Behavior modification used to forcibly break down programming

Its also an interesting way to traumatize programmed people out of thier inner worlds and destroying programming structures by ensuring that they cant even deal with any of the stimulus using compartmentalization. It may even be part of the break down process to play this game with the TI where it seems they are being gang stalked by one side but another is helping them by leaking info about thier situation. Slowly thier inner worlds are destroyed as they are forced to live only in the outer reality. Its hoped by the system that the person percieves the outer reality as so painful and torturous that they suicide.

All this just to break someone down who is considered a threat to the very system that created them AND most likely the people in it are as jealous as hell of the persons multi talents, intelligence, physical attributes and athletic potential, stamina and strength. Always to ensure that such a person never reaches thier full potential after the age of 33.


~ by onmc on April 28, 2010.

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