A reader comment from my On Gangstalking blog-the issue of intrusion into the human mind

As a target, I am astounded at the lengths they will go to to protect their precious little system. It’s amazing that I, out of countless sheeple am so dangerous that they have to have such ridiculous accusations and other bullshit aimed at me. I am healthier than many of my perps, but they are making it seem otherwise, just because they need to protect their precious little corrupt stinky filth system.
Just behind me was some guy like 70+ saying stuff like “yeah he does dope and beats up his girlfriend”. More excellent gaslighting, I know how this works… the perp was referring to some guy I encountered who was a potential wife abuser. But it also served the purpose of pissing me off, because the perps know I am innocent of such things.
Interesting how outrageous lies such as this must be employed to keep me pissed off. I’d love to see how these asshole perps who send out these losers would handle this harassment. If I think a negative thought about a perp or a regular non-perp civilian, who cares if it’s negative as long as it’s true? Just because I “intently think” about someone who is on drugs, that means the perps must compensate by having some asshole perp sitting behind me saying something equally damaging? “Apparently mind control like the perps employ is strictly getting the victim’s mind not only blank, but to purify the mind, so that the victim has no choice but to think nice, pure thoughts about everyone and everything, EVEN IF THOSE THOUGHTS ARE FALSE.

And why exactly there are so many perps, I don’t know. I am not some piece of meat they can just re-format to their liking. That’s the way we are treated: like caged animals or filthy, diseased prisoners; or just a computer hard drive they can reformat just to install their own operating system that does exactly what they want. This system is not for me. Publish Reject (Anonymous) 5/6/10”

I dont deal with this issue much on the gang stalking blog becuz its just too hard for people to accept that psychic warfare as well as most likely human experimentation dealing with psychic phenomena is part of a campaign. Its been obvious for a long time now that when a TI gets ‘down the rabbit hole’ very deeply one experiences things that have got to be classified, if even officially admitted to at all anywhere on paper or otherwise. Who ever is behind these activities has alot of money. I mean everything from the vehicles they drive to the tech they talk about in conversation or have knowledge of is way beyond what a normal person knows of or has access to. This is why many of us believe its military and thier contracting companies/corporations. It could very well be a rogue, very sinister faction of an intelligence agency but however there has been such an explosion of new factions that most civilians are not familiar with them. It could be anyone really or a network that consists of a bit of many official fronts, taking a bit from each to create thier own faction. Or it could be something totally covert, that most civilians do not experience, thus we the ignorant down here having to like savages create names for these things in primitives ways: like ‘gang stalking’ and ‘the perps’ or ‘remote influence technology’, ‘electronic harassment’. Dont let the confusion over pinning down exactly who is responsible fool you- this system DOES exist. Targeted people are not crazy. You have to remember that whoever it is or whatever they would be named officially, they have so much money at thier disposal that that in itself seems to explain why they are unseen and offically do not exist and can buy off or intimidate anyone to cover for them by framing up or smearing the targeted person as mentally ill. In fact when TI’s themselves become so brainwashed after many years of first betrayal then torture then systematic ignoring and denial, when even WE doubt what we have seen or experienced first hand- it is the very hurtful betrayals from those around us usually in the beginning of a campaign, that always keeps it real for us. That we did NOT imagine the harassment, the stalking or the odd behavior of loved ones and intimates who perhaps spoke about what was happening as if it was real but then later changed thier story and tried to convince us we were imagining things. These very hurtful actions from those we thought we knew or loved in our lives represent the last true emotions or emotional reactions we know we can trust. It is dear to us due to this being the last of our ‘old’ lives before this system isolated us from all we knew before.
NONE of what has happened to any TI could have been possible without being isolated from our support system, and none of that could have been possible without our associates and intimates selling us out to this system. And I for one have plenty of memories of people around me basically knowing it was a group or network refering to the network as “they” and such. Funny, only the mentlaly ill person is supposed to believe the BIG They is after them.

So knowing indeed that we once had a normal life and, unlike everyone wants us to believe, like most TI’s people in on the campaign will always try to keep up the brainwashing by refering to this sellout as the time when we ‘went crazy’ or some other such deception.

So we know we did NOT imagine the betrayal period of time nor the stalking, harassment and interactions by complete strangers who seemed to know everythig about us..well everything that can be known from a deep and thorough intelligence gathering. But there are things that they seem to not know which is quite interesting…either that or they do know these details just disregard themn as important due to focusing on brainwashing as the end goal OR what we Do know that they do NOT know about us is what they are attempting to gain a confession of via interrogation which is what MK Ultra would be for programmed persons who are compartmentalized and trained from infancy to hide information, even from themselves.
The part of our experience that is so hard to believe even for us who have been in first person through it all is just how intrusive the campaign can be. Who is going to believe that say, a targeted survivor of programming devised a way to counter mental interference by for example reciting the alphabet mentally using one’s inner voice whilst counting numbers from 1 onward mentally using visualization simultaneously as a jamming mechanism. THEN soon after the person is heavily perped by what seems an stream of constnat gang stalkers say, going to get on a train. Each one goes by and lets the TI know that mind reading is obviously on thier list of talents to use to intrude upon the target by many of them going by and reciting the alphabet in the exact same way as the TI did mentally.
Also this may occur by the perps repeating any information back to the TI that only could have been retrieved via mind reading ( or in modern times perhaps brain mapping). What is interesting and what the TI needs to use this info for is to then gauge just how much access they really have.

