Religious Tolerance.Org is no longer a trusted sight for RA info

The author even feels compelled to have an entire page consisting of ‘indicators’ that SRA does not exist. He is I assume, intimating that RA doesnt exist in any form:
“There are many indicators that such cults do not exist and that the SRA memories are actually images that feel like memories of events that never happened.”
Of course no indicator single indicator is ever established and indicators are not even legit in an argument. I am publishing this to indicate that this guy who wrote this is an idiot and in the way of my freedom which pisses me off.
Here is an indicator for you jerk. Its the one I always come back to when I doubt my sanity after being tortured and sleep deprived, it has on occasion occurred that I doubt myself under extreme conditions.
How do you explain the organized harassment and stalking which is extremely destructive and pulled off by some very mean people. They like to talk about suicide alot. They run your life. They come up and actually tell you to your face that “you are only allowed to grow very conditionally”. If that is not a huge organized force of people working together to destroy a victim witness with psychological warfare I dont know what else is. HOW DO YOU EXPLAIN THE GANG STALKING?

That I did not imagine f*cker. In fact I am destitute and never allowed to achieve anything in life. I was told also to my face that not only is this system put on my back to keep me down but that I am kept on the run with the harassment.

Also I never went to a therapist. And my case like so many others is a text book run of the mill case of programming connected to RA and a survivor who ceases to be kept down by internal means is not kept down by external means. Slavery still exists and always has. THAT is not imagined. THAT is a fact of humanity.

RA survivors who are targeted to keep them silent spent alot of time NOT getting the help they need and healing due to crap like this and having to deal with these detractors.
The main problem is that the first rule of the sciences is that you CANNOT disprove something.

Besides that there is no documentation quoted to counter or discuss or even rip apart carelessly. The bastard doesnt even try to make any valid argument as to why SRA does not exist. What the person should be doing is trying to prove that Satanic Panic did exist which I would agree with in part but more so I would say the way the subject matter was handled was what turned the whole thing into a circus as well as a total disservice to anyone who is a survivor of mind control, programming, cults, ritual abuse satanic or other wise.

Another whole in this sloppy brush off of SRA is that if the author knew jack sh*t he wouldnt be determining that ALL Ritual Abuse is Satanic. Many survivors have memories of Christian churches or Sunday schools involved. There are Jews who’s family ritually abused and believe me that is one religious community that is tight lipped about abuse.

People hide things. Humans are sinister. And to doubt the existence of ‘evil’ in this day and age shows that science and the concept of logic are being used to blind out reality. Even the poorest peasant of a third world country knows that evil exists. To say that RA cannot exist is to discredit and more so disrespect every survivor of terror that has suffered past present and future.  From victims of lone torture murderers to victims of large atrocities. Go look up the Red Terror in Ethiopia or what goes on in any country even today. Humans are predator mammals. We ARE beasts and that kind of aggression most Americans have never seen. You have not seen the violence that humans are capable of until you have gone to other countries or been in the most depraved American ghettos..or perhaps behind the veil of the elite.  It takes a certain nature to be ‘good’ as it does to be ‘bad’.  If humans were not wired to give assistance to other humans the race would die out. But we also are capable of great violence and depravity; some people just have the genes for this or learned it growing up. In cases like war man must be mind controlled to become a killer of other men: thats what the military does, duh.  Its not so outlandish to think that a more sophisticated system could train individuals for more specialized work as children and then due to an expendable status,program them to commit suicide.

‘ get things done’ which is the attitude of agencies like the CIA who cant stand Capitol Hill becuz they waste time being democratic and following laws instead of ‘getting things done’   .many powerful people have historically done such things and will do them again.

The biggest mistake of therapists dealing with SRA cases was greed as well as trying to change not only Man’s basic nature but the nature of politics and spycraft.  Much of what gives us a good life in Western nations would make you ill if you were aware of what goes on in the exploitation of human beings or entire countries.  Thier job is to make sure The People are protected from these harsh realities and a few expendables compared to the number of citizens provided with plenty and opportunity is a negotiable loss.

You cannot change these realities. None of us are going to die and go to some heaven just becuz the 80’s and PC of the 90’s tells us this is possible via cleaning up corruption.; There is some corruption that you would be killed for or go missing very quickly if you touched upon and this is the cult mind control inherent in Political Correctness. When it comes to hard reality such as politics, the military, covert activities for national security and other things I wont get into concerning money and power PC is a ,ere child’s dream of a perfect world.  This pipe dream, is fine for normal day to day society but the things that you dont see that make the system work are not going to comply with these ideals.

Trying to get rid of mind control slavery and RA is like trying to get rid of nuclear bombs. Everyone needs one cause everyone else got one. Its not gonna happen.

Therapists handling victims of  either programming or RA is ridiculous to start with unless they take an approach to not interfere with the system that made the person what they are. The argument for RA should be akin to rescuing Greyhounds from certain death after they cant race anymore-but heed the reality that you are NOT going to stop Greyhound racing itself nor the gamblers who need it to exist.  The comparison is accurate. Most people experience suicide programming as a result of being considered ‘old’ by the programming system which to them is 29 years old.  Really anything past early 20s is old.  This would be the typical  outlook of the hardcore true pedophile which sees children as grown women.  There is alot of pedophilia involved in RA and mind control and the expiration date being so young is an indication of this.

