The importance of not forgetting

Now, in 2010, just a few years removed from the years of the war, the building of a police state and Bush there is a definate clean up going on or if one considers those years to be the clean up crew or tying up loose ends, then this is the time of damage control.
Of trying to end things ‘nicely’ and in many cases of trying to put Humpty Dumpty back together again. And the kings are certainly using all thier resources.

Which is worse? The overt action war, oppression and destruction or what comes after wards? Especially in the cases of Targeted Individuals, where society is either totally ignorant of our situations or insists on denying our suffering even occured.

I am the one who has to live with brain damage due to 3-4 years of daily exposure to mycoxins. I am the one who gets the headaches I am the one who gets denied painkillers or even set up to look lkike a drug seeker when I wud go in for just a cold. The system did this early on to ensure that I wud never be given pain medicaition and this ensures the effects of anyh campaign to make MK Ultra like programs effective. It also ensures htat PTSD is never cured or healed even temporarily as opiates give humans a reprieve and even healling from PTSD and other damage. Also chronic pain or pain that comes and goes but is acute when it is present will add to the targeted perpons suicidal thoughts as the only way out of being in pain, physical as well as the mental and emotional torment of the gang stalking campaign.

Much more occurs in gang stalking campaigns than just stalking, harassment and use of technologies for either physical torture or mental/emotional torture/manipulation. ‘Gang stalking’ is just a catch all phrase used by its victims to describe something that society refuses to coin terms for and this refusal to create official or legal terms for this phenomena or to popularize existing legal terms as they are now in popular media is a testament to our society’s attitude and policy on the subject: people who are targeted either deserved it due to not bowing to a power structure at some point or are expendable to begin with.
The gang stalking system seems to be veiwed by society as an acceptable part of the system as a whole, like white blood cells that kill of necessary organisms for the goood of the whole body. The attitude is that this system must know what it is doing to take such actions.
I have also had a number of indications that it is indeed for the purposes of human experimentation and money as well as competition in business are motivations that most people will not interfere with even though a human life is being destroyed and a US citizen tortured to death or insanity. The people who gave these indications are usually the types that will readily do dirty work for those who dont want to be officially connected to such activities as their moral standards are in the gutter to begin with.

There is an all over active campaign now to brainwash me into forgetting what happened, to be silent about years of torture and abuse that has done irreversible damage and most tasteless of all, to force me back into going to U.Mass Boston, MA, where I was planning to go when this whole thing started in 2003. That is a definate slap in the face as it basically says ‘go back to where you were when this whole thing started: and act like nothing ever happened.’

After so many years of this its smacks of more victim witness intimidation. Which makes little sense as my ‘testimony’ probably wont be believed or read by many people anyway. So why is the system so instent on my taking such actions? Other people have historically written books that tell of strangs things going on in many sectors over the years and no one seems to note any of it beyond a curiosity or the victim witness testimony isnt seen as such, its viewed as the twisted perceptions of the storteller who is usually someone who has been discredited already.

Take for instance the case of

For myself I seek only revenge on a society that deosnt want to deal with someone who cant be pigeonholed into being vilified

or ‘saved’. My life has been systematiclalydestoyed and I have experiene ill treatment from what seems satanists and godly people alike..which tellls me that this ismore about social control than anything else. WHat do both parties have in common interst that would make them destroy the same person as atarget? The continued aillusion of Judeo-christianity and satanism as being the end all be all of beliefs in this socity. Even when wh dont label these things as such our society can rarely if ever move beyond these concepts in the way we are presented with subject matter or the we recieve subject matter.

Its intersting as I read Sharon Tatles book, how much she puts in htere that should be questioned as beyond oddities. I feel often that I am being treated like her, but I havem murderd anyone..that doenst matter to society. All they care about is continuing to deny the exisatence of satanic cults and groups. This is important to them and explains thier needs for so many scapegoats. Tate may have murdered and the whole family was a mess but did society once ask how they got that way? Its not excusing thier acitons but its as if society just does not want to do the math and deal with logic. Also if satanic groups were seen as that present in our society, the people who claim to live ‘under god’ in the USA or claim Christainity as thier religion would have to fac the fact that this is a satanic society in much of the way its goverendd and the way it conducts business.
Scarface said it perfectly when he got up from the table in that fancy restaraunt and told the crowd as he looked dead in thier eyes: “You need people like draw attention away from being on you”. And that is as true as it can be.

Another problem is that I refuse to be a total mind control survivors idiot and simply go off and become a Christian as a way of escaping my situation and its severity or obvious terminal nature. My approach by natuer and by my birthright has always been Rosicrucian in nature- Hermetics. That seems so out of step with anything this society is conshus about..and it seems to rival the power stucture that runs this nation that its citizens and NOT conshus of..not be being in opposition to it, but by being related to it or similar to it. This seesm the biggest threat about me instead of anyother thing htat can be said of me, my character or my actions.

SO the sysetm figures that it will torture me into being Satanic or Christian and so I am translated into something the average American can understand. This also successfully comletes the behavior modification progam I am obviously in, to dumb me down or carve me up into ‘fittting into’ American society better…I notice that I am being placed among the lower ends however, being egged on to take on two very white trash religious choices…wjhich is why I use alot of Satanic content from countries like the Norsk where Satanism is the choice of may a well trained artist and educated person. And its always mixed in with ancient Indo European paganism, which if you havent noticed, is agaisnt the campaign nowadays to tame all European peoples in the USA and their wild heritage, to place everyone in a perfect NWO of PC, diversity and basically a shorn sheep society.
I also use Christian content when the person is genuine and not using Christianiyt as a cover to gain social acceptibility. I figure if the system is going to push this content in my face then why not make use of it all?
The system obviously does not recall the Rosicrucian connection to alchemy. Anything given to me is merely material for my use in fashoining what I Will.