It seems that any ‘files’ or info in the back of ones mind, in the case of the programmed person, any info that is hidden even from them, is NOT able to be read or retrieved by the gang stalking system nor anyhthing the perps have at thier disposal. The ONLY way they can gain this info is by torturing the TI enough so that the TI/survivor of programming reveals thsi information via confession through what is obviously torture.
In the case of anyone who knows prettty much for sure that they are a survivor of programming, its the use of MK Ultra like system/techniques that is used to gain that confession.

So it becomes a situation where the TI themselves must try to understand why they are targeted. One may be a human experimentee or a survivor of programmming or sadly both. And there are Targets who are just plain targeted for other reasons and this blog as well as this post does not apply to them…yet anyway. I myself wonder if everyone who is targeted is not either programmed or ‘of interest’ due to genetics or intelligence, talent or psychic ability. There has got to be something that they want, and it always makes the oppression alot easier to deal with if we understand that there is something they want to gain most likely in the name of progress, profit or protection either of what made you so damn talented or dangerous to begin with or to destroy natures naturally occuring specimens that posess such qualities.

THere is no mystery to gang stalking or any covert activity and its not about a diety or anything else so mysterious. Its about power and money. You can bet on that from the get go til the bitter end on your death bed.
This is why its so important to guilt or fram up the TI. Human experimentation or even slavery are NOT legal nor are they smiled upon even by our modern apathetic, greedy 21 century society.

They are the Bastards and dont ever forget it.

The total mind wipe and trying to make a blank slate then having us think nicey thoughts all the time….yeah, obnoxious. But that is the result of having someone believe truly that they are being watched all the time and adding what the perps can do psychically ( or through brain mapping) to a police state in many places now with cameras and security guards everywhere the Targeted person begins to wear down under years of a campaign that wipes thier minds, guilts and shames them into believing they did something to deserve this etc.
THAT is what makes you start believing that you can only think happy thoughts about this horrible sitution you were put into. And I beleive alot of the final results on that are gained through tech that is used and discussed by many TI’s.

Its up to YOU the individual to fight brainwashing and to recall your true history and to always hang onto your own Will Power under any and all attempts from behavior modificaiton.
Just like America wants to destroy certain countries in the middle east and ‘occupy’ them or remake them in an American image, so this is bieng one to Targeted persons but its the very spirt and mind in which the occupation occurs.
Which again reeks of military due to psy ops being the “winning of hearts and minds” as well as the interesting parellel (dont know of a better word but I sense there is one) that whatever the military has en vogue for what they are doing on a world scale in world affairs or international affairs is usually a macrocosm of the microcosm which is what is being done to the individual in such campaigns. Yet another clue and that one is by now for me a rule of thumb one can bet on evertime.

The other purpose of total invasion of privacy is of course to undermine the confidence of the enemy (Target). Its to cause you to devalue your own work IN YOUR OWN MIND before it ever gets formed and expressed. The ultimate in threat prevention.

And if you are smart enough to
-have figured this out by now
-be reading this blog
you are a threat. Beleive it. America also has a very distasteful habit and history of covertly causing unrest in an area thus gaining reactionaries, then overtly persecuting those very reactionaries, which is of course exactly what they have attempted to do to you, the individual as a Targeted person.

Somone on a conference call years ago piped up and simply put: “They are trying to create false schizophrenics”. I agreee. And why would anyone want to do that? Becuase somewhere along the way you know too much. You either figured something out, saw something or were recalling memories that explain why yer life never quite made sense or added up right.

Everything I have ever written over many years time can ALL be trashed by society in general agreeing that I am, in fact just mentally ill. The fact I live as a homeless person adds to that story. I am fortunate as a federal investigation during the time a frame was attempted puts a bit of a suspicion on everyone involved in betraying me. I can also embarrass the f*CK out of important people as welll as I know things that no one would know unless they had first hand experience.
This system may have made the error of coming after me believing I was a stereo type of person that was historically sought after for human experimentation, especially within what is documented in MK Ultra human experimentation..either that or some other scenerio where a faction wanted to come after me and some other faction protected me. It could have also been that a faction wanted to test out some new weapons or other and a programmed expendable could take more abuse than a normal human being. The whole gang stalking campaign in itself could be THE human experimentation and that includes the covert factions that seem to assist us to save our lives.

It does no surprise me that Dr Cameron was claiming to want to create MK Ultra to ‘cure schizophrenics’ when it seems that those schizos are really programmed (expendables) or gang stalking targets or both.


~ by onmc on May 9, 2010.

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