Alien Abduction,Black Magic & Dark Gods by Jason Jeffrey

Over the eons, humans have viewed and interacted with various angel forms that are ever-present on the face of the earth. Biblical references repeatedly tell of ways in which the spirits and angels could be “tested”. Testing means being able to discern which “side” of the EM spectrum the angels represent… UFO abductions and the sexual encounters, as we know of them now, are clearly manipulative and direct efforts by the Sheol watchers to create a grand illusion and fear among humans. A frightening aspect of this sexual aspect of UFO abductions is that they do it mainly because they like it. They want us to worship them which, according to tradition, was why they were cast out of heaven to begin with.”

Very good piece, a perspective many of us need and have not seen much of.

I am personally, tired of not being able to find anything without aliens in the writing on such matters. At least in this piece they mention that there are people who recall abduction or human experimentation who do not include aliens in thier stories. The author writes that such persons are being used in “mind control projects” and experimentation. Its a very fair rundown and I found it very helpful. Especially that bit I quoted above.


~ by onmc on March 24, 2010.

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