Tin foil hat theory- another look

Allright NO ONE…none of us who takes this subject matter seriously even wants to hear this phrase much less entertain any ideas that it has any kind of merit whatsoever. A YouTube activist ‘Marsboy’, whom has done some great work on the subject of gang stalking and human experimentation has made a video called ‘tin foil hat theory or They Are All Crazy’ where in this two part video he explains why that insult should not appply to many TI’s and there is much to validate our claims including his personal testimony, historical records of human experimentation as well as the realization that most targeted individuals are women of an IQ of 120 or above, who are in their late 30’s but mostly in thier 40’s who have a history of activism or whistle blowing.

The tin foil hat as a symbol of insanity and paranoia is also used readily and eternally it seems by those factions of TIs that we have to wonder if they take any of this very seriously at all, or if they are just disinfo people within the movement really working for the perpetrators as this symbolism only serves to discredit us in this day and age.

I myself thought I had read something about an MIT student that debunked the Tin Foil Hat as having any effect at all against radio waves or any such technology used in black ops/psy ops use of ‘mind control’ for either enemy neutralization or “conflict resolution” which of course is the military’s rationalization of hypnotizing human beings or influencing “hearts and minds” using “non lethal” means to end a potential conflict peacefully.
(The problem with this is that that is where the validation of the reality that such tech exists and is used in such a manner ends. It seems that when people start claiming or even considering/theorizing the potential for abuse as well as exploitation of human beings by such technologies suddenly the subject matter enters the realms of psychiatry and unreality. This selective belief is amazing. It is the insistence of our population to side with its authority figures to continue to insist that they ‘wouldn’t do such things the American people’– that such technology would not be used domestically.)

I have a prepaid pass in the city I am residing in, that is on a RFID card. The reason I now know this is it was stolen last night or this morning and being a sensible New Englander you bet I registered it. So the thieves cant use it but since I am in CA and not the northeast I have to wait 4 days to get a new one even if I just walk down to the Transit Store. In Boston I would have gotten another one right now.
Being aggrevated by this I went seeking more info to make sure the system is really that ridiculous and not someone deciding to not do thier job.

I found that the card is a radio wave system and this is why we just tap it and it registers. I also found something very interesting concerning RFID cards being hacked into while in the mail and measures to prevent this:
A number of products are available on the market that will allow a concerned carrier of RFID-enabled cards or passports to shield their data. In fact the United States government requires their new employee ID cards to be delivered with an approved shielding sleeve or holder.[73] There are contradicting opinions as to whether aluminum can prevent reading of RFID chips. Some people claim that aluminum shielding, essentially creating a Faraday cage, does work.[74] Others claim that simply wrapping an RFID card in aluminum foil, only makes transmission more difficult, yet is not completely effective at preventing it.[75]Shielding is again a function of the frequency being used. Low-frequency LowFID tags, like those used in implantable devices for humans and pets, are relatively resistant to shielding, though thick metal foil will prevent most reads. High frequency HighFID tags (13.56 MHz — smart cards and access badges) are sensitive to shielding and are difficult to read when within a few centimetres of a metal surface. UHF Ultra-HighFID tags (pallets and cartons) are difficult to read when placed within a few millimetres of a metal surface, although their read range is actually increased when they are spaced 2–4 cm from a metal surface due to positive reinforcement of the reflected wave and the incident wave at the tag. UHFID tags can be successfully shielded from most reads by being placed within an anti-static plastic bag”

I know what a Faraday cage is because I have used this a thousand times in my writing these blogs to describe the conditions in which I find disturbances cease to exist as far as non human forces harassment/torture etc or ‘remote influence’ due to what seems like technology by logical deduction.

What is interesting is that the foil is indeed found to have some effect of blocking or even totally shielding from radio waves. So why did the MIT experiment show differently?
Because its not a complete enclosure. So it cannot make a Faraday cage if it is not a ‘cage’ due to not being a full enclosure.

And I would like to see more clarification concerning the technology. I dont know enough about it to understand the difference between electromagnetic, radio waves, radiation and microwaves. I know that cell phones run on the same bandwidth as microwaves thus the necessity for towers and not running wires underground.

I also know from being an experienced targeted person that any pain or strange mental conditions DO change or vary according to location and consistently cease or lessen considerably if going underground or into a building that provides a Faraday cage like environment.

I have never actually worn one of these and I am not going to start now. Anyone with any sense would realize that this method does not work anyway, if it did all targeted individuals would simply get such things manufactured and go on with thier lives. Also dont forget that tin foil hats would not get rid of organized stalking and harassment by in person human forces, abandonment/ sell out (exploitation) by family and friends as well as the smear people. There are very powerful, connected people on this planet who are scared to death of the smear people and being targeted. There must be something to it then. Just ask Ralph Nader- he’s survived years of harassment starting with him taking on the auto industry. And he foiled them as well (pun was not intended but used anyway).

There is much more to being a targeted individual than just the system using tech to mentally, emotionally or physically torture us. Its connected to using humans as in experiments, ritual abuse by cults or groups that use cult mind control on their members as well as what seems to be a pedophile/drug/money laundering scheme that is very professional, stealth and has the nastiest people involved you can imagine. Torture and gas lighting are necessary to what they do because it is an integral part of cult mind control,trauma based mind control and ‘brain washing’.

The last thing any of us needs is to have some gang stalking perps observe (and record in many cases) in public targeted individuals wearing such things. They would love that. How is that going to help the blacklisting or the interference with phones or computers? Its not. But it certainly will give the sadists more entertainment so dont give it to them.

These groups may be govt backed or have motives such as military or human experimentation within classified projects or just good old use of a slave labor force, which humans cant seem to break their history of anyway. Often I found that it actually involves social groups, as far as the mobbing and gang stalking- the simple stuff. Some abuse by tech may be possible if the perps have parents or are themselves involved with private enterprise that has such capacity: picture super rich kids or adults who are in abusive social groups who would have that access. Its been dropped in my lap by an informant a few times. So in that scenario the govt may actually step in and police the situation or some faction similar to a governing body that takes care of its citizens might step in and rival a private social group.

Too many people have access to such technology nowadays to simply say “The Govt” is responsible. Corporations, elite wealthy families, crime families. Forget it. And how much of our ‘govt’ is even remains today anyway. When I was a kid Arabs were buying everything and then in the 80’s it was the Japanese. Public sectors were getting privatized left and right..then magically when Bush comes in and theres a war this Christian right Neo Con, NASCAR, southern, country music type of ‘American’ shows up to claim this is our land and this is America and all this bs. So what about the selling out of America just decades prior?

Get real. Everything is perception management and everything is marketed- its always been that way. People dont want to face reality if it doesn’t benefit them to do so end of story. I personally was assisted within my gang stalking campaign. I cannot say if this in itself is part of behavior modification or if it was meant to truly counter a very nasty campaign that was intended to see me murdered or drive me to suicide. And I cannot truly say who the offending parties are, who the defenders are or if the whole thing in itself is part of intergenerational human experimentation or a behavior modification program to get me to finally take that ‘blue pill’, as Charles Schlund once referred to it as, and forget what I discovered about RA and ‘white’ slavery and all that has happened.


~ by onmc on May 22, 2010.

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Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.


Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.

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Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.