Pedophilia is not best term for child molesters/covert intimidation of victim witnesses

 I  think that all this time many of us  percieved ‘pedophilia’ as child molesters or a general term for child molesters or. People involved in the kiddie rings or outright sex offenders who have acted on thier impulses.  I am now discovering that is not the proper definition or best use of the word.

It seems like there are no accurate definitions. Its as if society doesnt want to admit that such a thing is so prevalent. Even ‘child molester’ is very vague and could mean a number of things can possibly occur. ‘Sex offender’ is not a term I would use nowadays as the restrictions on people in this country are puritanical and ridiculous. For instance a male cannot urinate in a discreet public area anymore like side of highway or alley. This is now a sex offense level 1. Adults caught having sexual relations outdoors most likely in a public place in city or suburbs can also gain level 1 sex offender status. This is misleading as the term ‘sex offender’ traditionally is percieved as a violent crime on another person such as rape of adults or children.
The USA has become a place where ther is an obsession with cleaning up crime and ‘zero tolerance’, and the atmosphere includes a smugness or self righteous piety concerning’crime’. However, the fact that corruption still exists or that this type of atmosphere actually makes severe crime and corruption less apparent as it acts as a while wash, shows the systems failure. It may also be construde as part of the war on the poor or common man.
Frequently tolerance that was prior ‘zero’ grows to much higher numbers if one is able to pay off authorities or one has the right connections.

As usual with hypocrisy, it seems that these rules serve best to enforce ‘out of sight out of mind’ moreso. Much worse goes on and this is readily underscored or denied in our society. ‘Gotcha!’ journalism displays and sensationaizes grey or a bit darker areas while the most black hearted crimes goes unoticed or denied in existence.

One thing that is misleading in this article is the idea that only socially inept pedo’s act out. I have had experience with this demographic and experienced the perps to have social lives that were very seperate from their life as sex offenders. They were very good at keeping up a front or normal life. They actually seemed to fool most people and lots of deceptions and mind games were used not only to control victims but to fool outsiders. They seemed to operate much like sociopaths but they didnt lack emotion when in thier normal state only when it came to thier actions against thier victims,

Pedophilia seems to be present in people who do act out as level 3 sex offenders but not always. One who wanted to get away with such crimes wouldnt want to attract attention.
This article was of interest due to how much the covert communication is similar to what targeted survivors deal with from perps in the sysem known as ‘gang stalking’.  Often its similar to victim witness intimidation.

The public can hardly deal with a reality that includes this kind of thing going on to begin with and I think thier threshold is met with the idea of an offender covertly acting out in this way. To take it to an extreme like an entire network of such people performing such covert actions in an organized group is just too much for your average person to accept.

(By the way, what idiot put that on the bottom of page “The Annals of Sex Research?” amusing at best.)


~ by onmc on March 14, 2010.

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