gang stalking induces PTSD

I always thought that I had some form of PTSD due to an abusive parent but mostly due to the way my programming had thumbnails in it that were representitive of programming sequences and these ‘thumbnails’ had run themselves over in my mind on what seemed like an internal roledex or ferriswheel movement system ever since infancy or that I have recall which is around 7 years old.  Before that much of my memories are just flashes of instances in my young life and, unbelievably- many of them are out of body with me seeing myself from outside.  No one is going to believe that though but interstingly that is what reality looks like once one is in one’s alter ego that is used for work or tasks that are compartmentalized by the mind.

After reading this I now realize that due to gang stalking much of my ‘symptoms’ are what the author describes.  Loud noise or any noise is magnified.

I  knew this was human experimentation and I knew that PTSD was involved somehow. Especially since my psychiatrist treating me simply for anxiety and panic attacks years ago, only put down PTSD officially after I left town and the gang stalking had become very overt and basically drove me out of Boston.  I thought due to whatever investigation was going on that they simply wanted me to leave town. Needless to say the gang stalking did not cease but simply changed style based on location.

I simply thought that the gang stalking was adding to my PTSD not inducing a new form of it. 

gang stalking forces the target to do battle overtly in the outside world with not compartmentalization. THis in the case of a deprogramming person is due to the fact they have woken up out of programming and are most likely destroying alters that no longer function and investigating thier core or true ‘Self’ and determining where to take their lives next or how to ‘reprogram’ the internal system.   To take someone who is basically in a very vulnerable position and attack them at that juncture is to destroy the true Self or to make the person’s core Self be exposed to ‘battle’, which they never were before due to compartmentization and an alter system.


~ by onmc on March 12, 2010.

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