RA makes ‘gang stalking’ likelier


I myself have retrieved only a few memories on my own as the system came after me and was very nasty to deal with. Its amazing this system and the people in it know when a survivor is becoming a survivor by waking up.
The action taken against a survivor who is putting the puzzel together along with recalling FULL memory sequences where for life there has only been flashes that dont make sense on thier own, especially without understanding the reality of one’s circumstances all along..the actions taken against a survivor seems to be largely to prevent the person from recalling fully the whole life story or any complete memories at all. If programming is part of the person’s history then of course wiping those files before other parties go poking and probing around is going to be part of what happens to the survivor along with becoming heavily targeted. The ‘files’ are ‘ghosted’ really, not wiped. The process is much like the scene from 2001 when HAL 2000 is regressing back to a childlike state by the guy in the spacesuit pulling out his memory tubes one by one. In the end his mind is ‘wiped’ and along the way he starts singing the first thing he was ever programmed with which is “Daisy, daisy give me your answer true..” an old little diddy that is so sweet that its disturbing when HAL’s voice slows as he sings it to an eventual stop, akin to death in the end. There is a reason that many surivivors are triggered by this scene, usually to cry mercilessly without understanding why- but we know why, in some deep down part of us or some far away compartment in the huge mansion that IS the human mind: that someday, that will happen to us. Survivors of programming often know what is in store for them in life which makes being fated so very painful throughout the tortured lives we are led through. Only after deprogramming and recalling can we truly have the Will to do as we want NOT as we are manipulated into by outside forces or programmed-commanded to by inside ‘forces’ (which are really just presets that dont readily exist in this time frame).

These partial memories may provide clues to the nature of the people that were the abusers or the rituals that were used. Its what we have blacked out or cant recall that are the keys to what fuels our behaviors.

I recall childrens songs and nursery rhymes being key in programming. Music in general. I have the run of the mill atypical recall: being lockedin closets, toyboxes for periods of time. There seems to be a great importance in making the child able to be alone in the dark; to be alone with oneself in darkness is very important. But also there must be fear involved and the acceptance of the abuse put forth by caretakers. Its all about control and controlling the victim, making them feel very controlled and afraid. The toybox memory is interesting as its not complete, there is something else to it- something to do with weapons or objects being in there as I was shut in there. And there was an important man involved in this memory. Most of this happened in a foster home I was in.

I also have a more disturbing partial memory of a toy Jack in the Box. That song “Pop Goes the Weasel” was the tune that came out of the toy when the lever was turned then the Jack popped out of the Box. Harmless enough but if you attach killing an animal with that toy and its song you can do alot of damage especially if ritual is part of this. You see the Jack in the Box now becomes the symbol for the ritual act and the song will hold significance of this. Especially if you reward the child for these kinds of actions. Then of course at some other point when the child is in another more gentle alter or front alter you put a life baby chick into her crib and teach her to be gentle with baby animals. Perfect…the killer is blacked out even to her own mind. Make sure you control, isolate and guilt the child so that making her act in either direction is easier.
Pop Goes the Weasel was part of a programming sequence that was supposed to be used a few years ago but was prevented from being utilized, not that I would have allowed it to complete its purpose anyway. Its connected to a political agenda and really I want no part of it..not that part of me doesnt see the practicality of such actions. Especially with what is going on now.

Many children’s songs are used and other songs as well were used. I have posted about country songs being used. “Row Row Your Boat” takes on a much more sinister meaning when its attached to suicide or living out a tortured life til the end: Rowing your boat down the stream gently becomes equated with living your life without taking action to interfere with the abuse and control and life is but a dream re assures you that the inner world of programming is whats real for a programmed person. So when its time to ‘go’ or suicide its not so hard really as its just a dream.

