection with documented human experimentation psychiatry needs to have its head examined- in a big way.

There was an interesting piece I read where psychiatry was compared with being the new Catholic Church as in during the Dark Ages..the Inquisition and all that. The parellels were pretty interesting.

The problem is that who is going to argue with a lot of people who have professional degrees? Who does one lone homeless woman with outrageous claims think she is?

All I know is that most career criminals study hard for thier jobs and they play an exellent role in society usually. But society loves these type of criminals as they look good on the outside, keep thier lawns trimmed, make good impressions and pay thier taxes/support the economy. Who could ask for more? A just and fair outcome or the truth has little social value.

Maybe you should now read Oscar Wilde’s piece written for the overeducated. It’s still relavant it seems.


~ by onmc on February 26, 2010.

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