The programming system tends to express Luciferian qualities if not or in unison with Satanic ones. That wold be the idea of ‘satan’ as an angel before the fall. The extreme obsession with perfection is often reflected in just coldy discarding a person when they are no longer perfect or capable of super human ability anymore. Also when programming starts to get unstable one is also simply just a machine  that no longer functions so must be destroyed. Many programmed people experience killing off personas or alters within themselves due to thier not functioning any longer thus making the risk of thier being used again too dangerous to the system.  If an administrator alter within can kill of a persona or alter for practical reasons with no feelings involved that is a reflection of the system at large- a microcosm of a macrocosm. A piece of the large cloth.  Then why shouldnt the system at large kill of a mind controlled or programmed person once THEY stop functioning and become unstable? Much of this is very computer like and doesnt involve emotions.

That is why many survivors need help. Its like having The Terminator after you and our  Sara Connnors.; its that machine like. but its from within the internal system as well as externally there is gang stalking. There is also a faction that is covert that seems to assist the survivor.  There seems to be a behavior modification program similar to what suicide bombers are put into and much of it is based on what seems like MK Ultra tactics for destroying the self and reinventing a new person. This is done by torture, brain damage and death of the spirit and is NOT an acceptable solution.

In many instances survivors of programming can Willfully reconstruct themselves but they need to get rid of the traumatic emotions that are attached to memories that were not recalled most likely until suicide programming pops up.  Its like an excorsism in a mansion. Afterward one might renovate.

There is a connection between programming and RA but it depends on what kind of programming. Basically programming is very similar to computer programming.  Some programming can be satanic, Templar (masonic), and others I have read about.

I dont know if every survivor of RA is programmed but that might just be what they DONT want people to find out by treating RA survivors which is just thier style too. That would make perfect sense.

So one must keep these things very private and a grey area.   No one can stop the races but the dogs dont have to be killed just becuz they cant run the fastest anymore.

Suing and drawing attention is the worst thing one can do. What is more important is the WILL of the survivor. That is what no one seems to be paying attention to. The victim is suffering and you assholes are bickering over if RA exists or not.  As usual survivors are caught in storms at sea and at the mercy of waters igger than they, isolated from other ships.Our survival and existence at the whim of other people.  This is the worst thing you can do for survivors of RA as well as programming.  Stop arguing if we exist or not or if we are imagining things and step the f*ck out of he way we want assistance getting healed.  And the unfortunate things is that many survivors will die off due to becoming self destructive..becuz they arent allowed to grow under thee conditions.

Many survivor now are immediately handled by the system and shoved into behavior mod programs before they even understand what is happening to them. They are threatened with a label due to being gang stalked and discouraged from therapy or hypnosis for memories that are torturing them.  Nice.

People dont want to help the survivor they want to help the system cover it ass and they actually believe they are giving the survivor a good life and second chance via cruel and abusive deprogramming schemes which very much resemble the old outlawed deprogramming which included abduction, rape, abuse and the use of cult mind control or brainwashing tactics.  This is totally unacceptable.  And much of this is due to the perverse,nature of the people involved due to the connection to pedophilia.  The slave is always seen as that child all its life and the people around them dont want them to grow up. They are still stuck in thier own programming which is unacceptable for someone who is DEprogramming and wants to grow. How would such people be appropriate as handlers?  Its also more power tripping and there is often much jealousy towards certain slaves due to them being highly intelligent, multi talented and physically attractive.  When no longer under internal control the system is very afraid of slaves it seems. The impression I get is that they do NOT want this dynamo of a human being to be under their own Will, only the will of the original programs or outside handlers. So they destroy them or trying to be humane, destroy them just enough to make them average and them force them back into normal society more damaged than ever before but hopefully they are just damaged enough that no one will notice.

The normal world of average people doesnt have the standards that the programmers and handlers do. So when a survivor who is still attractive even after being b4eaten down to the average persons eyes, to them they know they have ‘failed’ and look like shit according to how they are supposed to look. There is alot concerning ‘performing’ or winning internally that slaves are trained to consider in everything they do.  The beautiful starlet you hate due to her having to look and be perfect all the time might  just be doing so becuz internally not only does her programming keep her down by PTSD memories constantly telling her she’s a monster and very ugly but she may have programming where her life is at stake if she does not comply with high standards.  Suicide or self injury programming might be attached to high standards for beauty. That person is grooming her self out of a sheer fear of death. and RA is how this is done to begin with.

The rituals that are performed are what bonds trauma to programming sequences. Its that simple.