There was something with Mary Had a Little Lamb but I cant recall that one at all. Of course Disney movies or sountracks were a part of it but its unclear as to how exactly this works into programming due to it being so indirectly connected to the victim being programmed. I mean one recalls their cargivers putting ideas or actions and associating them with songs etc. But Disney makes pre recorded light and soung images that are not personal but for mass consumption. The one thing that I do recall is finding much of Disney’s conent to be frightening as a child due to my situation being what it was. Thumbilina should not depress me so and seem connected to sex slave programming or being an expendable female. Micky Mouse as Jack and the Beanstalk should not have been so frightening. Its perhaps the things that we do NOT remember that was going on during that time period that is making impressions on our young minds. But programmers are very specific in what victims should watch or listen to. This also explains why as children we were isolated so harshly from other children. It did strike me as odd how over protective my caregives were.
It is very important to fool the victim into a sense of being special almost royalty while in fact the true purpose is the have a victim that will endure and be silent about abuse as well as become brainwashed to not even acknowledge this was ever the case. Guilting the person is a very important part of keeping control of them. This is why the system lashes out at the victim turning deprogrammed survivor with a force and with sheer numbers to put such a fear into them again as to silence them once the internal controls wear out. That is why the survivor must be treated so harshly that it simulates a death here on earth. The purpose of this seems to be to contribute to the behavior modification program, which is something many survivors seem to be put into instead of allowing thier suicide programming to kill them by inducing suicide.

What the ultimate purpose of this is remains unclear. More human experimentation perhaps as since an MK Ultra like system is used to break down and wipe the survivor of programming, the goal may be to wipe the person and regress them then reshape who they are in every way to create a new Self…one that is very much silent about what they have seen, heard and experienced in thier lifetime. Its the most logical theory actually as the ‘agents’ that MK Ultra was supposed to get confessions out of were programmed. If not then why use such a system and not regular torture/interrigation? Becuause these are not ‘regular’ people. Makes sense.
Also I think there are parties involved who actually believe that this is the best end to the survivor’s story: they dont have to recall horrors, they arent angry anymore as this system wears you out of energy over time (or drains it who knows..which is why denial of reality and blaming/shaming survivor is important. To get rid of thier justifiable anger be making it seem totally unjustified) they cant name or incriminate anyone and they are now given a ‘good life’ that does not include any of the baggage from thier past. There is also a connection to energy fueling some very dangerous psychic abilities and that is something I sense that this system wants to destroy in the survivor above all other things in the survivors possession and capacity when they awaken and deprogram. Not only do they not want the survivor to turn against THEM but to be used by enemy factions most likely…along with ensuring the perception that such things do not exist in our word of course.

On all sides the ultimate seems to be NOT getting exposed or having any survivors story validated ever.

Behavior modification seems to be the system’s answer to the threat of a deprogramming slave or an RA survivor who is recalling complete memories. Perhaps they feel its the most humane choice and a balance between giving the person some sort of future without revealing the existence of such a system of slavery and programming. This is bs of course as reallly its to cover thier asses from exposure. If the latter were true then the survivor would be helped through a grey area and privately to complete the deprogramming and re programming process that they usually start on thier own after fighting suicide programmming.
Then we see the true nature of the jealous, power hungry people behind this system or involved in its processes. To reduce the survivor to entertainment, to average, to thier level, to normal, to ordinary, to helpless is really the goal. There are people involved in this system’s processes such as organized stalking and harassment that are actually convinced that they are helping the multi talented survivor to say write a book or become an artist by harassing them into doing so…as if gang stalking is motivational. This is utter bs and more of trying to gain control over the force that IS the survivor and thier talents.
If anything the survivor will be mentally and emotionally damaged with years cut off thier lifespan due to the abuse of gang stalking and less capable of producing works of art than if left alone. This may be THE most sinister thing the system does to a victim over thier lifetime. To destroy, control and use the person until death. The victims full potential is only allowed to be reached while programmed and under FULL control of the handlers. Which of course means under THIER Will never can a slave be allowed to reach thier full power under thier OWN Will.

Over and over again we see that ‘mind control slavery’ is indeed enslavement of human being over a lifetime.


~ by onmc on May 2, 2010.

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Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.


Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.

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Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.