The gang stalking campaign against women in relation to the destruction of mc survivors

Its been said that there is a campaign against women with a history of activism who are around 40 or so who also have an IQ of 120 or above.

Its also common knowledge that mc survivors that dont die of suicide programming have thier harassment campaigns geared up to 24/7 to destroy not just maintain control.

What interests me is the intersection of these two and the question posed- is one a cover story or are they both seperate and unrelated but in some cases seem to overlap. And if so are there then multiple parties involved who then fight over the desired fate of the target or join forces to orchestrate a neutralization of the female target? Do these parties have any knowledge of each other at all?

Most of that I understand the TI will never have answers to. The way this campaign is run its ….sorry I just got ‘jammed’ again. This is why I never seem to get substantial or serious work done..its due to jamming. Its an amaxzing system really. When the system decides that something you are working on is unacceptable thoughts….entire pieces of work just fall right out of memory. Even the subject matter escapes like out of an open window. This is the part of this system most uncomfortable to write about or talk about. And I am not going to start right now.

I had a whole piece laid out..boom. Gone. Now I will be lucky if half of what I was going to write makes it to the page…also something is going on with WordPress. The typing is very slow and dragging as well as the backspace to erase and it lately has been jumping back to the top of the page so that it effectively interrupts ones train of thought through this constant motion….and it was NOT doing that once again when I started this post. It started doing it after the part above where I claim that I suffered an all to familiar sudden memory lapse.

I will push on anyway.

The campaign against women, wether it be for activists who are of an age where they would be too effective thus a legit threat the the system and the agenda or if many of those cases are indeed the typical harassment encountered by mc survivors especially of programming, who have broken programming and effectively fought layers of suicide programming.

Whatever the case I must say that caution should be taken due to these bastards knowing exactly what they are doing when they come after a female of a certain age. The campaign is tailored to women’s bodies, hormone changes and the aging process of females and even seems to take into acount the psychological and physiological specifics of programmed female types, taking into account our specifics to do with trauma, psychic ability, sexual strengths and weaknesses.

The behavior modification process is meant to sap us of any strength we have either naturally or as a result of training through trauma as children. It is also meant to rob us of years of strenght gained in the battlefields of the adult entertainment industry.
The end result seems to be to rob us of all the confidence we gained in years of mastering men and the world they aer so vulnerable to. The tactics seem to be to take a woman who is expereinced and strong and not only return her to a childlike state MK Ultra style, but to actually turn her into the model of a woman abused by her father sexually even if this was never the case in her life experience. This is done by working on any nad all old hurts from men in her childhood and attaching that onto a campaign of horrible, heart wrenching betrayals from intimates and linking those all to a male dominated system of abuse and oppression via official authority.

In my case we can plainly see how all my strong female figures were taken from me basically removed, and all betrayals and humiliation by males intimate with me was magnified and displayed publically as well as linked to the cops, the firemen, and union types who exemplify a very ‘male’ and masculine side to our society. Jake was supposedly helped by lots of men and crooked cops lawyers etc..and this was magnified, whereas any participation by my strong female intimates or associates was represented to me as happenstance or minimized via these female roles acting out ignorance of the campaign or feigning helplessness to the situation.

Gloria Stienhem, though a once CIA employee via college campuses in the 60’s, was always a threat to the male system due to her having only a strong female figure as her only authority figure during childhood and her having to caretake for this figure as her mother was ill I believe much of her childhood. I always retained this info through the years as it occured to me that this is why she was the very sort of person she was…regardless of agency involvement in her later life. From what we know today, one always has to wonder if thier involvement in many peoples lives isnt covertly from birth..or whoever the programmers are that feed that machine its people.

I always knew that my profile was a key point in why men had to rip my apart emotionally at such a late age when I should be establishing myself after a transition period. Its called growing up and that does NOT mean conforming. But the system would rather dumb me down and destroy me or see my commit suicide than to have experienced my growing naturally from my life experience. My mother is 6’1″ wiht a very deep voice and more dominant than most men. Its like having Tura Satana for a mom but taller..and probabably not as much fun. And without any sense of humor about life at all. My mother is very…Germanic in some ways and a lack of humor is definately present. That and all of my caretakers have been women…strong smart women. Not necessarily allowing ME to practice being smart mind you. And my grandmother appeared socially to run the family when we all know that the main perp or abuser runs any family unit they are part of. I also met my dad’s mother very briefly and she is just the same as the woman he chose…which is why they hated each other.

The women around me in my twenties were also strong survivor types. It was very important for the system to destroy this in me and get me to experience abuse by male authority. In fact I had partaken of that most of my youth but the gang stalking system works in keeping a TI down by denying them any victories and that includes any prior victory in one’s own past.
If you are being abused by people you know or trust and grow up and realize that men dont leave you alone and want your attention all the time anyway the most natural thing for you to figure with your limited life experince as well as society’s gross lack of preventitive measures for this subject, that getting something in return will keep the predators at least controlled and if a woman is at the helm, then you can be in control moreso. Also over time you learn that you can ace situations involving many powerful and important people that make the original perps look like the clowns that they are. This in time actually gives you the power to heal and gain strenght over your family of origin. Then one day they realize they are not dealing with thier scapegoat anymore but with a learned predator that can destroy them more easily with very little efort than they ever could with an entire family behind them. The system that manages programmed people knows this but is dependent on internal programming to continue to control the person…until something goes wrong and then suicide programming will arise from life long memory.
In my experince there seems to be an effort to reform programmed people, much like the efforts to reform suicide bombers. However, no one ever tells the programmed person what the hell is going on and I think that there are alot of ignorant people involved in this program of reform of mc suriviors. It has done imeasurable damage to survivors who could have been helped by councilling and its ONLY end is to cover the systems ass from any further claims about MK Ultra, human experimentation, RA or Satanic RA and the revealing of a system of mc to enslave human beings. There may also be fear by ignorant outsiders of what is in the survivors programming and the fear that they are monsters who will snap therefore they need behavior modification and that includes brain damage and destrouction of intelligence.

I recall once that I was awawre of being monitored watching YouTube. This was when I was delving into the nursery rhymes and childrens songs I could recall and was trying to find them on YouTube. I found the Delta Dawn song that was in my third layer of suicide programming but I also found others linked to other things such as ‘Pop Goes the Weasel’ (linked to a Jakc in the Box toy from Mattel and I believe that goes deeper…and I am not ready to write it down.), ‘Row, Row, your Boat’ and others. Lots of Disney stuff too. I recall my handlers were especially fond of Tinkerbell but moreso Thumbalina. The Disney movies used to scare me and I cant recall why.
I recall that when I was watching the Jack in the Box that had Pop goes the Weasel song behing it on Youtube…somebody somewhere was VERY freaked out. For me its perfectly normal as I am IN my own body and my own programming.

All this could have been sorted out with time and therapy not breaking my trust with humanity and destroying me. I think its all a farce and its purpose is to either fully return ALL of hte person back to..lets say the dark side or dark forces by destroyhing any humanity or good in the survivor OR if that doesnt work forcing the person to become a mindless cookie cutter drone in the world. It seems the power of Will and the presence of Self if very much what this system does NOT want for survivors of programming. ANd its done mostlyh under the guise of safety, reform and the necessity to reform the person. It is unecessary and only serves a much more sinister end.

My orginal post was pertaining to gang stalking campaigns taliored for females. The system is very sophisticated towards this end. Here is some info to start with:


~ by onmc on March 21, 2010.

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Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.


Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.

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Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.