The arguments this dolt makes to try to disprove the existence of RA much less SRA is simply basing all point of view on detractors and critics nay saying. If one brought this to an honest set of psychologists, occultists, detectives lawyers and a judge I bet that something would come out of that much more balanced like there is enough evidence to at least deduce that RA exists but its often a matter of National security or under the protection of crime rings or elite who are above the law. Gang stalking does exist and survivors are targeted often to either get them to suicide, keep them tortured and silenced or part of behavior modification programs to destroy whats inside them and make them ‘average’ through what basically amounts to torture, brain damage and finally coercion to conform to standard norms, often beneath thier original capacity for intelligence and creativity: this is the greatest loss of all of this.

It is RA itself that occurs when the survivor beats suicide programming. Often the person has a core of untouched energy that has been preserved from childhood. Its like money in the bank after retirement. It is one of the sadistic pleasures and demonstrates the greed of the overseers of this system to destroy the survivors one chance at success and happiness in thier lives. In many cases they have been so emotionally protected via compartmentalization that a lifetime of abuse or what society sees as a ‘hard life’ can be made up for and healed…if only the system would leave survivors be after they deprogram. This is where one sees more Luciferian behavior if not Satanic. It is very possible to destroy the person at this time which I wold say is pretty ritualistic. These people aer considered slaves, why would ritual sacrifice be so surprising? The person may be alive afterwards even given a chance at some sort of life via coercion into conformity but the person is damaged beyond belief at this point. They are more emotionally damaged than when they had beaten suicide programming or were just beginning to recall memories. THIS is the time that they need help, to guide them out of certain parts of their programming and to help them realize thier vision- as now THEY are the master programmer.

This is the secret that all those self help gurus are trying to market to people but until they understand who they really are or shed the slavery of mind control inherent in society they live in, they can never realize thier true Will.

That is another thing about this bs page of denial. What is so wrong with believing a survivor as long as it doesnt cause another (costly) panic? The fact that insurance companies can threaten therapists to not treat someone for a claim of abuse is very suspect and seems illegal or unconstitutional. All of the tactics used against survivors of RA and programming are not logical nor do they seem even legal They are the typical tactics to shut of critical thinking and logical thought processes that is ALL they are. What are they so afraid of?

I will tell you. Its the same thing they are afraid of if you get deconditioned out of the mind control of the culture as well. If it was common for people in our culture to believe that humans are programmed via RA and told that its a dont ask dont tell situation then they would have to at least accept that even though privately dealt with, survivors DO exist and RA does exist. This would then ask them to believe that such power exists readily in the world they life in. Its one of the reasons that music and other things we experience in this culture are watered down to never give the full effect or reveal to people just how much power is available either from the outside or from withing themselves.

Happy endings and watered down powers of evil in pop culture are a few examples. There are forms of art from other lands that would shock the American system to experience them. This allows the American public to be guided through fads and trends without the danger of actually waking them up along the way. How many times have you been shocked that a parent will allow thier children to watch something just becuz its ‘In’ right now. They dont take it seriously. Thats becuz whatever it is its never to be totally engaging enough to truly believe in. Going to a Slipknot concert is one thing. Starting to be serious about a belief system and take action is considered dangerous. Thats also the difference between people who go to church on Sunday or observe Christianity in empty ritual but dont live it seriously. To them someone like that is an annoying bible thumper or Jesus freak. I may be annoyed by the idea of Christianity but I can tell you right now who I have more respect for actually living what they believe.

If people start seeing what is really out there in our world, if they experienced true powers of destruction and negativity and depravity, if it was no longer a new story that kept them out of it, that seemed to have little to do with them…the world would be a very different place. People would start to seriously consider thier beliefs. They would have to chose sides perhaps and then defend thier beliefs.
If a country like the US had to look at the reality of human beings programmed through hypnosis and ritual and the existence of serious forms of the occult having true sway in thier world they would totally freak out.

The system cannot afford this as America is supposed to police the world from ‘bad people’ while a system of denial and sleep is used to brush under the rug all Americans wrong doing. And it works.

The system does not want to ruin that for a negotiable amount of expendables. As far as they are concerned, gang stalking into an average life is humane treatment. Its psy ops for peaceful conflict resolution and to their minds its the only option. That and no one believing survivors.

I agree that the general public doesnt need to be involved in this. Explaining it to them wold be like a computer programmer trying to explain what his conference at MIT was about. Its not thier affair. Why should they aware? Having them in on gang stalking campaigns under false pretenses leaves us with little choice but to partake in activism for public awareness: If the system wants to use them as soldiers against us we will neutralize them. End of story.

There is no reason there cannot exist safe places and therapists for survivors to go to instead of the maze we get put into. Its the people in the system unable to let go of power that is the problem at that juncture.
There should be an alternative to very nasty pedophile handlers and programmers terrorizing and doing smear on us trying to destroy us OR well meaning reformists and deprogrammers trying to lower our intelligence so that we will be happy in average day jobs with no real memory of who the hell we are..or what we could have done.

THAT is what is wrong with this stupid website. It hurts survivors by implicating that we dont exist. And it totally misrepresents the claims of RA survivors everywhere. People like this should be sued by alleged survivors so that its not so easy to just claim we dont exist.


~ by onmc on July 10, 2010.

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Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.


Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.

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Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.