Could Subliminals Be Put Into Letterbox Movies?

Just a pondering. But perhaps people out there have had odd experiences.
Perhaps a scenerio could be a person waking up out of a deep sleep and looking at a tv screen with a letterbox movie playing and very quickly they think they see messages or at least writing coming through the black ‘letterbox’ around the movie on the screen. This is not evident during a normal waking state but in whatever state one is in during sleep it can be seen. The heaviness of a sleep state is what we fight for that moment as we see what is really there. It actually allows us to catch this as the subliminals themselves are meant to reach the human mind on a subconshus level.
Perhaps even television watching itself could provide a hypnotic state for any subliminal content to be percieved subconshusly.

With technology so far along as it is today its not just sci fi to consider this a possiblity.

People have been conditioned to percieve that subliminals went out with the works of Wilson Bryan Key and the 70’s. If anything by logic one would think that the media or powers that are interested in such things would only build on that with the progress of technology.


~ by onmc on May 23, 2010.

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