CKLN-FM Mind Control series Pt 1-The CIA and Military Mind Control Research: Building the Manchurian Candidate A lecture by Dr. Colin Ross

I dont like the catchphrase from the movie “Manchurian candidate”.  It just creates a slide in people’s minds: they shut down and think they know ALL about it already.  Also using media references is damaging to perception of the subject matter. Much of what is used is ancient ‘occult’ knowledge if you will. Very practical occult knowledge as knowledge of poisons would be practical and not controversial.  Hypnosis and the use of drugging to get results is not questionable in its existence.

I also let readers know that they should use thier best judgment when reading these pieces. There may be truth in some of them but disinformation may be present so one must sort through info and know what is credible and what is not.  Claims made like there is a cattle prod shocking device in the cane that Queen Elizabeth carries to control slaves or that Michael Aquino carries on publicly as well is hearsay- until I see proof of that, statements like that only provide discreditation. However within the same piece seems accurate info on programming. So its akin to digging for gold really.
Are the elite suspect? Yes. Could certain members be targeted themselves to keep them under control? Yes. So until there is proof of such statements just ignore them as totally irrelevant. Aquino is also very suspect but again this system likes its scapegoats as well as even people who have taken part in something for a time but are at some point expendable and must be scapegoated and discredited.
The ‘gang stalking’ system is more than just organized stalking and harassment. Some Targets over time see the full scope of gang stalking and realize its a constant system of control over covert affairs and the people involved in them. These bastards love to victimize people and then turn them against each other. The truth is hardly ever seen by the parties involved and certain people may not want to see but remain under control by the system as they are not strong enough to break free.

For instance my friends and certain family members. Easy to use against me. Why? Becuz even though I know of two key people that were important in use against me as they were closest to me, I can see that they are both under heavy control of the same system. They cant change or grow or break away. The system provides them with security, protection and one of them is very wealthy and connected due to compliance. They are not walking away on principle thats for sure. They work for THEM ultimately and have little freedom becuz of it. My family member is not wealthy but she was so terrorized and controlled that she’ll never get out from under control. She now spends the rest of her life identifying with the aggressor becuz she never had a chance to be herself. There is nothing we can do for these people. We have to leave them and freeze them out, especially if they tried to destroy us once.

Its not right when doing research to keep making claims about infamous or famous people being perps or handlers. Though it may be likely one needs more than hearsay. Unless one can make a case that shows some sort of probability that the claim is true.
The Illuminati Formula by Fritz Springmeir has its merits and much of it rings true with many MC survivors. But some claims like above are just..diversionary. Its not important to the study of mind control especially for survivors who are heavily targeted, have been shunned by therapists and society and the internet may be thier only form of self help to survive or even heal.

This lecture seems useful but I didnt read through the whole thing. Its amazing how info like this is just simply ignored to make it disbelieved or the stuff of ‘conspiracy


~ by onmc on July 11, 2010.

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