Parasitic disease and control over the host

I was doing much amateur research on parasitic disease during my time at my apartment as I had many symptoms over a few years as well as saw my mother and her father have health problems that were suspect. Also the risk factors for me are very high starting with my family as possible carriers.
-grandfather lived in LA bayou as a child New Orleans.
-grandfather was in US Marines and did stints in Germany, Japan, Korea and the Philippines. My grandmother of course back then didnt go overseas to fight but did travel nationally while in the service.
Rather high risk places for parasitic disease are Korea and the Philippines.
-grandfather and mother became obese in later years unable to stay away from sugar akin to an addiction

I lived in an extended family situation from 95 til 98. I also had my own personal risk factors. A major one was dealing in intimate relations with international travelers of means. International travel is one of the major ways to spread parasitic disease.

Humans especially Americans dont deal well with the realities of these vessels we live in. They will not accept that not only is parasitic disease prevelant within our culture especially poor factions, its become a problem due to international travel being so common. That is how a Harvard professor predicted AIDS. International travel with air travel capacity like never before WW2, population explosion of the baby boomer era and an increase in promiscuous sexual relations. And who was Patient Zero for HIV? A promiscuous homosexual male fight attendant of Baby Boomer age.
Its nothing against homosexual men for I have no bias its just a simple fact that anal sex results in tearing of tissue where it is then easier to get a semen to blood contact. I reject all religious nonsense about disease. It is no one’s fault or punishment. Its Nature telling us there are too many people on the planet to support with its resources. That is all. And these kinds of parameters are set up for man I believe within nature, out there waiting for us and it just takes the right circumstances. Then again there are theories of a conspiracy involving the disease being bio warfare which is totally feasible with the sinister behavior I have seen in my experiences but I havent done research on that angle and I would need a hell of alot of proof. The greatest disservice done to all of us is religious fanatics claiming its Gods punishment instead of doing something about it. These are the same people that feed the poor in Africa without demanding they implement some kind of birth control first either snip the men or Norplant the women, before giving them even on bowl of rice or medicine. They are doing NOTHING more than perpetuating starvation by making more starving children.

If  Toxiplasmosis can drive a woman too seek out abusive men or commit suicide then there must be other human parasites that affect the minds of humans. It has even been investigated that psychiatry’s beloved ‘disorders’ from that horrid book the DSVM whatever it is, many are caused by organic disease of the brain not “chemical imbalances”…of forgive me. “Chemical imbalances” may be present but one must ask how they became present? Psychiatry is not a cure for parasitic disease. Its been proven that a particular anti psychotic actually kills a certain parasitic disease thus improving the hosts mental state. Its not a worm but something along the lines of Toxiplasmosis.

The role that parasitic disease could play in covert warfare must be looked at. I believe that its either neglected in a target that docs know is sick so that it eventually helps with mental deterioration as well as physical. It could also be introduced through food or even during surgery if you could find a doc that unethical and believe me I have met them.

Keeping people sick is not only another way to control the masses its a way to ensure the existence of the medical industrial complex.


~ by onmc on July 5, 2010.

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