And the system will not give up as it cannot admit it made a mistake on certain levels and other levels just will not give up until the dissident/victim witness is dead. That is thier policy. ANd not giving up until my obligations are completed is my policy.

This system honestly wants someone like me to believe that behavior modification was necessary for my future sucess. Part of the con in getting me back to UMass is to try to convince me that I was weak, that I had some sort of weaknesss within me and couldnt complete things, so this strengthening through these ordeals has made me strong and now I may move forward.
I recall the head of Mass Rehab saying something to that effect “Theres something there”. As he made sure that I did not recieve all the benefits of their services that others clearly were given by all accounts from outsiders, former clients and thier outsourced employees. After testing well and the results coming up as Dancer, Fine Artist (painter), Fine Artist (writer), Police Seargent/detective/security..after such test results I was sat down with and asked if I would like to begin trade school or classes to be a clerk which was clearly down lower on the list.

Yes, that something was either programming or compartmentalized traumas and memories from working in the adult entertainment industry with an alter ego. DID.
So Mass Rehab couldnt work with anxiety and depression as ‘there was something else there’, and my psychiatrist couldnt decide if I had PTSD or not until I got chased out of Boston my gang stalking and harassment then decides to write a reffereal letter that states that I have PTSD for sure as well as “paranoid ideations” and some toher things right out of the DSMV book that smacks of schizo disorder that you wont find in my files before hand as if you did I would have a major lawsuit going as it was never mentioned to ME the patient. My official diagnoses was simply anxiety and depression.

But then as I went to a psychologist with a heavy Russian accent at St Elizabeths in Brighton a block from where I was living, she tells me I shouldnt get hypnotized (as I was recalling memories from befoer the age of 6) becuz “that will bring up much memory for you” as if she was covering for someone or something, then the next week I saw her she told me her diagnoses of me was that I was “beautiful and lazy”. If that is so, then why is it so important I NOT get hypnotized?

Mary Holiday an alleged TI I stayed with, seemed to know more then she should, I soon realized about me and my situation. Her greatest revealing statement was “its not many people who can perform sex acts and not rememer them”.

All these f*cks are protecting ‘the queen’, my old associate back in Boston and I do believe that it gets as big as Obrien and Phillips claim with all this being tied into adult entertainment and money laundering and pedophile rings. And eventually ‘satanism’ if you will, which is mostly incidental if you take into consideration the nature of what we are dealing with to begin with.

Man needs to grow up and deal with the fact that evil exists in our world and it always has and evil or hte potential for levels of it exists in all of us. Its not some bogey man under the bed that one needs to keep denying to survive or fearing. If you are weak then that is the problem not the nature of man.

Its very tempting for this system to be obsessed with order and that peice of stone that just will NOT be fashoined into a brick that fits neatly into the structure- thus you see the inhumaness of the Masonic system.

It would be so much nice if I just healed over like a garbage dump being now groomed to build nice apartments on. We must recall the movie Poltergiest, even if it seems a humorous example to use. Things tend to not be healed just becuz one removes the evidence on the surface. By the way that movie, in typical Speilburg fashion, was ‘inspired’ (ahem) bya true story about a development built down south where sinkholes started appearing and it was discoverd that very old graves, pooorly constructed and kept, of African slaves were under the property. People did indeed get cancer and other terminal illnesses as well as strange and unpleasant happenings. These were not many American born slaves I beliee they were very connected still to Africa. A wiser person would have seen the danger of such pure energy and been more respectfull nad cautious to take care of such things in the correct manner.

But man’s ignorance and perceptions of things rules the decisions he makes. If I am not a talented, smart person with marked spiritual power, but merely a poor homeless woman who was formely this sort of immoral person who is by modern logic, exactly where I should be due to going up against a power structure, then that is what you will percieve.
ANd the decision to behavior modify me instead of allowing me to heal to gain maximum control over a very potentially damaging victim witness is just too convenient for the system to pass up..and if such a person dies or goes insane instead of goes along with modification then there is little loss as well as current circumstances will surely cover for such an ending scnerio- a very cliche one at tha: Penniless and insane- she died.

I think as a writer, according to YOUR vocational testing I am qualified as [posesseing such talents, I belive I can do better for an ending than something so..overdone.

Oh and it WILL be something very different. Who in the f*ck do you think you are anyway, thinking you can write the ending to MY story.

MY story.

THe importance of not forgetting is that its a story worht telling and thus remembering. Its that simple.

The system sees a million other reasons why not or wrong with that choice but the system is full of career criminals and neurotic sick puppies in denial to survive. WHo cares what they think.

I am sorry for the spelling errors but this blog has something wrong with it as I type it is very slow and even backspacing to correct errors is dragging…its not as I recall it being a month or so ago. This has started happening in San Diego lately. And it makes writing very difficult as I cannot tyupe as fast as my mind goes. WordPress was always infultrated, I have to use a trick to even sign in since like this year.


~ by onmc on March 10, 2010.

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Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.


Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.

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Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.